Popular Hot Chocolate Mixes Found to Contain Lead & Heavy Metals

Testing found that certain brands contain especially high levels of harmful materials.

Recall Just Announced For Popular Cookies Featured In Holiday Gift Baskets

The recalled cookies could pose a major risk to people with allergies.

Over 5,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Are Being Recalled Across 8 States

The affected product may be contaminated with a foreign object.

A Popular Fruit is Being Recalled Due To Salmonella

The recalled products were distributed to at least 10 states and Canada.

11 Popular Grocery Store Sandwiches Are Being Recalled

The products were found to contain two major food allergens.

Tyson Chicken Just Announced Major National Recall

The frozen item may be contaminated with "extraneous materials."

Recall Just Issued For More Than 147,000 Pounds of Frozen Pasta

The product contains a major food allergen not listed on the label.

The 7 Safest Chocolate Products, According to a New Study on Heavy Metals

Scientists tested dozens of popular brands for toxic metals and these products were deemed "safer options."

Major Recall Just Announced For Oysters Contaminated With Salmonella & E. Coli

The oysters were distributed to grocers and restaurants in at least 9 states.