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I Tried Pvolve, Jennifer Aniston's Favorite Workout Routine, & My Abs Are Still Burning

I tried the celeb's go-to workout system for four weeks—here's my honest review.
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When it comes to celebs who seem to be aging in reverse, Jennifer Aniston certainly fits the bill. From her days on Friends all the way to today, the 55-year-old actress has always prioritized fitness and wellness.

I recently learned that something called Pvolve is Aniston's go-to form of exercise. The online fitness platform combines functional, low-impact workouts with resistance equipment such as dumbbells and the brand's "P.ball" to sculpt, tone, energize, and strengthen your entire body, promoting balance, mobility, stability, and longevity.

Aniston reportedly became a fan of Pvolve after a back injury. She was so impressed by the results that she partnered with the company in 2023. "I don't feel like myself when I'm not able to work out," Aniston told Pvolve. "[Pvolve] makes you work hard and delivers results…It's completely different from anything I'd tried before."

What makes Pvolve attractive to exercise enthusiasts? According to the website, the program's 1,400+ streamable, results-driven workouts offer classes for everyone. Whether your goal is "sculpting and mobility" or "phase and function," each individual workout can be customized based on preferred equipment and the body part you want to focus on.

For me, hitting age 30 brought with it a sense of urgency to stay fit, active, and toned. Plus, it's made me mindful of my own longevity. After all, I'm not getting any younger.

I also work from home, which presents another challenge. Carving out time for a strict exercise regimen is difficult when I'm glued to my laptop for extended work hours without always establishing boundaries or breaks. What's a gal to do?

Beyond walking and hiking on weekends, I don't make enough time for exercise during the week; my self-care routine is in dire need of an update. I need to find something I'm inclined to commit to that actually works. Pvolve's accessibility and variety of classes prompted me to challenge myself and give it a go.

Aniston's go-to routines can be found in the "Jen's Picks" section of the site, and that's what I decided to explore over a four-week test period to see for myself if Pvolve is as great as it sounds. Read on for all the details and my honest review.

How to get started with the Pvolve Signature Bundle:

Pvolve set
$200 at Amazon
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Pvolve offers a couple of bundles on Amazon, based on your budget. The brand's Signature Bundle ($200) includes three key pieces of equipment—the P.ball,, and Precision Mat—as well as a 30-day trial so you can explore the program's 1,400+ on-demand classes (including Aniston's favorite go-tos!) and see if it's a fit for you and your goals.

Some classes call for equipment like lightweight dumbbells, ankle workout bands, and gliding discs, which are sold separately. But you can start with the basics (as I did) and easily add to your collection as you go, depending on the classes you love and what you'd like to focus on.

The Pvolve Total Transformation Bundle ($625) is a bit of a price jump but well worth it. This package equips you with Pvolve's total home gym set-up: the P.ball,, P.3 Trainer, Precision Mat, Precision Foam Roller, Massage Balls, Slant Board, Light Ankle Band, Heavy Ankle Band, two-pound hand weights, 1.5-pound ankle weights, three-pound ankle weights, and gliders. You'll also have access to 12 months of Pvolve streaming, which renews at $14.99 monthly.

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How I tested Pvolve over a 4-week period:

I chose four of Jen's Picks to test throughout my four-week trial:

  • Mat Core Sculpt (16-min class) — P.ball + light weights
  • Lower-Body and Core Sculpt and Burn (28-min class) — gliders
  • Advanced Beginner: Lower-body Sculpt (15-min class) — heavy ankle band
  • Full-Body Sculpt & Burn (22-min class) — light ankle band + light weights

I selected these particular workouts because they align with my fitness goals, and the class durations seemed doable to weave into my busy schedule. I did not want to overcommit or overwhelm myself—I wanted to use the system the way the average newcomer might.

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Week #1:

Jennifer Aniston workout split image
Alexa Mellardo
  • Monday: Mat Core Sculpt
  • Wednesday: Mat Core Sculpt
  • Friday: Lower-Body and Core Sculpt and Burn

The first week, I participated in two classes I scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I did the Mat Core Sculpt on two days, along with the Lower-Body and Core Sculpt and Burn on the third day.

The Mat Core Sculpt had my abs on fire in the short 16-minute session. The class focuses on mini- and micro-movements that sneakily worked my entire core, including the lower abs and obliques. It also engaged my thighs, as I used them to squeeze and stabilize the P.ball in some of the exercises.

I loved this class because I was able to dedicate just 16 minutes to it as a midday break. However, despite the short time, it was definitely intense since I haven't been exercising regularly and would consider myself a "beginner." I was sweaty and fatigued by the middle of the class, which was a good thing. It made me realize I'm out of shape and my body can really benefit from a consistent workout routine. But at the halfway point, I was able to suck it up for just eight minutes more, and it was doable. (Note: I did not say "easy," I said "doable.")

The next day, when I woke up, my core definitely burned!

The Lower-Body and Core Sculpt and Burn was an excellent, quick cardio workout that got my heart rate going and made me sweat. This routine was a little easier for me to keep up with, I think, because I've danced my whole life and I walk on weekends, so I have strong thigh/leg muscles. Although I kept up with it, I still felt a solid burn in the glutes and abs. The instructor kept things interesting with multiple exercises, such as mountain climbers with gliders, planks, and a variation of glider lunges, with minimal breaks.

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Week #2:

workout split image
Alexa Mellardo
  • Monday: Mat Core Sculpt
  • Wednesday: Mat Core Sculpt
  • Friday: Lower-Body and Core Sculpt and Burn

For week #2, I repeated week #1, working out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This time around, keeping up with the routines came a little easier. I felt more comfortable knowing what to expect and when each workout would increase the intensity.

My abs still burned at the end of each class. This may be because they were still pretty sore from week #1! I wrapped each session up feeling so accomplished that I made the effort to carve out time for fitness.

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Week #3:

workout split image
Alexa Mellardo
  • Monday: Mat Core Sculpt
  • Wednesday: Mat Core Sculpt
  • Friday: Lower-Body and Core Sculpt and Burn
  • Saturday: Advanced Beginner: Lower-body Sculpt

During week #3, I repeated the same routine I did for weeks #1 and #2 and added the 15-minute Advanced Beginner: Lower-body Sculpt class into the mix. I worked out on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Although this class is categorized as "advanced beginner," I would personally consider it more of an intermediate level. It's another solid burn using just a resistance band, so it gets an A+ for efficiency.

Don't let the 15-minute timeframe fool you! In actuality, it felt like a half-hour workout to me. As with any new routine, it was a bit challenging to seamlessly follow along with the fast pace. This was the beauty of streaming the class in the privacy of my own home. I didn't experience the awkwardness I might feel not keeping up with everyone in an actual class—students who may already be familiar with the routine or even more advanced than me.

That being said, I felt I received an invigorating workout and was even more eager to keep the momentum going into the final week.

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Week #4:

workout split image with dumbbell exercise
Alexa Mellardo
  • Monday: Mat Core Sculpt
  • Wednesday: Lower-Body and Core Sculpt and Burn
  • Friday: Advanced Beginner: Lower-body Sculpt
  • Saturday: Full-Body Sculpt & Burn

I definitely pushed week #4 to the max, as it was the homestretch for my test period. I performed each workout—one each on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday—which included the Full-Body Sculpt & Burn class in the mix.

The Full-Body Sculpt is another fast-paced workout, and the 22 minutes seemed like 40 to me. It's a high-intensity cardio-strength routine that covers many bases and body parts, including the thighs, glutes, and upper body. I found myself cheating (aka, pausing a bit to take little breaks throughout) because of the intensity.

By the end of week #4, I was exhausted. I think my personal sweet spot may be three workouts per week to keep things sustainable and progress at a more manageable pace.

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Key takeaways from my Pvolve experience:

Jennifer Aniston doing Pvolve workout

Spoiler alert: I do not appear to be a spitting image of Jennifer Aniston after sweating it out for four weeks of "Jen's Picks." However, It's understandable that she's in the amazing shape she's in now that I've experienced the intensity of her workouts firsthand.

In addition, I love the variety of equipment and routines, and the workouts left me feeling stronger and more motivated to continue. I am hopeful I will see a difference in my muscle definition as I progress.

1. A streamable service like Pvolve is not social but is extremely flexible.

The convenience of a streamable service like Pvolve works well for my busy schedule because I know I won't take the time out of my day to commute to and from a gym. It's flexible, accessible, and offers a variety of classes and instructors I likely won't tire of. This does not offer the same social aspect you'd get at a gym, but if you're looking to update your at-home workout situation, Pvolve is absolutely a great option as long as you are motivated and committed enough to do it. (Still working on that one!)

2. Pvolve is user-friendly.

In general, I think the Pvolve platform is very user-friendly, with the duration of each workout clearly broken down (including how long the warm-up, standing, and cool-down portions are), as well as the equipment used and the body focus.

3. The workout summaries don't list the exercises, sets, and reps.

One drawback I found is the workout summaries don't list the exercise names, sets, and reps. Also, the instructors don't call out the names of the exercises you're moving into. This isn't a deal-breaker, but it is something I always find helpful when going through a guided workout in case I'm not looking at the screen.

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4. There are purchase options available for various budgets.

Regarding equipment, there are several purchase options for both equipment and membership available on Amazon, depending on your budget. You don't have to invest in everything all at once; you can start with a smaller equipment package and add on as you go.

5. Be prepared; even the shortest workouts are intense.

Don't let the short workout durations deceive you. Each class packs a mean punch, which I mean in a very complimentary way. You're getting a good bang for your financial investment and time commitment.

Alexa Mellardo
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