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Costco Is Now Selling an Adorable Christmas Tree-Shaped Dessert

The latest festive holiday dessert to hit Costco's shelves.

Costco is a destination for all sorts of treats and goodies for the holidays, but the latest dessert to debut at the retailer may be the most festive yet.

The warehouse club is currently selling adorable Christmas tree-shaped cheesecakes from Junior's, the legendary restaurant chain and cheesecake bakery with locations in New York City and Connecticut. The dessert features a New York cheesecake that's enrobed in ganache and decorated with red and green chocolate stripes and tree-shaped sprinkles.

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The Costco fan account @costcobuys on Instagram spotted the cheesecake at a warehouse this week and alerted followers in a post, calling the dessert "as cute as it is delicious." Fellow Costco shoppers also fawned over the festive Christmas dessert in the comments section under @costcobuys' post.

"Shut up and take my money," one shopper commented.

"Okay yum!!!" another wrote.

Not only is the cheesecake itself customer-approved, but Costco is also selling it at an incredibly tempting price point. The cheesecake was listed for $25.99 at the warehouse where @costcobuys spotted it (prices may vary depending on the location). The same cheesecake is currently listed for $79.98 on QVC, so Costco customers lucky enough to spot this deal can score it for more than $50 less.

Just keep in mind that products and availability can vary by location, so it's not a guarantee that the Junior's cheesecake will be available right now at your nearest Costco. Customers should check directly with their local warehouse to confirm whether the cheesecake is in stock before adding it to their shopping lists.

If your warehouse isn't currently stocking the item, or you're just not big on cheesecake in general, fear not! Costco has been stocking its shelves with plenty of festive desserts that are perfect for serving guests during the fast-approaching holidays.

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Earlier this month, Costco debuted brand-new Kirkland Signature Chocolate Mousse Desserts that feature a chocolate cookie crumble base, chocolate mousse, a chocolate ganache coating, and pieces of shaved dark chocolate sprinkled on top. Bringing them out for loved ones during holiday gatherings would require minimal effort since they come in individual portions.

Costco has also brought back several fan-favorite holiday bakery items over the last couple of weeks, including the Mini Gingerbread Cakes, Holiday Cookies, Gooey Cinnamon Rolls, and Peppermint Bark.

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