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The Single Greatest Burger in Every State

Our friends at Yelp helped us find which burger joint reigns supreme in your home state.

Sure, you can pull through the McDonald's drive-thru when you're craving a beef patty on a bun. But there's something special about eating a gourmet burger—one that has fancy condiments, a special bun, or a slice of artisanal cheese. For those occasions, you'll want to head to a local restaurant. And lucky for you, we have plenty of recommendations. We've partnered with Yelp to bring you the best burger in every state.

To come up with this list, Yelp went through the "burgers" category and found the best burger restaurant in each state. In this case, "best" is defined by both Yelp's star ratings and by how many reviews each restaurant has. Using Yelp's list of best burger restaurants, we looked through the reviews to find the individual burgers that stood out at each establishment. Read on to see what the best burger was from your state!

The Bulgogi Burger at Peppered Pig (Huntsville, Alabama)

This food truck serves up inventive burgers and has a loyal following among Alabama locals. The Peppered Pig's Yelp reviewers seem to love the bulgogi burger, which comes loaded with rice, Korean barbecue sauce, and kimchi.

The Bacon Cheeseburger at Tommy's Burger Stop (Anchorage, Alaska)

Tommy's Burger Stop offers plenty of inventive burger recipes. But based on the number of reviews and photos of the bacon cheeseburger, it looks like the classic flavor is a customer favorite. The melty cheese, the fresh lettuce…sometimes, simple is best.

The ½ Lb Cheeseburger at Lucky's Burgers & Shakes (Phoenix, Arizona)

Lucky's Burgers & Shakes is a small joint that specializes in, you guessed it, burgers. You won't see crazy concoctions on the menu here. What you will see is juicy burgers, like this half-pound beauty, that keep fans coming back over and over again.

The Jalapeno Burger at Tailgater's Burger Company (Hope, Arkansas)

If you like a bit of spice with your burger, you'll love the jalapeno burger at this Hope burger joint. Tailgater's Yelp reviewers rave about the pepper-loaded burger, as well as other favorites like the avocado burger.

The City Girl Burger at Burgerama (Valley Village, California)

Burgerama's Yelp reviewers seem to love the City Girl Burger, which includes bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, sauteed onions, and mushrooms. Yum.

The Burger at The Shaggy Sheep (Grant, Colorado)

Yes, The Shaggy Sheep's menu simply lists this item as the "burger." But don't be fooled by its simple name. Yelp reviewers raved that this is one of the best burgers around. And if you're a vegetarian, the restaurant also offers a spicy black bean patty, too.

The House Burger at Riley's Hot Dog & Burger Gourmet (New Britain, Connecticut)

Riley's specializes in hot dogs and hamburgers, and Yelp reviewers rave about both. You can't go wrong with the restaurant's house burger, which features American cheese, burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion. (If you want something more adventurous, Riley's also serves burgers topped with mac and cheese and jalapeno poppers.)

The Lockhart Legend at Grub Burger Bar (Wilmington, Delaware)

This spacious shop off Route 202 boasts a myriad of burger options made with a variety of proteins, including rich wagyu and wild-caught salmon, to quell even the hungriest road tripper's appetite. Grub Burger Bar's customers seem to love the Lockhart Legend, which comes with a Dr Pepper-inspired barbecue sauce. It's definitely original!

The Monday Remedy at Hate Mondays Tavern (Miami, Florida)

Beat the Monday blues by ordering a burger and playing a round of pool in this cozy Miami spot. Hate Mondays Tavern's signature Monday Remedy burger stacks a beef patty with smoked pork belly and gouda and kicks up the heat with piquant jalapenos before simmering things down with sweet caramelized onions. You'll get a burst of both succulent and savory flavors in each juicy bite.

The Boardwalk Burger Slider at Sly's Sliders and Fries (Savannah, Georgia)

The "Boardwalk" slider at this joint features classic burger toppings: bacon, cheese, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. If you want to try a more adventurous slider, Sly's also offers options featuring things like jerk chicken and falafel.

The Hula Girl Burger at Big Island Top Dogs (Hilo, Hawaii)

This burger features standard toppings (think cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and bacon) and is served on a sweet bun. Yes, Big Island Top Dogs is a hot dog stand, but Yelp reviewers are raving about the burgers, too.

The Bison Burger at Scooter's Chillin' and Grillin' (Twin Falls, Idaho)

Based on the Yelp reviews for Scooter's Chillin' and Grillin', it looks like this low-key bar is serving some of the best burgers in town. It sounds like you can't go wrong with the bison burger, served with waffle fries.

The Signature Burger at Knighthawk Burger Bistro (Lake Forest, Illinois)

Knighthawk Burger Bistro's signature burger is loaded high with pork belly and a fried egg. If that's not enough to get you in the door, you can also upgrade your French fries to truffle fries.

Fifi's Famous Donut Burger at Fifi's Lunch Box (Terre Haute, Indiana)

Yep, you can have your burger served between two donuts at Fifi's Lunch Box. (If you're not feeling the sugary bun, you can also get a burger on a regular or pretzel bun.)

The Napoli Burger at The Map Room (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

The Map Room lives up to its name: It serves burgers inspired by various cuisines across the globe. The Napoli burger features mozzarella, tomato, a balsamic reduction, and pesto sauce, for when you want Italian but also want a burger.

The Creole Gouda Burger at Do-B's (Emporia, Kansas)

Do'B's simple, delicious burgers have plenty of local fans. The Creole Gouda burger is topped with an egg, Creole mustard, and, you guessed it, two slices of Gouda cheese.

The Southern Bell at Mussel & Burger Bar Downtown (Louisville, Kentucky)

If you've ever wanted a burger topped with fried green tomatoes, Mussel & Burger Bar in Kentucky is the place to go. This decadent burger also comes with pimento cheese and rémoulade sauce, for maximum flavor impact.

The Sizzler at Broaddus Burgers (Lafayette, Louisiana)

Ready to add some heat to your burger? This sandwich is served with sriracha, banana peppers, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese. Don't miss the restaurant's fried eggplant wheels, too.

The Party Animal at The Grind House (Bangor, Maine)

This brunch spot serves a mean burger, based on the Yelp reviews and photos. And if you're a vegetarian or vegan, they serve the Impossible Burger, too.

The McHenry Burger at Vagabond Sandwich Company (Bel Air, Maryland)

True to Maryland's reputation, this burger at Vagabond Sandwich Company comes topped with a crab cake and Old Bay remoulade. Now that's what we call surf and turf.

The Classic Single Cheeseburger at The Knack (Orleans, Massachusetts)

Seafood, hot dogs, burgers…The Knack does it all, and it does it well. The Knack's Yelp reviewers love the burgers and shakes, as well as the lobster rolls.

The Bleu Cheeseburger at Chuckwagon (Mackinac Island, Michigan)

You won't be disappointed with any of the burgers at this Michigan joint. The Chuckwagon menu advertises the Bleu cheeseburger as the restaurant's "famous" creation, as it features Chuckwagon's secret sauce. If you're in the area during breakfast hours, fans rave about the breakfast menu, too.

The Schwietz Burger at Brunson's Pub (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

This double-patty burger is a meat lover's delight. The Schwietz burger features an "Angus patty, sausage patty, Swiss, onion, kraut, ale mustard, [and a] pretzel bun," according to the Brunson's menu.

The Super Cheeseburger at Stamps Superburger (Jackson, Mississippi)

The menu at Stamps Superburger is simple, but that's not a bad thing. The joint knows how to do burgers well, as fans will see from the restaurant's Yelp reviews. The super cheeseburger features a standard set of burger toppings to accompany a whopping 14-ounce patty.

The JohnBoy at Mary Jane Burgers & Brew (Perryville, Missouri)

Almost all of Mary Jane Burgers & Brew's burger options come topped with even more meat. The JohnBoy is extra-loaded, piling on two patties, two slices of cheese, fried onions, and bacon.

The Santa Fe Burger at The Burger Dive (Billings, Montana)

This delectable burger is topped with "pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, roasted poblano pepper, [and] roasted red pepper," according to The Burger Dive's website. You can't go wrong with any of the burgers on this menu, though—and don't forget to pair them with one of the chain's many milkshake flavors.

The Croque Garcon at Block 16 (Omaha, Nebraska)

The decadent Croque Garcon comes topped with ham, cheese, an egg, and truffle mayonnaise. "The Croquet [sic] Garcon is possibly the best burger in America," Yelp user J.A. wrote of the burger. Now that's high praise for Block 16.

The Inclined Burger at Inclined Burgers and Brews (Incline Village, Nevada)

There are just three burgers on the menu at this joint: the Inclined Burger, the Double Inclined, and the veggie burger. (Customers can also choose to add extra cheese, avocado, fried egg, and bacon to their burgers.) But fans of the joint don't need fancy toppings; the juicy burgers speak for themselves. "By far the BEST burger around. This is a place that makes you want to come back time after time," Yelp user Aaron G. wrote on the Inclined Burgers Yelp page.

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The Urban Cowboy at Lexie's Joint (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

The Urban Cowboy burger is topped with bacon, avocado, crispy onions, and barbecue sauce, but the best thing about it (and the rest of the Lexie's menu) might be the price point. This burger clocks in at just $6.75, which should leave you plenty of money to spend on fries or a shake to go with it.

The Holypeno at Diesel and Duke (Montclair, New Jersey)

With spicy mayo, bacon, caramelized onions, and, yes, jalapenos, this burger at Diesel and Duke is a delight for your taste buds. Don't miss this joint's fried Oreos, either.

Open-Face Burger at Big D's Downtown Dive (Roswell, New Mexico)

An open-faced burger? It's a real thing at this New Mexico joint. Loaded with guacamole, black beans, iceberg lettuce, and more, this burger is simply too massive to fit between two buns.

The Cali Burger at Jane's Eatery (Bayside, New York)

This burger is topped with lettuce, tomato, onion…and fried avocado. Yep, the superfruit can be deep-fried—and it's the absolute perfect burger topping at Jane's Eatery.

The Carolina Bro at Bros Sandwich Shack (Avon, North Carolina)

Run by two brothers, this casual joint specializes in tasty, fresh-cooked burgers. The Carolina Bro is topped with chili, cheese, coleslaw, and yellow mustard.

The Totally Slawesome Burger at JL Beers (Fargo, North Dakota)

Sure, you can get a bacon cheeseburger plenty of places. But how many of them will serve a bacon cheeseburger that's also topped with coleslaw? JL Beers does!

The Ace Burger at Flavor 91 Bistro (Whitehall, Ohio)

With a menu featuring fresh and local ingredients, Flavor 91 Bistro is the place to be for Whitehall dwellers. Juicy and flavorful, this burger could stand up to any competitor.

The Blue Cheese Burger at Lip Smackers (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

No, this restaurant isn't related to the lip balms you might have used as a child. However, it is the home of a delicious bleu cheeseburger, as well as desserts like cheesecake that guests can't stop talking about.

The Hawthorne at PDX Sliders (Portland, Oregon)

This restaurant specializes in—you guessed it—sliders, although you can also order full-size burgers there. The Hawthorne is a solid slider choice, with strawberry preserves, goat cheese, and bacon serving as the toppings for each mini beef burger patty.

The Lamb Burger at On Point Bistro (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Topped with feta and caramelized onions, this burger adds a touch of Greek flavor to your meal. And if you really want to lean into the Mediterranean vibe, On Point Bistro serves a falafel burger, too.

The Cheeseburger at Mission (Newport, Rhode Island)

This Newport joint doesn't sell much besides burgers and hot dogs. And that's perfectly fine with fans, who love both of those things. A number of Yelp reviews mention the fact that Mission's beef is ground in house, so your burger will be super fresh.

The Fried Green Tomato Burger at Anelo Grill (Fair Play, South Carolina)

Fried green tomatoes are a Southern delicacy, and Anelo Grill puts them to good use by topping burgers with huge slices of them. You can also get a set of fried green tomatoes as a side dish, so if you're after the vegetable, this is the place to go.

The Hot Granny at Black Hills Burger & Bun Co. (Custer, South Dakota)

This cheekily named burger is loaded with jalapenos for a spicy bite. "The Hot Granny Burger was by far the best burger I have ever eaten," Yelp user Ashley B. wrote on the Black Hills Yelp page. If you live nearby, it's worth the trip.

The ½ Pound Tasty & Stuffed Burger at Tasty & Delicious (Nashville, Tennessee)

If the two slices of cheese inside the patty weren't enough, this Tasty & Delicious burger is topped with even more cheese slices. "Juicy" doesn't even begin to describe it.

The Donkatsu Burger at Munchiez (Carrollton, Texas)

Like the burger at Tasty & Delicious, the Munchiez Donkatsu burger is stuffed with cheese. This isn't just beef stuffed with cheddar or American cheese, though. The Korean-inspired meal features pork cutlets and mozzarella cheese, along with pickled jalapeno and Korean slaw.

The Woodland Burger at Woodland Biscuit Company (Woodland, Utah)

"This was no traditional burger," Yelp user Mike B. wrote on the Woodland Biscuit Company's Yelp page. "It was quite easily one of the top burgers I have ever eaten." The Woodland burger is simple, topped only with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. But it's clearly left a lasting impression on Mike B. and the other Yelp users who left it positive reviews.

The Stuffed Cheeseburger at Sandwich Shoppe (Rutland, Vermont)

Another addition to the stuffed burger canon, the Sandwich Shoppe is sure to leave you satisfied. And if you're not in the mood for a burger, the restaurant has a very expansive list of other sandwich options, too.

The ½ Lb Single at Around the Corner Cafe (Henrico, Virginia)

It's not just the affordable burgers at Around the Corner that fans rave about. Yelp users also praised the great service and friendly staff at the restaurant. If you stop in for a burger, you'll be treated very well.

The Bacon Ranch Jalapeno Burger at Skagit Valley Burgers Express (Sedro-Woolley, Washington)

You can't go wrong with anything on the menu at Skagit Valley Burgers Express, but this bacon-loaded burger is particularly noteworthy.

The Dynamo at Secret Sandwich Society (Fayetteville, West Virginia)

Bacon, bleu cheese, crispy onions, and red peppers load up this Southern burger. Another perk of visiting the Secret Sandwich Society? You can get pimento cheese-topped fries to go with your meal.

The Cheeseburger at Kopp's Frozen Custard (Greenfield, Wisconsin)

Yes, this is a creamery, but they also have delicious burgers, as Kopp's Frozen Custard's Yelp reviewers can attest. "This is my favorite burger stand in the United States," Yelp user Steve J. wrote on the site. It doesn't get much better than that.

The Nooner at Liberty Burger (Jackson, Wyoming)

Think of this Liberty Burger option as the burger for brunch lovers. Topped with a fried egg, bacon, hashbrowns, and ham, this is the perfect in-between option for diners who can't decide between breakfast and lunch.

Next time you're passing through some of these states and cities, it might be worth checking out some of the burgers on this list. Who knows—you just might find your new favorite meal.

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