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Taste the New Fizzy Drink That's Even Better Than La Croix

If you thought La Croix was taking over the world (or just your social media feeds), brace yourself for this delicious new sparkling tea.

Carbonated calorie-free drinks are all the hype right now, jazzing up lunch dates and making it easy to quit soda. And just when brands like Spindrift and La Croix were sipped and photographed everywhere, we stumbled upon a new effervescent drink in the game, SOUND Sparkling Tea.

Unlike your go-to trendy waters, SOUND combines sparkling filtered water with organic teas, spices, natural flavors, plant extracts, as well as citric and malic acids. (Don't fret: the latter two ingredients are both Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA.) And it gets even better. All five irresistible flavors—Sparkling Chamomile, Sparkling Rose Tea, Sparkling Green Tea, Sparkling White Tea, and Sparkling Yerba Mate—are all certified organic, Non-GMO, and free of calories and sugar!

Besides boasting seriously bright bubbles, the Sparkling Green Tea as well as the Sparkling White Tea and Sparkling Yerba Mate pack in caffeine for an extra pick-me-up. We tried this tea and give it our stamp of approval; the Sparkling Chamomile is made with vanilla and tastes exactly like a cream soda without all the unwanted added sugars and calories.

Sounds like something you'd enjoy bringing along to brunch? You can grab a glass bottle at Whole Foods, Fairway, and, eventually, Dean and Deluca stores in the Northeast. Otherwise, feel free to add a case to your Amazon shopping cart, along with these 12 Sodas That Are Actually Healthy.

Lead image courtesy of Sound Sparkling Tea