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13 Best Boxed Wines Even Wine Snobs Will Approve Of

If you're looking for a beverage to please a crowd, but don't want to sacrifice quality, these boxed wine options should be your holiday party go-to!

Between cooking up a feast and cleaning up, entertaining can undoubtedly get a tad stressful—which is why the last thing you want to worry about is uncorking bottle after bottle for your guests. Luckily, boxed wine makes the beverage situation at your holiday party a breeze. Not only is it super simple to serve (thanks to the built-in spout), but it also happens to be cost-effective and eco-friendly as well. Most boxed wines feature three-liter bags, which is the equivalent of four standard bottles.  The best part? Boxed wine has come a long way in recent years, so you don't have to compromise quality.

"There's no doubt that there are certain boxed wines punching back against the negative stereotypes," says William Whelan, certified sommelier and VP of wine at Winestyr.

Perhaps one of the most notable benefits of boxed wine is that it boasts a longer shelf life once it's opened. Whereas a traditional bottle goes bad after three to five days, a box can last up to a month in the fridge. According to sommelier Jörn Kleinhans, this is because the plastic bag inside the box shrinks as the wine is being dispensed, which means no oxygen is let into the container.

"Oxygen is the main enemy of wine," says Kleinhans. "Once it gets into a bottle, the wine has mere hours to survive at the intended quality level. The boxed wine packaging mostly avoids that problem."

But we predict you won't have any trouble finishing off these popular pours before they spoil. From zingy Sauvignon Blancs to spicy Zinfandels, there's one for every palate. These are the 13 best boxed wines worth a try.

Moutard-Diligent Coteaux Bourguignons Herisson

herisson boxed wine

This light-bodied Gamay and Pinot Noir blend, which features grapes from northern and southern Burgundy, is approachable and fruit-forward.

"They don't sacrifice in the vineyard for this wine as all the grapes are still hand-harvested," says Whelan. "It's fresh, high-toned, and impeccably balanced. I always think of boxed wine as a great option for casual dinner parties or potlucks, so use the Hérisson as a base for your Coq au Vin and enjoy the two together once you're ready to eat."

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House Wine Riesling

house wine reisling boxed wine

The Pacific Northwest has been gaining esteem for Rieslings in recent years, and with good reason. Rieslings from this region often defy the sugarbomb stereotype of this varietal. Bursting with tropical fruit, this wine is juicy from start to finish, with just enough acidity to balance out the sweetness. It's the perfect pour to pair with seafood or spicy dishes—think blackened salmon or seared scallops with roasted veggies.

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Wineberry Chateau Tassin Bordeaux Blanc

wineberry chateau tassin boxed wine

In this bright, citrusy Bordeaux blend, Sauvignon Blanc brings the herbaceous attitude, while the Semillon lends some delightful dimension with floral and honey notes. Serve it with shellfish—it boasts just the right acidity to balance out the rich flavor profile of oysters, shrimp, or mussels. As an added bonus, this box features a convenient carrying strap.

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Jenny & François "From the Tank" Rosé

from the tank rose boxed wine

This boxed wine is about as eco-friendly as it gets: The grapes are grown using sustainable farming methods and hand-harvested with essentially no exposure to chemicals or additives. According to James Sligh, sommelier at Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels in New York City, one of the factors that make this Provençal rosé stand out is that it's fermented solely with wild yeasts, which can result in more complex, nuanced flavors. With 80 percent Grenache and 20 percent Syrah, this easy-drinking dry blend pairs just as nicely with salad as it does with charcuterie.

"[It] mops the floor with almost any glass bottled rosé on the shelf I can think of at that price point, whether you're eating grilled swordfish or goat cheese on a baguette with pickled peach compote—or nothing at all," says Sligh.

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Viña Borgia Garnacha

Vina borgia wine box

Boxed wines from Spain aren't easy to come by, and this one in particular is noteworthy because it comes from Campo de Borja, a wine region that's known for producing some of the most potent, aromatic Garnacha (aka Grenache). In fact, many of the locals refer to this zone as El Imperio de la Garnacha (or the Empire of Garnacha). If you're seeking to serve a fruit-forward red that has just a bit more punch than Pinot Noir, this is a fitting choice. With a robust, peppery finish, it can withstand some richer dishes, like braises and stews.

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Schplink Grüner Veltliner

schplink boxed wine

The quirky packaging on this one may look uber-modern, but the Austrian winery behind it was founded in 1721, and still adheres to many traditional winemaking methods. The hand-picked grapes, which stem from vines that are up to 35 years old, are aged in stee—which results in a clean, crisp finish. Pair it with sushi, sausage, or a good old-fashioned lobster bake.

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Bota Box Old Vine Zinfandel

bota box boxed wine

Old vine Zinfandel has a reputation for being big, bold, and jammy to the hilt—and this one is no exception. With a lingering savory, spicy finish, it's an excellent sidekick for sausage pizza, cheeseburgers, or a hearty baked pasta.

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La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet

la petite frog

This zesty white hails from the renowned Languedoc region in southern France. It may be light-bodied, but make no mistake —Le Petite Frog has a bold personality, with plenty of citrus notes right up front. The Picpoul literally translates to "stings the lip," which couldn't be a more fitting description for this wine's sky-high acidity. The tart finish meshes well with fried calamari, crab, and Dover sole.

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La Nevera Seleccíon Especial Rosado

La Nevera Seleccion Especial Rosado

This dry rosé features sustainably-grown Garnacha grapes grown in the heart of Northern Spain. Floral, fruity, and undeniably approachable, it's a surefire crowd-pleaser for your next party. Serve it with bruschetta or a simple salad Niçoise.

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Original House Wine Pinot Noir

House wine pinot noir box

Thanks to soft, silky smooth tannins, this wine is incredibly food-friendly—and it packs all the ripe red fruit you'd expect from a Pinot Noir. Your guests will happily sip this light-bodied red solo, but you can also serve it alongside smoked turkey, tuna, or salmon and roasted root vegetables.

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Dionisos "La Bodega De Las Estrellas" Tempranillo

Dionisos tempranillo boxed wine

This biodynamically-produced wine is unique for a number of reasons. Namely, that winemakers Karina and Dionisio de Nova cultivate their vineyards in alignment with the stars and planets. Additionally, the wine is aged in tinajas (Spanish clay amphora) and spontaneously fermented with no additives. The result? An inky, elegant, complex wine that can just as easily stand up to roasted poultry or a traditional paella.

"The tempranillo is a dream wine if you're pit-roasting a whole lamb with herbs and pita," says Sligh.

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Vin Vault Chardonnay

Vin Vault chardonnay boxed wine

While the oak is unmistakable in this well-balanced white, it's not overpowering whatsoever—so it just may win over Chardonnay skeptics. With a flavor profile that fuses tart apple and pear, caramel, and roasted toffee, it complements everything from creamy cheeses and crab cakes to Caesar salad and corn on the cob.

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Bota Box RedVolution

bota box redvolution in a box

Lush dark fruit dominates the flavor profile of this red blend, which also features a touch of smokiness for a pleasantly surprising finish.

"The soft tannins, moderate fruit, and medium body make this one of the easiest drinking blends on the market," says Charles Springfield, certified sommelier, wine educator, and author. "This pairs well with everything from tuna to roast chicken to curry goat. It's so versatile with food—but very delicious on its own."

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