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This Protein Bar Tastes Exactly Like Pumpkin Pie

The limited-edition, seasonal flavor that sold out in just 3 days last year is back!

Protein bars have been imitating our favorite desserts for years (think: Cinnamon Roll, Cookies & Cream, and Lemon Bars). But it wasn't until now that a company has so flawlessly created a recipe that tastes like you took a slice of pie and wrapped it up in a pretty wrapper. Perfect Bar, makers of a line of refrigerated protein bars, is coming out with their limited-edition Pumpkin Pie flavor for a second time. (The bar was so popular last year that it sold out in just three days!)

If you want to get a sense of what it tastes like when you take a bite of Perfect Bar's Pumpkin Pie bar, just think back to the last time you had a slice of pumpkin pie. The bar quite perfectly (pun intended) mimics the taste and texture of the fall dessert.

Perfect bar pumpkin pie wrapper

Nutrition per bar (62 g): 320 calories, 19 g fat (2.5 g saturated fat), 35 mg sodium, 23 g carbs (4 g fiber, 15 g sugar), 14 g protein

The refrigerated bar is preservative-free and made with real, whole food-based ingredients (so no "natural flavors"). It boasts an impressive 14 grams of protein thanks to peanut butter, organic milk, whole eggs, and rice protein. It's also jam-packed with 20 organic superfoods, like kale and flax seed.

You'll notice the bar contains a fair amount of sugar from honey, at 15 grams, which is equivalent to what you'd find in an RXBAR, but 6 grams less than what you'd find in a typical Clif Bar. But don't be too alarmed by the sugar count. A company spokesperson told us that Perfect Bars have been tested on where they fall on the glycemic index, and all tested low-GI. This means that the bar won't spike and crash your blood sugar levels (a concern with high-sugar foods), which can actually help you stay fuller longer. The low-GI number is likely thanks to slow-digesting macronutrients like the bar's 19 grams of healthy fats, 4 grams of digestion-slowing fiber, and 14 grams of filling protein.

Coming in at 320 calories, the bar works better as a mini-meal to tide you over if you're in meetings all morning, or if you're looking to refuel after a jog around the park.

Ready to stock up? (For reference: We finished a whole box in a week.) Perfect Bar Pumpkin Pie will be available at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Starbucks nationwide this September, as well as online at now!

Olivia Tarantino
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