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Feeling Tired? These Supplements Can Help You, Experts Say

If you're feeling so exhausted that you can barely make it through the day, these might help.
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Let's face it, sometimes life can be exhausting. By the time you work a full day, take care of the family, find time for a workout, and cook something for dinner, it's about time to head to sleep and do it all over again! It's no wonder that so many of us are feeling tired throughout the day.

Exhaustion can simply be a side effect of energy spent, or it could be a sign of a larger health issue at hand, such as iron deficiency. If you are constantly feeling tired there is a solution, and it may be as simple as adding a vitamin or supplement to your daily routine.

"When it comes to sleep, setting up the environment for sleep is where it all starts: dark, cool, and quiet room," says Dr. Allison Brager, PhD, a neuroscientist, sleep specialist for Molecule, and author of Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain. "But when this is not enough or you need something more, a quality blend sleep supplement backed and supported by the best science of sleep is where it's at."

The following supplements can help you feel less tired throughout the day by either helping you get a more restful night's sleep or give you the energy to tackle the day.

Read on to learn about some of the best supplements to take when you're feeling tired, and for more healthy eating tips make sure to check out The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.



Do you ever lay your head on your pillow at night, only to still be wide awake and alert with your mind racing? Not being able to fall asleep or get a full night's rest is oftentimes what makes us so tired the next day. According to Courtney D'Angelo, MS, RD, author at Fit Healthy Momma, melatonin is a great solution for this problem.

"Melatonin is a hormone that helps your body know when it's time to sleep and wake up," says D'Angelo, "and although our bodies make it naturally, you can take a melatonin supplement to speed up the process of falling asleep."

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Zeaxanthin and Lutein

Zeaxanthin lutein supplement

You may recognize these antioxidants as related to eye health and wonder, "how does this have to do with feeling tired?" The answer lies in eye strain.

"Zeaxanthin and Lutein are two overlooked supplements which are primarily for eye health, but part of what can cause fatigue is eye strain, especially with how much we are on our screens these days," says Dr. Brager.

"I like EyePromise for zeaxanthin and lutein because they are NSF Certified for Sport and highly researched backed," she adds.


moringa powder

"When it comes to a great energy source, moringa is a plant-based, caffeine-free option loaded with antioxidants and vitamins to give you that boost in the morning without negative side effects. The proteins in moringa have been shown to regulate blood sugar and be more efficient with processing sugars into energy," says Jenna Stangland, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, CLT, registered dietitian and Director of Nutrition for the Minnesota Timberwolves

"Research has found moringa contains a significant amount of antioxidants including phenolic acids, flavonoids, and isothiocyanates that make it an excellent nutrient-dense choice to your morning routine," adds Stangland.

"You not only get the benefits of added energy, but the compounds in moringa also aid in reducing cell damage, which is beneficial in fighting chronic disease and decreasing inflammation in the body. My favorite brand is Kuli Kuli with their morning tea or just the pure moringa powder to add in a smoothie bowl. Way easier than having a kale salad every morning!"

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magnesium pills

If you think you may be tired because of a lack of good-quality sleep, magnesium supplements may be another easy solution for you.

"Magnesium is linked to better sleep in both quality and quantity," says Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD, "which is mainly due to the ways it regulates the parasympathetic hormones and neurotransmitters that help your brain enter a state of relaxation."

This supplement can have a secondary impact on improving sleep "by helping to control the symptoms of some conditions that interrupt sleep and leave you feeling tired the next day, like digestive disorders."

Best recommends using Vital Performance's Sleep Powder, which is formulated with magnesium along with many other sleep-enhancing nutrients like L-theanine and GABA.

For another quality option, Dr. Allison Brager urges you to check out Momentous' Elite Sleep. "I opt for Momentous' Elite Sleep which has a unique proprietary blend of magnesium (essential for quality sleep), a small dosing of melatonin, and jujube extract, all of which can help high performers, especially athletes fall asleep and stay asleep."

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Tart Cherry

cherry juice

"CherryPure is a patented tart cherry ingredient and tart cherries have anthocyanins proven to naturally increase melatonin levels. The tart cherries have also been shown to reduce muscle soreness so it is an excellent choice to incorporate into a bedtime routine. The calming effects this product provides come from the valerian root which reduces the amount of time it takes falling asleep so you go into deep sleep faster where all the repair, restoration, and recovery happens to make you feel your best when you wake up in the morning!" says Stangland.


lavender oil

Restlessness and anxiety can lead to poor sleep and exhaustion the next day, and lavender is a commonly underestimated supplement for helping alleviate these troubles.

"Lavender has been used as aromatherapy to combat anxiety and insomnia and improve overall sleep quality because of its extreme calming effects, and you can now find it in tea or capsule form," says Kim Rose, RDN, CDCES, CNSC.

You can find lavender tea here.

Vitamin B12

Sufficient levels of vitamin B12 are necessary for your red blood cell formation and central nervous systems to function properly. According to the National Institute of Health, when you are deficient in vitamin B12, one of the main symptoms you'll notice is fatigue throughout the day.

The easiest way to get vitamin B12 is through animal products like beef, fish, or dairy, so if you're feeling tired and don't eat a lot of these foods, it may be beneficial to purchase a supplement.


assortment of red pills and capsules of iron supplements

If you're having trouble getting through the day because of how exhausted you are, there's always the possibility that you may be deficient in iron.

The Mayo Clinic states that extreme fatigue, weakness, headaches, and dizziness are all symptoms of iron deficiency, although these things can sometimes be overlooked or written off as just side effects of being overly tired.

You can find iron supplements here.

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