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Costco Has Officially Brought Back These 4 Food Court Items

From menu items to what to put on them and where to eat them, here's what's back at the food court.

Members have spoken, and Costco has delivered. As with most things in life, it's hard to say goodbye to something great. Luckily after months and months, the wait is finally over in the Costco food court.

From condiments to churros, members have noticed the disappearance of certain menu items when the pandemic hit. But now some are back and better than ever. Check out these four yummy items that have made their way back to the warehouse chain's food court.

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After months of not being available in stores, the condiment has finally made its way back to Costco's food courts. Housed in a stainless steel station alongside ketchup and mustard sections, the relish has been largely unavailable due to pandemic safety but is now out and ready for public use. 

In a Reddit thread discussing the condiment's arrival, the moderator @CookieButterLovers noted that "Ketchup and mustard … were either provided in plastic sample cups or individual packets at some warehouses" during the early days of the pandemic. User @thevictors51 jokingly encouraged others to "Relish that Relish has Returned."

Onion Crank

Costco food court soda machines

The long-awaited onion crank has made its triumphant return to the warehouse and it's arguably a more anticipated return than the relish. Easily a fan favorite, nothing beats turning the handle to dispense freshly-cranked onions that grace the top of hot dogs.

Reddit users didn't hold back when it came to expressing how much they missed the popular onion crank. User @-snicks- even found an old Costco onion crank for sale at a vintage store, and commented that "It's been so long since there were onions, I guess they're vintage now."

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Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, churros are a sweet delight that most of us can't refuse. Often paired with chocolate dipping sauce, this widely embraced staple treat has made its way back to Costco's food court with a new recipe. Earlier this year, the warehouse brand took to Facebook to announced the size upgrade of the churros, stating that they are now "20% larger."

The response hasn't been all good, but if this item is back, maybe some beloved others will return soon, too (looking at you, combo pizza).


Costco food court

Just as great as assembling the iconic Costco food court hot dog, are tables to sit and enjoy it! Some stores officially have the picnic tables back so that members can sit indoors and enjoy all the food court has to offer.

The pandemic limited indoor seating, and some stores excluded them entirely, but more and more shoppers can expect to have a seat and eat instead of taking their food to the car.

For more info about what's happening at the warehouse in your neighborhood, check out:

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