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The Best Burgers for Weight Loss

When I built my new weight loss plan Zero Belly Diet, I knew the only way to get people really excited about committing was to give them a selection of the foods they loved. And that meant burgers.

But of course, just any drive-through beef slinger or cheese chain restaurant won't do. At Ruby Tuesday's, for example, you won't find a single burger for less than 1,200 calories—almost as much as you'd eat in a whole day of feasting on Zero Belly foods!

So I created The Zero Belly Burger Matrix, a method by which you could eat burgers as often as you'd like, and still lose weight. My secret plan worked:

"We loved the burgers!," said one of our test panelists, Kyle Cambridge, 28, who lost 15 pounds in 14 days. "My wife and I decided to add a salad to each meal; the pounds started melting off!"

Watch the video to learn how he did it.

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