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17 Healthy Copycat Baked Good Recipes To Make at Home

From Starbucks staples to McDonald's treats, make your food chain favorites right in your own home.
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Fall is the time of year when our tastebuds crave everything sweet. But as cold weather creeps in so does the desire to skip the lines—and the drive—just for a loaf of Starbucks pumpkin bread or warm cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon. With a little planning, you can save yourself a trip in the brisk, cool weather and cozy up at home with these copycat recipes of your favorite baked goods. Whether you are craving a hearty breakfast treat or you're in the food for a truly decadent dessert, we've got all your favorites from Starbucks, McDonald's, Texas Roadhouse, and more—just a little healthier. And if you're looking for something savory, check out 45+ Best Healthy Copycat Restaurant Recipes to Try Tonight.

Copycat Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake

slice of copycat cheesecake factory cheesecake with strawberry and whipped cream
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

A cult favorite and true to its name, the Cheesecake Factory offers some of the best cheesecake. However, you can get the same great taste with quite literally half the calories (and cake). Our recipe produces thinner slices with fewer calories, with the same great flavor.

Get our recipe for Copycat Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake.

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Copycat Chili's Molten Cake

Molten chocolate cake
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

With only 320 calories, our version of Chili's Molten Cake still explodes with flavor. Indulge your chocolate senses with our recipe, and let the sweet lava flow.

Get our recipe for Copycat Chili's Molten Cake.

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Copycat Zaxby's Brownies

Low-calorie fudgy brownies
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Zaxby's is known for its delicious chicken and their brownies are quite literally the cherry on top. Unfortunately, Zaxby's is mostly populated in the south. Have no fear, you can still create and taste the warm gooey goodness of a Zaxby's brownie right from the comfort of your own home with our recipe.

Get our recipe for Healthier Copycat Zaxby's Brownies.

Copycat Subway Chocolate Chip Cookies

Low-calorie chocolate chip cookies
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Subway's variety of cookies can certainly be mouthwatering, especially their classic chocolate chip cookie. But good news – you can skip the checkout and ignore the temptation by making your very own Subway chocolate chip cookies at home. Our recipe delivers the same warm, sweet cookie with less butter and fat.

Get our recipe for Copycat Subway Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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Copycat Starbucks Pumpkin Bread

copycat starbucks pumpkin bread
Courtesy of The Novice Chef

Every pumpkin spice latte needs a perfect pumpkin companion, and the Starbucks pumpkin bread is a go-to. Bring the taste of fall to your tastebuds and the scent of autumn in your home with pumpkin bread. Not only will this baked good warm your soul, but pumpkin is known for being low-calorie, which makes it perfect for weight loss and contains beneficial vitamins C & E.

Get the recipe from The Novice Chef.

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Copycat Costco Chocolate Chip Muffins

copycat costco chocolate chip muffins
Courtesy of The Cookin' Chicks

Nothing beats a visit to Costco. Their bakery department creates a mouthwatering aroma that will have you coming back for more (though, perhaps that is their plan.) Skip the long lines and the wait for samples by baking your own Costco chocolate chip muffin at home. Swap out milk chocolate chips for dark chocolate, a powerful source of antioxidants and lower blood pressure.

Get the recipe from The Cookin' Chicks.

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Copycat Baked By Melissa Oatmeal Cupcakes

copycat baked by melissa oatmeal cupcakes
Courtesy of Golden The Kitchen

Baked by Melissa is a staple in the pastry industry – if anyone knows how to bake a cupcake, it's Melissa. Not everyone is a home chef, but you can channel your inner Melissa when recreating her famous oatmeal cupcakes. The combination of blended oats and almond milk makes this a perfect treat for vegan bakers.

Get the recipe from Golden The Kitchen.

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Copycat Healthy Starbucks Vanilla Scones

copycat healthy starbucks vanilla scones
Courtesy of Amy's Healthy Baking

For those days when you want to treat yourself to something light & sweet, try this recipe for Starbucks vanilla scones. With only 62 calories, your tastebuds and your body will thank you.

Get the recipe from Amy's Healthy Baking.

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Copycat Healthy McDonald's Apple Pie

copycat healthy mcdonalds apple pie
Courtesy of Hungry Girl

McDonald's is known for its addictive food. Their apple pies are a fan favorite, a perfect warm treat for those cold and brisk mornings. While McDonald's did alter their apple pie recipe to be healthier, you can skip the trip (and the extra calories) by baking your own at home.

Get the recipe from Hungry Girl.

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Copycat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

copycat cinnabon cinnamon rolls
Courtesy of Boston Girl Bakes

The holidays aren't quite right without cinnamon rolls. Bring the sweet scent of Cinnabon stores into your home with this recipe. Whole grain and topped with maple icing, these rolls are packed with flavor with half the calories.

Get the recipe from Boston Girl Bakes.

Copycat Healthy Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars

copycat healthy starbucks cranberry bliss bars
Courtesy of Liz Moody

Cranberries are essential for the holiday season. While cranberries are known for their bitter taste, this sweet treat from Starbucks gives the fruit a whole new facelift. This copycat recipe gives you all the cranberry bliss, but better. This recipe is gluten-free and almond butter, which helps with blood sugar control.

Get the recipe from Liz Moody.

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Copycat Sex And The City (The Carrie Cupcake)

copycat carrie cupcake
Courtesy of Brooklyn Active Mama

You too can have a Carrie Bradshaw moment. Experience the hit show's inspired cupcake! This recipe makes for a light and airy cupcake, with the use of egg whites and unsalted butter, which deducts fat.

Get the recipe from Brooklyn Active Mama.

Copycat Starbucks Blueberry Muffin

copycat starbucks blueberry muffins
Courtesy of Crazy For Crust

We all know the muffin man, but unfortunately, he doesn't do the baking for all of us. Get your kitchen nice and cozy with a nostalgic Starbucks treat. The use of fresh blueberries helps with high fiber intake and low calories.

Get the recipe from Crazy For Crust.

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Copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls

copycat texas roadhouse rolls
Courtesy of Avatar Nutrition

These rolls are easily a household favorite. Create your own, mini, healthy version at home! Using substitutes such as honey, light butter and even protein powder (optional) make these rolls a perfect appetizer or light snack.

Get the recipe from Avatar Nutrition.

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Copycat Outback Steakhouse Bread

copycat outback bread
Courtesy of Sea of Blush

You don't have to go down under to get a taste of the fan-favorite bread from Outback. This copycat bread is a honey whole wheat version. It even includes dark cocoa powder for that perfect hint of sweetness without being overloaded with carbs and calories.

Get the recipe from Gather for Bread.

Copycat Kylie Jenner Olive Oil Cake

copycat kylie jenner olive oil cake
Courtesy of Gather for Bread

If you're on any kind of social media, Kylie Jenner is likely to have come across your screen once or more. The beauty mogul sent the internet in a craze when sharing the olive oil cakes she received. Try the recipe that TikTokers are raving about while also enjoying protection against heart disease, a great perk of olive oil.

Get the recipe from Sea of Blush.

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Copycat Subway Italian Herbs & Cheese Bread

copycat subway bread
Courtesy of Alyona's Cooking

For the longest, Subway has prided itself on its 'eat fresh' diet. The satisfaction of building a sandwich from scratch can be hard to match, but when you can build it on your own homemade Italian herbs & cheese bread, it becomes a lot easier. This bread is packed with tons of flavor, and the use of garden herbs helps it taste just like home.

Get the recipe for Alyona's Cooking.


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