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Heather Newgen

Heather Newgen

Articles by Heather Newgen

Colon Cancer Claimed Kirstie Alley and Pelé. Here are the Key Symptoms.
Doctors Say These are the Signs of Type 1 Diabetes, Including Fatigue
Woman outdoor with cold and handkerchief
upset woman in toilet by diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, piles
mature woman fight signs of aging with facial massage in bright bathroom
If You Feel These Symptoms, You May Have Already Had COVID, Say Physicians After Reviewing New Data
The 7 Unhealthiest Foods With Red Dye, According to Dietitians 
Woman Eating Sandwich, Full Belly
15 Foods That Can Cause High Blood Pressure, Ranked by Sodium Content
Signs You May Have Parkinson's, Including Stiffness, and When to Seek Help
woman demonstrating concept reduct your gut after 40 workout
13 Holiday Foods That Can Cause High Cholesterol, Ranked by Saturated Fat Content
Mature white-haired woman checking eye wrinkles in front of mirror.
Reasons Most People Die Too Early and How to Prevent it Happening to You
eating donut
These Foods May Clog Your Arteries if You're Eating Them All the Time
Michael J. Fox Remembers What It Was Like to First Get Parkinson's, and Here's What to Watch For
Signs Your Body Cannot Absorb Vitamin D, According to Doctors
11 Foods That Can Cause High Cholesterol, Ranked by Saturated Fat Content
Doctors Reveal High Cholesterol Symptoms, Including Skin Issues and More
Doctors Share the Symptoms of a Deadly Infection as Viruses Rise, Including Chills
Know the Warning Signs of a Stroke, as Comedian Sinbad Learns to Walk Again
Handsome doctor in lab coat using tablet computer in clinic.
Woman sitting in semi position and listening to her dietician.
doctor checking someone's heart with a stethoscope
Doctor examine an x-ray picture of pancreas
Doctors Share What to Know About Flu Season and How to Stay Out of the ER
woman doctor check-up preventive care
woman taking vitamin D3