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5 Most Popular Frozen Items At Costco Right Now

Make room in your freezer — you’ll want to snatch up all of these.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Costco's freezer section is a treasure trove of goodness. Whether you're stocking up for breakfast, dinnertime, snack time, or dessert, there's something to discover in the frozen aisle at your favorite Costco warehouse.

While all the stores are a little bit different from each other, shoppers know what to look for thanks to social media and especially Reddit. The community of Costco fans is widespread and chatty — they're always happy to share their finds and help their fellow Costco-lovers do the same.

We poked around the internet to see what Costco shoppers are loving from the freezer section right now, and this is what we found. (And when you're at the warehouse next, These Are Costco's Most Popular Items Right Now.)

Heavenfull Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwich

Costco Heavenfull Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwich
Courtesy of Facebook / Heavenfull

Costco shoppers spotted these sweet treats popping up in the freezer section at their local warehouses, and they can't get enough. In early May, One Redditor said they'd bought a box at the beginning of the year and at them "all in a week," adding, "These are AMAZING."

Plenty of other commenters on the original Reddit post about the dessert sandwiches raved over trying to get their hands on a box for themselves. With stroopwafel outsides, a caramel filling, and ice cream in the middle, you really can't go wrong here. According to the post, a box of 12 sandwiches is $13.49 in the warehouse.

Cuisine Adventures Cubano Inspired Bites

Costco Cuisine Adventures Cubano Inspired Bites
Courtesy of Cuisine Adventures

Perfect for snack time or dinner time, these handheld frozen bites are filled with ham, mozzarella, swiss, pulled pork, and a little bit of dill pickle for flavor.

Popular Costco Instagram account @CostcoGuide found these recently for $8.99 and a few commenters said they thought they were seasonal. One commenter said they make a great little nibble if you have guests over and another pointed out how tasty they are!

Kirkland Signature Ready to Freeze Lime Drop Popsicles

Costco Kirkland Signature Ready to Freeze Lime Drop Popsicles

Perfect for the warmer weather ahead, these Kirkland Signature alcoholic popsicles found in the frozen section at Costco are drawing plenty of attention recently on Reddit with a post highlighting an empty tube. While the original poster inquired about how many it would take to feel a buzz from these, commenters chimed in with that answer, as well as their affinity for these cooling treats. Many people pointed out the sugar content, which is certainly fairly high, but for a treat now and then during the summer, it's not so bad.

Just Bare Chicken Nuggets

just bare chicken nuggets
Courtesy of Costco

Just Bare's nuggets aren't new by any means, but they're a perennial favorite among Costco shoppers. They're always being talked about and raved about by fans on Reddit, including someone who just discovered them. In a Reddit post in early May, the new fan wrote, "Im upset about how much I love them, half of my paycheck is now going to go to nuggets. I'm going to have to start a chicken nugget fund instead of a boat fund."

We're also fans of Just Bare's chicken — and even think they stack up to Chick-fil-A like people say — but like many Redditors who pointed it out, we're also bummed that the price on these just went up. They're worth the spend, though, for a good source of protein and a yummy meal.

Beecher's World's Best Mac & Cheese

Costco Beecher's World's Best Mac & Cheese
Courtesy of Costco

Another product that comes and goes but is drawing plenty of buzz right now in the Costco frozen section is Beecher's macaroni and cheese. After popular Instagram account @CostcoBuys shared a post about it on the first day of May, commenters chimed in with their own reviews of the product.

While some were skeptical of the penne noodles, those who tried it really liked it! One commented, "One of the best frozen mac and cheese," while another said, "Love this stuff!" A 46-ounce box is $13.99 in the frozen section.

In other warehouse news, Costco Is No Longer Offering This Member Perk.

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