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What Is The 5:5:5 Diet?

It's the latest weight loss rule that everyone is Googling...

You may have heard of the 3-4-5 Rule for weight loss, but have you heard about the 5:5:5 Diet?

While the 3-4-5 Rule has to do with calories (dieters consume 300 calories for breakfast, 400 calories for lunch, and 500 calories for dinner), the 5:5:5 Diet simply states that you eat five times a day, every day, with an emphasis on high-fiber, low-carb fruits and vegetables. The 5:5:5 name is in reference to the 5:2 diet, which says to eat normally for five days and then fast for two. The 5:5:5 name is simply to reflect the consistency, instead. It seems to us that it could very well have been named the 5:5:5:5:5:5:5 diet.

Reported by the Australian edition of Woman's Day, a typical day following the 5:5:5 rule might mean blueberries and yogurt for breakfast, poached salmon and salad for lunch, a lean meat protein with vegetables and couscous for dinner, and two snacks spaced out in between. Dieters can reportedly lose about five pounds in two weeks by eating this way.

So, what's our take? Frankly, it feels a bit like common sense to us; you should always eat healthy meals throughout the day instead of starving yourself and/or bingeing once or twice. But we do like that it challenges the outdated 5:2 rule, which requires a bit too much willpower at the end of fasting for two days!

Here's our suggestion: Take the general idea of 5:5:5, combine it with the 3-4-5 rule, and throw in the meal-timing rule, which says people who eat their meals at the same time of day—rather than sporadically—are trimmer than people who eat whenever. Keep your meals and snacks high in key nutrients like protein, healthy fats, and fiber, and toss in some active movement every day like working out, walking, or relentlessly taking the stairs. And best of all? You can name it whatever you want—because some of the best weight loss rules out there are the ones you make for yourself.

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