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7 Laughable Coke Spinoffs That Didn't Work

We'd try some of these if they were still around.

An ice-cold Coke is the perfect movie-theater drink or pizza parlor pairing. It's hard to improve upon that sweet, carbonated perfection—which might be why these Coke spinoffs didn't last.

From strange marketing campaigns to odd flavor choices, these discontinued Coke products show that sometimes, classic is best.

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Coca-Cola Blak

coca cola with coffee can with coffee beans

If you've ever wished soda had more caffeine, you would have been in the (admittedly small) number of people who loved this Coke-coffee hybrid. And while it didn't succeed the first time around, Coca-Cola with Coffee is coming to store shelves once again.

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Sprite Remix

sprite remix
Sprite Remix/ Twitter

Sprite is one of The Coca-Cola Company's most well-recognized brands. But do you remember when Sprite came in flavors that weren't lemon-lime? Sprite Remix included berry-flavored sodas, but it didn't last beyond the early 2000s.

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New Coke


New Coke is a classic example of the old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Consumers weren't a fan of Coke's new formula, which debuted in the 1980s, and New Coke is now nothing more than a punchline.

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OK Soda

can of ok soda 90s coke drink

The Coca-Cola Company thought it was being clever with this one, but OK Soda lived up to its name. The art-inspired cans were cool, but not cool enough to make this product stand the test of time.


Coca-Cola with Lime

glass of coke with ice and lemon and lime wedges
Roman Voloshyn/Shutterstock

There are plenty of fruit-flavored Coke options at Coke Freestyle machines, like raspberry Coke and Cherry Coke. But for some reason, Coca-Cola with lime just didn't take off.

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Zesty Blood Orange Diet Coke

Diet coke

Diet Coke has tried to rebrand itself by offering new, fruity flavors like blood orange and cherry. While Ginger Lime and Feisty Cherry Diet Coke still exist, other options like Blueberry Acai and Zesty Blood Orange are long gone.


Coca-Cola C2

drinking soda

It's not much of a surprise that this diet soda didn't last long on shelves. It was essentially a diet soda marketed toward people who didn't want to drink diet soda, which is pretty silly in the first place.

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