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One Major Effect of Eating Blackberries, Says Dietitian

One cup of this seasonal fruit can make a huge difference for your body's health.

While fiber is well known for its regularity effect in the bathroom, its downstream payoffs get overlooked. Namely, adequate dietary fiber can positively impact cholesterol in the bloodstream. In fact, consuming 25 grams of fiber per day if you are a woman or 38 grams of fiber per day if you are a man (recommended from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans) can significantly lower blood levels of cholesterol.

Most Americans are not eating enough fiber. With some simple changes, eating enough fiber might not be as challenging as it may seem. If you need a fiber boost, check out these 20 Different Ways to Eat 28 Grams of Fiber a Day.

Just one cup of this summer berry meets a third of your daily fiber goal if you are a woman! With 8 grams of fiber per cup, you'd be hard-pressed to find a serving of fruit that is higher in fiber.

Dietary fiber also helps with weight loss by keeping you full, and can even assist with weight loss.

Soluble fiber is the focus particularly if our goal is to lower cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber is found in most fruits, veggies, and whole grains and works with fluids to bulk up stool. When high-fiber foods are consumed in conjunction with foods that have cholesterol, the soluble fiber prohibits significant amounts of cholesterol from being absorbed via digestion. Now that's an effect to gawk over.

Soluble fiber binds with water to form a gel within the intestines. Thus, any cholesterol that is simultaneously being digested gets bound within the gel as well. Fiber might not be the most exciting aspect of nutrition, but its effect is profound! So start today and get even more fiber into your meals with these 20 Easy Ways to Add Fiber to Your Diet.

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Caroline Thomason, RDN
Caroline is a women's health Registered Dietitian and diabetes educator based in Northern Virginia. Read more about Caroline
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