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Subway Is Still Being Sued About This Ingredient

The popular protein is still giving the company a headache.

Starbucks Just Pulled This Menu Item Off the Market

While the chain cites a quality issue, the real reason behind the move may be more sinister.

KFC Is Bringing Back a Popular Dish

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9 Controversial Secrets Subway Keeps Hidden

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This Popular Dessert Chain Is Closing All 85 Locations

FAT Brands announced its plans to acquire and rebrand the cookie chain.

The Most Popular Food to Grill in Every State

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Burger King Is Currently Testing Out Three Major New Sandwiches

Is the chain replacing its new chicken sandwiches already?

McDonald’s Is Giving Away Free Items This Week

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America’s Favorite Burger Chain Has a Deal for May

Get a chef-crafted cheeseburger with a draft beer.

America’s Biggest Sandwich Chain Closed 1,000 Locations Last Year

According to latest reports, the chain continues to lose locations en masse.

Popeyes Is Launching a New Chicken Sandwich Today

The most famous chicken sandwich in the game gets a new sauce.

America’s Largest Pizza Chain Posts Declining Sales

The demand for pizza delivery seems to be waning.

McDonald’s Is Giving Away This Item Tomorrow

Find out your true McNugget nature and get rewarded.

Popeyes Plans 200 New Locations This Year

The beloved chicken chain is expanding domestically.

Major Pizza Chain Adds Upgrade to Top-Selling Pie

There's more to a stuffed crust than just cheese.

McDonald’s Brings Back This Sold-Out Menu Item

And it happens to overlap with the Szechuan sauce.

This Deadly Bacteria Is Routinely Found In Chicken

A report reveals lax regulations for American poultry producers.

These Steakhouses Just Filed For Bankruptcy

The restaurant group couldn't repay its PPP loans.

4 New Sandwiches You’ll See at Arby’s Right Now

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A Famous McDonald’s Sauce Is Coming Back Next Week

The iconic item will make a rare appearance alongside Chicken McNuggets.

6 Fast-Food Items Falling Out of Favor With Customers

These once-popular items have been garnering criticism.

This Major Discount Grocery Chain Is Being Investigated Following an Epic Rat Infestation

The local authorities have subpoenaed documents from its parent company.

This Iconic Symbol of Starbucks Could Soon Be Phased Out

The company is working to make single-use cups a less attractive option for customers.

Red Robin Delays This Major Menu Addition Due To Operational Issues

The rollout of the chain's new menu category has been put on hold.