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6 Shortages Costco Is Facing Right Now

From tomato sauce to chicken nuggets, these items may be hard to find.

Costco warehouses house thousands of products, but that isn't enough to ensure that every item on your grocery list won't ever be impacted by a shortage. Whether they happen as a result of a huge increase in demand, manufacturing or shipping delays, or something else entirely, it's good to be in the loop about current shortages in case you need a backup plan.

Unfortunately, Costco is being impacted by six product shortages right now. The good news? Paper towels and toilet paper are not on the list. (Related: Before your next trip, check out the Popular Costco Foods That Are Making You Gain Weight, Say Dietitians.)

Just Bare Lightly Breaded Chicken Breast Chunks

Just Bare Lightly Breaded Chicken Chunks
Courtesy of Instacart

Costco members went nuts in January over Just Bare chicken nuggets, which purportedly taste exactly like the ones sold at Chick-fil-A. In a viral TikTok video comparing the two products, a taste tester says, "You wouldn't even know the difference." The excitement resulted in warehouses running out of the beloved chicken product, and members didn't report finding the 4-pound bags again until April.

This popular frozen item is apparently super hard to find again. "They keep disappearing and reappearing in Chicago," one Costco member said on Reddit. "With any luck they'll restock in time for your next visit."

"Happened at my store too just recently," another member added. "Went back a week or so later and they were available again. Could just be a delivery delay."

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Kirkland Premium Canned Dog Food

Kirkland dog food
Photo courtesy of Costco

This pet food because is apparently on backorder, according to a Reddit user who identified themselves as a Costco employee. The Kirkland Premium Canned Dog Food comes in Chicken & Rice, as well as Lamb & Rice flavors. Only Nature's Domain Turkey & Pea Stew cans are currently available online.


pallets of bottled water from Costco

Costco is informing some customers that only five cases of any brand of water can be purchased due to a shortage, according to social media users.

Reddit user @Mustang500hp posted a photo of signs purportedly on display right now at an unidentified Costco. "We are currently out of water," one reads. "There is not yet an ETA for our next delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience."

While they didn't mention where the photo was taken, Reddit user @emarkay192 reported shortages in Illinois. Another said they were told that "one of the Kirkland water bottling plants went down."

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Chips and Oils

Costco chips

When Costco CFO Richard Galanti recently discussed the rise in grocery prices, he reportedly said "increased demand in various product categories [equals] . . . various shortages of everything from chips to oils and chemical supplies by facilities hit by the Gulf freeze and storms and, in some cases, higher commodity prices."

Kirkland Signature Organic Tomato Sauce

Kirkland Tomato Sauce
Photo courtesy of Instacart

When an individual on Reddit recently asked if there were any product shortages to report, user @CostcoPanda said the Kirkland Signature Organic Tomato "stuff" was gone right now "because the crop was bad." Indeed, the sauce isn't currently available on Costco's website.

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