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Best & Worst Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's

Enjoy a fast-food classic that will help you get rid of your gut, not grow it.
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The chicken sandwich is the Trojan Horse of dining out.

We see it on a menu and get starry-eyed by poultry's lean reputation. Not as bad as beef, think we, surely that can't be fried — it's just looks … breaded. But you better believe that anything named "crispy"–and even some sandwiches that aren't–have taken a dip in the deep fryer. Next time you have a craving for this fast-food classic, use our guide for getting a sandwich that will help you get rid of your gut, not grow it.

Eat This!

Ultimate Chicken Grill, 231 g

Calories 370
Fat 7 g
Saturated Fat 1.5 g
Sodium 880 mg
Carbs 43 g
Protein 34 g

Not That!

Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Homestyle, 284 g

Calories 670
Fat 32 g
Saturated Fat 9 g
Sodium 1,610 mg
Carbs 57 g
Protein 38 g

Wendy's Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Homestyle is one of the sneaky sandwiches that has seen the deep fryer, but evaded the "crispy" label. Then the whole thing is topped with bacon and ranch sauce to boot. That adds up to 140 more calories than a Big Mac! (You can substitute grilled chicken for the deviously named "Homestyle" patty, but that only knocks the calories down to 530.) Your best option is the Ultimate Chicken Grill, which has nearly all the protein of the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club with half the calories and one-fifth the fat, thanks to grilled chicken and honey mustard subbed in for mayo.

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