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The Most Mouth-Watering Taco in Every State

You'll want to bite into every one of these street-food gems. Is it road trip time yet?

Ah, tacos. The Mexican staple has become a worldwide sensation with countless gastronomic iterations studding our 50 states alone. To help us find the absolute best tacos in our country, we consulted our friends at Yelp. Yelp identified businesses in the restaurant and food categories with a significant number of reviews mentioning the keyword “taco,” and then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning that keyword.

Salivating yet? Put away the utensils and grab an extra stack of napkins before you head to the go-to best taco in every state.


Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck—Birmingham, Alabama

Los dos hermanos taco truck J. G./Yelp

With about 13 different protein options ranging from steak to marinated pork to beef cheek, you’re bound to find the perfect fixings at this homey food truck.


Deckhand Dave’s Fish Tacos—Juneau, Alaska

Deckhand dave's fish tacos Jeny T./Yelp

As a former commercial fisherman, Deckhand appreciates sustainability and has experimented with hundreds of fish recipes, which lent him the expertise reflected on this Juneau gem’s menu. You can pair a wild Alaskan fish taco with salmon tots or beer-battered fries.


Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa—Phoenix, Arizona

Kiss pollos estilo sinaloa Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa/Yelp

Make a pit stop off Route 60 to enjoy a Flip taco made with a spread of beans, melted cheese, chopped chicken, and pork, all piled high over a fire-roasted corn tortilla. Craving a quesadilla, too? The Grand Canyon state’s best taco joint bakes its flour tortillas in-house, so you know they won’t disappoint.


Taqueria El Palenque—Little Rock, Arkansas

Taqueria el palenque Christian L./Yelp

“I honestly thought about not saying how amazing this place is just to keep it a secret,” Yelper Jesse K. admits. “They have tubes of incredibly spicy salsa right on the table, and it’s a dream come true. The steak and sausage burrito came out as big as my head. Beans and rice are flavorful, unlike most Mexican restaurants … My seven-year-old … took down an authentic street taco and a quesadilla, declaring it was the best food she’s ever tasted. All this and the bill, which included alcohol, for under $40. This is the real deal guys—enjoy!”


Taqueria Mi Ranchito—Sylmar, California

Taqueria mi ranchito Venuse G./Yelp

This quaint little food truck on Foothill Boulevard serves up some of the best tacos in Sylmar. Yelpers rave over the handmade tortillas and selection of tangy salsas, including salsa verde, guacamole salsa, and chipotle. The Pastor and Asada tacos are a huge hit.

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Xicamiti La Taquería Bistro—Golden, Colorado

Xicamiti la taquería bistro Sophie L./Yelp

Xicamiti La Taquería Bistro makes for an awesome lunch spot with their authentic street-style tacos, but you can also drop in for breakfast. The dulce taco with fresh fruit and hazelnut spread is an a.m. dream.


Tacos El Azteca—Norwalk, Connecticut

Tacos el azteca Rob P./Yelp

Whether you decide to eat in the back seat of your car or claim a spot in one of the bright picnic benches, don’t be deterred by the long lines and jam-packed parking lot. The wait is totally worth it.


El Pique—Wilmington, Delaware

El Pique Miyah L./Yelp

Hungry Delawareans make a beeline for this Wilmington taqueria. While El Pique’s menu will instantly pique your interest, there’s no doubt you’ll keep coming back for their chicken-in-green-sauce-stuffed tacos and Pollo a la Diabla.


Taqueria El Asador—Pensacola, Florida

Taqueria el asador J E L./Yelp

The quality ingredients at this taqueria really set it apart from any other spot in the Sunshine State. The meat is grilled a stone’s throw away on the barbecue behind the food truck, and you can top your meaty tortilla with an array of fixings such as pickled onions, crunchy fresh radishes, and habanero salsa.


Tacos Del Chavo —Kennesaw, Georgia

Taco del chavo Scot E./Yelp

Pro tip: Before you head over to the Kennesaw-nestled shop, call in to make sure they’ve got your go-to order, as they sometimes run out of popular menu items. However, that gives you the chance to be wooed by something new.


Acevedo’s Hawaicano Cafe—Kahului, Hawaii

Acevedo's hawaicano cafe Maria P./Yelp

You can count on the Aloha State to serve up some of the freshest seafood in the nation, which also happens to make for a killer fish taco. Don’t leave without pairing your lunch with the Carne Asada Fries—the skinny spuds magically retain their crispiness under a mound of cilantro, tomatoes, guac, and charred meat.


Morenita’s Mexican Restaurant & Bakery—Idaho Falls, Idaho

Morenita's mexican restaurant & bakery Frank B./Yelp

“A good restaurant doesn’t need many words: Authentic, delicious, reasonably priced, good service. Warning: this isn’t like Taco Bell where they serve pre-made meat and ingredients. Good food takes time, so just expect to wait because this place is usually packed! (Well worth the wait!),” JB P. states.


Forastero Restaurant—Chicago, Illinois

Forastero restaurant Steve T./Yelp

Chef Tony invigorates Forastero’s Asian-fusion menu with 10 different kinds of unique tacos. Can’t-miss eats such as tempura haddock, Gochujang-marinated pork with jicama, and Yucatan-style pork roasted in banana leaves are ensconced in these tacos.


Tlaolli—Indianapolis, Indiana

Tlaolli Lauren F./Yelp

Vegans and vegetarians flock to this Indianapolis gem for its plant-based options, including roasted poblano with fresh cheese, jackfruit, soy chorizo, and hibiscus flower.


La Regia Taqueria—Iowa City, Iowa

La regia taqueria Meghan M./Yelp

Whether you’re exploring the Old Capitol Museum or scoping out a new college campus, you’ll want to pay La Regia Taqueria a visit. For a truly memorable meal, order the Fried Potato Tacos, which come served with fried taquitos on corn coupled with guac, lettuce, cojita cheese, and sour cream.


Bonito Michoacan—Kansas City, Kansas

Bonito michoacan Ryan M./Yelp

Nestled inside a humble grocery store is Bonito Michoacan, a hidden taqueria that boasts mouth-watering tacos for under $2. Choose from meats such as lengua, discada, barbacoa, chicharrón, and carnitas, and then satisfy your sweet tooth at the bakery across the street.


Taco Luchador—Louisville, Kentucky

Taco luchador Lenka G./Yelp

Kentucky may be the epicenter of comfort food, and Taco Luchador is no exception. Pair some mole-braised chicken tacos with house-made queso, maduros (gooey and sweet fried plantains), and a pitcher of seasonally-flavored margaritas, frozen or on the rocks.


Rollin Fatties—New Orleans, Louisiana

Rollin fatties Charles H./Yelp

“The hilarious name was enough to attract us,” Elisabeth P. recounts. “Luckily, upon ordering, I was met with ‘oh yeah, we have lots of gluten-free choices. Celiac? Sure we’ll prep it with clean gloves.’ Hello, heaven. I had to restrain from demanding my weight in GF noms and settled on a pair of beautiful street tacos while the husband impressively put away a burrito in record time and then was eyeing my tacos with that look of desire. Though my tacos with the killer red cabbage slaw were too good to share, I remembered my marriage vows and gave him the last bite. I’ll log that one away for the next time I’m in trouble. The horchata was also excellent, and yes, he got some of that, too. Spoiled.”


Taco Trio—South Portland, Maine

Taco trio Shannon S./Yelp

The Pine Tree State’s top taco spot doesn’t own a microwave nor a freezer, so you know the food is top-quality and super fresh. Taco Trio aims to use traditional ingredients—from tomatillos to cactus leaves to goat meat—for a truly authentic meal in South Portland.


Taqueria Los Primos Truck—Jessup, Maryland

Taqueria los primos truck Francisco V./Yelp

When you’re craving Mexican but not so into hitting up the Chipotle a few minutes away, make your way to Taqueria Los Primos. The truck shares real estate with a local auto repair shop and serves up generously-stuffed tacos as well as tortas, burritos, and a mean choco flan.


La Victoria Taqueria—Beverly, Massachusetts

La victoria taqueria Michelle M./Yelp

La Victoria Taqueria melds local ingredients with the shop’s modern, industrial decor to endow its tried-and-true family recipes with a new life. Try the Mexican sausage or the grilled veggies in your next taco.


Las Tortugas Taqueria Market—Utica, Michigan

Las tortugas taqueria market Jennifer Y./Yelp

For a true south-of-the-border experience, stop by this little shop that doubles as a market and taqueria. After gorging on street food, grab authentic Mexican candies, snacks, and glass-bottle sodas at the adjacent market.


Catrinas Mexican Restaurant—Oakdale, Minnesota

Catrinas mexican restaurant Paul M./Yelp

Catrinas prides itself in sourcing only local ingredients and bringing Mexico’s savory flavors—from the spiced meats to the roasted tomato salsa—to the midwest. Taco John’s down the block is no competition for this charming shop.


Babalu Tapas & Tacos—Jackson, Mississippi

Babalu tapas & tacos Rachel L./Yelp

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, trying to impress a date, or catching up with old friends, this upscale Latin bistro is your spot in Mississippi. The first Babalu location, in Jackson, was born out of a renovated elementary school and has transformed the city’s Arts District with its exceptional eats.


Rosy’s Cakes & Paco’s Tacos—Saint Peters, Missouri

Rosy's cakes & paco's tacos Philip D./Yelp

“This is my favorite place to get tacos in St. Charles County. This is a little, unassuming restaurant in a strip mall … My daughter usually gets chicken Tex-Mex tacos and has never been disappointed. I’ve had the breakfast tacos without meat and the veggie tacos – both are delicious … When you come here to eat you MUST save room for dessert. Rosie makes the BEST tres leches cake I’ve ever had,” Kevin R. writes.


Mas Taco—Red Lodge, Montana

Mas taco Thien H./Yelp

Owners Jenny and Mike Muirhead never thought that their brainchild would become Montana’s best taqueria. The family-owned shop serves up battered fish tacos as well as zanahorias en escabeche. Love the homemade corn tortillas enough to take them home? Luckily, you can buy a package at the grocery store down the block.


Taqueria Tijuana—Omaha, Nebraska

Taqueria tijuana Matt K./Yelp

Meaty fixings include everything from the traditional carne asada and pollo to the more adventurous offal. Customized tacos come paired with fresh avocado slices, radishes, peppers, lime wedges, and a sprinkle of cilantro. Yum!


Bajamar Seafood & Tacos—Las Vegas, Nevada

Bajamar seafood & tacos Chris V./Yelp

Fuel up with raw ceviche tacos topped with pico and crema before walking the Vegas strip or hiking through Red Rock Canyon. Five-star-rated Bajamar celebrates Taco Tuesdays the right way by offering the staple for just two bucks a pop. We’re all in.


California Burritos—Nashua, New Hampshire

California burritos Yogita V./Yelp

Dining alone? An exquisite painting of Mexico’s iconic comic, Cantinflas, will keep you company as you scarf down Dos Equis fish tacos and carne asada fries.


Mi Mariachi Taqueria—Jersey City, New Jersey

Mi mariachi taqueria Patty G./Yelp

“I have been to Mexico many times. This restaurant is just as great as going to Mexico. The food was delicious! I will definitely be back. FYI: it’s cash only,” Tara B. pens.


El Chile Toreado—Santa Fe, New Mexico

El chile toreado Sky Y./Yelp

This free-standing hut in Santa Fe is home to the some of the country’s best Mexican eats. The tacos and stuffed burritos are as authentic as they come, surely gaining inspiration from the motherland south of the state.


Los Tacos No.1—New York, New York

Los tacos no.1 Nikki T./Yelp

Take the ACE subway line straight into midtown to experience what is Los Tacos No.1. Carnivores and vegetarians alike will swoon over the grilled cactus taco and the self-serve salsa station with flavors bursting brighter than Times Square at midnight.


El Rancho Taqueria—Winston-Salem, North Carolina

El rancho taqueria Jim C./Yelp

Whether you go for the barbacoa, Asada, chorizo, or pastor, your taste buds will thank you. Toppings include lime-spiked radishes, chunky salsa, and a roasted jalapeno if the extra kick is your thing.


Vinyl Taco—Fargo, North Dakota

Vinyl taco Rich S./Yelp

Sebastian B. deems this destination “Not your average Mexican joint,” adding that, “They have crazy creations, like chicken skin chicharrones with Habenero BBQ sauce and jalapeño ranch. I had 3 tacos, crispy fish with Sriracha tartar sauce, red slaw with Serrano pepper and avocado salsa, and the pork belly agridulche [with] au jus, [which] was delicious.”


Guerra’s Krazy Taco—Springfield, Ohio

Guerra's krazy taco John M./Yelp

The five-star eatery nestled in the heart of Springfield serves up stellar tacos (hello, brisket tacos!), but you really can’t leave without ordering the Memphis Nasty Nachos, which comes loaded with a heaping pile of jalapenos, meat, cheese, and crema. Plus, the beer selection features brews spanning the 50 states.


Taqueria Sanchez—Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Taqueria sanchez Martin H./Yelp

This charming food truck’s menu is simple yet satisfying—exactly what you’d expect from an authentic street taco. Couple your loaded corn tortillas with a side of refried beans and rice, and guzzle it down with a bubbly jarrito or warmly-spiced horchata.


Taqueria El Cuate—Hood River, Oregon

Taqueria el cuate Shannah T./Yelp

The meats are juicy, the toppings crunchy, the house-crafted tortillas are perfectly warmed, and you get boatloads of flavor from the spot-on red salsa and salsa verde. Whether you’re en route to Hoodriver or Portland, this shop will satisfy.


South Philly Barbacoa—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

South philly barbacoa Elizabeth W./Yelp

After you’ve had your fix of Philly cheesesteaks, stop by this shop that boasts some of the best lamb and barbacoa tacos Yelpers have ever laid their hands on. End the meal sweetly with tamales and their famous banana bread, clad with apple chunks and crunchy nuts.


El Taconazo—Providence, Rhode Island

El taconazo Jeff K./Yelp

“What started out in a trailer in a Flea Market parking lot in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, El Taconazo is now an eat-in restaurant on Pocasset Avenue near the Cranston line … Each dish at El Taconazo is made fresh to order. In addition to the traditional steak and chicken, they also offer marinated pork, sausage, tongue, goat, and fried pork skin, as well as vegetarian options. The sope, an open-faced taco on a lightly fried thick corn tortilla, makes for a perfect lunch when topped with their fresh house-made pico de gallo.” Thanks for the tip, Amy B.


ASADA—Greenville, South Carolina

ASADA Sarah J./Yelp

Wrap your hands around the eponymous taco for a memorable meal you’ll crave the second you step into of this Greenville joint. The core menu is inspired by San Francisco’s Mission District, a predominantly Latin neighborhood, as well as global influences spanning from Japan to Korea.


Tortilleria Hernandez—Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Tortilleria hernandez Samantha J./Yelp

Freshly-pressed tortillas, juicy meats, and a five-star rating keep Sioux Falls locals coming back and wanderers wafting in. Yelpers rave over the friendly and prompt service as well as the hot sauce, which is as spicy as they come.


Maciel’s Tortas and Tacos—Memphis, Tennessee

Maciel's tortas and tacos Ty W./Yelp

Pregame the winning fried tacos and spicy shrimp tacos with complimentary oven-fresh chips—but try not to fill up on the gratis appetizer, as the tres leches cake is a fan-favorite.


Granny’s Tacos—Austin, Texas

Granny's tacos Errol M.Yelp

Grandma does everything best, and Chef Vasquez’s traditional street tacos are no exception. Yelpers rave over the specialty tacos, including the “Abuela” with shredded pork and chunky avocado. Need a quick a.m. meal on-the-go? The breakfast taco packs in fluffy eggs, chorizo, and gooey cheese for a perfect morning pick-me-up.


La Cocina Mexican Street Food—Saint George, Utah

La cocina mexican street food Rachel G./Yelp

“We got an al pastor quesadilla and mulitas with al pastor, Asada, chile verde. Al pastor was super delicious, and I like that they give you sour cream and guacamole with the quesadilla. Chile verde was tasty without much heat, and the Asada was pretty good and I liked that it didn’t have gristle,” says Aaron R.


Mojo Cafe—Ludlow, Vermont

Mojo cafe Aliza B./Yelp

Whether you’re skiing in Okemo Mountain or hiking through the forested landscape during the summer months, you’ll want to grab a bite at Mojo Cafe. The cozy ambiance will make you feel right at home—that’s if your kitchen was regularly stocked with tequila tofu and poke tuna tacos.


El Chilango—Arlington, Virginia

El chilango Jeff. F./Yelp

For a quick, easy, and delicious meal, don’t miss El Chilango during your visit to the southeastern state. For just $2.50 per taco, you can try all six offerings at this no-frills roadside gem.


Tacobook Taqueria—Everett, Washington

Tacobook taqueria Antonia T./Yelp

“This place is amazing. Home-cooked, cheap, amazing street tacos. This is how street tacos were meant to be made. It is a hole in the wall. Don’t come here if you are expecting fine dining because you will not find it here,” Jaymee M. remains candid. “It is a family-owned and operated business, which I adore. The owner is always working and is so friendly and hospitable.”


Maria’s Taqueria—Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Maria's taqueria Mike M./Yelp

“What a gem of a restaurant. If you are going out to eat anywhere near Shepherdstown, you have got to check this place out! For a little under $10 per person, you can get an absolutely killer meal here. … I’ve truly never had a better fish taco … The atmosphere here is lively and fun, and the staff go above and beyond to ensure you have a great experience,” James K. writes


El Grito Taqueria —Madison, Wisconsin

El grito taqueria Josh B./Yelp

El Grito prides itself in bringing globally-inspired tastes to Wisconsin in an accessible vessel: the tortilla. Chefs cook up only sustainably-produced ingredients from Midwestern farmers, and their menu is constantly changing, which means you’re already due for a visit.


Fiesta Mexican Restaurant—Jackson, Wyoming

Fiesta mexican restaurant Angie O./Yelp

Fiesta’s Tacos Dorados—a deep-fried, chicken-stuffed tortilla clad with lettuce, Mexican sour cream, queso fresco, and fresh guac—is truly a party in your mouth.

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