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The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services For Decision-Free Cooking

One of the very best cooking ideas of today is literally out-of-the-box.
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Whether you are a busy parent, working professional, or just hate going to the grocery store and meal planning, meal kit delivery services can be a lifesaver. Having a service that spoon-feeds you meal ideas and ships ingredients and recipes to you weekly is a huge time-saver.

There are plenty of meal kit delivery services available and each takes its own unique spin on the concept. From vegan to Mediterranean to family-friendly, the options appear to be endless, which can make it hard to choose which option is best for your lifestyle.

To make it easier for you to decide, we rounded up the 8 best meal kit delivery services for decision-free cooking. Brush off your chef hat and apron, because getting dinner on the table just got a whole lot easier, and dare I say, fun!

Purple carrot meal
Courtesy of Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a 100 percent plant-based subscription meal service that makes it easy to cook vegan meals at home. Each box is an opportunity to learn and experience something new with easy-to-read recipes, fresh, high-quality, and perfectly portioned ingredients. With breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, Purple Carrot offers a variety of delicious plant-based options every week! Note that these meals can be a bit more involved and may take up to 45 minutes.

Pricing varies depending on the quantity and frequency of meals you purchase per week. Cost ranges from:

  • 2 person plan with 3 meals per week each: $11.99 per serving ($71.94 per week)
  • 4 person plan with 3 servings per week: $9.99 per serving ($119.88 per week)

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Sun basket meal kit box
Courtesy of Sun Basket

Sun Basket ships fresh, USDA-Certified Organic, and sustainable ingredients and recipes right to your door. The company supports customers who have dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, paleo, Mediterranean diet, Diabetes-friendly, vegetarian, pescatarian, and low-carb. Sun Basket options include an array of meals and the company offers breakfast, lunch, and snack items to completely round out your day (for an additional fee).

They also give back by donating to Feeding America and local food banks.

Pricing ranges depending on the number of meals ordered, and range from:

  • 2 person plan with 2 recipes each: $12.99 per meal ($51.96 total weekly)
  • 4 person plan with 4 recipes each: $10.99 per meal ($175.84 total weekly)
blue apron
Courtesy of Blue Apron

Blue Apron offers chef-designed recipes that include balanced Mediterranean meals, quick one-pan dinners, and classic dishes. The company uses responsibly-sourced, quality ingredients like fresh produce, sustainable seafood, and exclusive spice blends. If you have hopped onto the Beyond Meat trend, you will be glad to know that they use this protein in some of their recipes, too. Dishes take anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes to prepare and cook, change weekly, and are between 500 and 800 calories per serving.

Bonus alert! You can now order bottles of wine with your order! Cheers!

Pricing ranges depending on quantity ordered, and ranges from:

  • 2 person plan with 2 recipes each week: $9.99 per meal ($47.95 weekly total)
  • 4 person plan with 4 recipes each week: $7.49 per meal ($119.84 weekly total)

Wine is an additional fee.

hello fresh delivery
Courtesy of HelloFresh

Hello Fresh is the largest meal-kit provider in the United States. Their kits include easy-to-follow recipes with clear nutritional information, high-quality ingredients sourced straight from the farm, and convenient meal kits that fit perfectly in the fridge (perfect for those with tiny appliances!) Hello Fresh's main point of difference is that they work with an in-house registered dietitian to conceive all of their meals and they give customers detailed nutrition fact labels on their recipe cards (and website).

Pricing ranges depending on quantity ordered, and ranges from:

  • 2 person plan with 3 recipes each week: $8.99 per meal ($53.94 weekly total)
  • 4 person plan with 3 recipes each week: $7.49 per meal ($89.88 weekly total)
Courtesy of Home Chef

Home cooking is much more simple with Home Chef's Fresh and Easy meal plan. Kits that are pre-prepped, portioned, and ready to cook with little to no clean-up? Sign me up! With meal options like slow cooker dinners, grill-ready meals, and dinner-sized salads, meals can be ready in a pinch. Their recipe cards include wine and beer pairings along with calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and sodium values.

Pricing ranges depending on quantity ordered, and ranges from:

  • 2 person plan with 2 recipes each week: $9.98 per meal ($39.89 weekly total)
  • 6 person plan with 6 recipes each week: $9.95 per meal ($358.20 weekly total)
one potato
Courtesy of One Potato

One Potato uses organic, pre-prepped, and non-GMO ingredients and family-friendly recipes delivered weekly. The meals are focused to appeal to adults and children alike: think corn and black bean taquitos and spaghetti with turkey meatballs. Simple and delicious meals help create a no-fuss family dinner without having to be a short-order cook.

Kid and adult-friendly smoothies are also available for an additional fee. There are seven varieties and include options like PB & J and Pina Colada for an eclectic and yummy mix.

Pricing varies based on how many adults and children you are feeding, and ranges from:

  • A "two potato plan" is suggested to feed 1 adult and 1-2 small children two meals a week for $12.95 per meal ($77.70 per week)
  • A "six potato plan" is suggested for 2 adults and 4 small children or family style for 2 adults two meals a week and 2 teenagers for $7.32 per meal ($131.70 per week).
Courtesy of Gobble

Don't expect to spend time boiling pasta or chopping garlic to make a sauce when you use Gobble. These kits help you save time by sending you ingredients like pre-cooked rice, pre-made sauces, and even pre-cooked meat on occasion. The company promises that you will be enjoying a fresh, homecooked meal in just 15 minutes.

Gobble offer two choices of kits: their classic kit that provides traditional and seasonal meals that are ready in just 15 minutes and their Lean and Clean kit that provides 15-min recipes that are 600 calories or less, low carb, and feature lean proteins and no filler grains.

Pricing ranges depending on the quantity and frequency of meals ordered and ranges from:

  • 2 person plan with three recipes each: $11.99 per meal ($71.94 total weekly)
  • 4 person plan with three recipes each: $11.99 per meal ($143.88 total weekly)
Courtesy of Everyplate

At only $4.99 per serving, Everyplate is the least expensive of the bunch while still providing grade-A ingredients and recipes. Once you pick your meals from 11 options, you receive the ingredients and recipes on your doorstep. Their recipes have only six simple steps and your home-cooked meal will be ready to enjoy in 30 minutes!


  • $4.99 per meal regardless of the quantity you request
Lauren Manaker MS, RDN, LD, CLEC
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