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The Best Trader Joe's Foods of 2020

Kale-based coleslaw is one topping we can get behind.

From spices and seasonings to a wide array of frozen treats, Trader Joe's has all kinds of products that other grocery stores don't carry. Every trip to TJ's is an adventure, and you're sure to leave the store with some snacks or beverages you didn't intend to buy.

One of the most fun things about shopping at TJ's is the ever-changing selection of products. Here are some of the best new and limited-time products that have shown up at TJ's this year.

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Instant Cold Brew

trader joes instant cold brew coffee
Courtesy of Trader Joes

Instant coffee has become popular during the quarantine as people learned to make Dalgona coffee at home. But TJ's took things a step further by making instant cold brew. Just dissolve it in cold (or hot) water—that's it.

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Vegan Gingerbread Loaf

trader joes vegan gingerbread loaf

Following a vegan diet doesn't have to mean missing out on holiday treats. This loaf is new to TJ's this year and is perfect for anyone following a plant-based diet.

Oniony Kale Slaw Kit

trader joes oniony kale slaw kit with bowl of salad
Courtesy of Trader Joes

Forget mayo-based coleslaw. This mix features shredded kale, red cabbage, and more for coleslaw you can feel good about eating.

Everything But the Elote Seasoning

trader joes elote seasoning
Meghan De Maria / Eat This, Not That!

You know and love TJ's Everything But the Bagel seasoning. But have you had Everything but the Elote? If you love seasoned, grilled corn, you have to try this spice blend.

Organic Sweet & Spicy Mustard Sauce

trader joes sweet and spicy mustard sauce

A mustard connoisseur knows that there are different mustards for different occasions. This one is perfect on sandwiches or even for slow cooker ribs.

Maple Espresso Black Tea

box of trader joes maple espresso tea with cup of tea and leaves
Courtesy of Trader Joes

Espresso and tea in one? Caffeine lovers will jump for joy at this new TJ's product. You won't even have to sweeten it, thanks to the maple flavor.

Black Truffle Cashew Pesto Sauce

trader joes cashew pesto sauce jar

A little bit of truffle flavoring goes a long way, and this cashew pesto has just the right amount. In addition to being a delicious pasta sauce, this makes a great dip for fresh bread.

White Truffle Popcorn

trader joes white truffle popcorn

Another truffle-flavored treat for the win! This popcorn is perfect for at-home movie nights where you want something more sophisticated than buttered popcorn.

Trail Mix Crackers

trail mix crackers and hummus from trader joes
Courtesy of Trader Joes

This snack has all the goodness of trail mix, minus the mixing. These are perfect on their own or served with cheese and fruit slices.

Cheese-less "Cheesecakes"

box of trader joes frozen vegan cheesecake

Yes, vegan cheesecakes are a thing. This TJ's option is made from coconut oil and lima beans (really!), and it tastes almost as good as the real thing.

Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese

trader joe's baked lemon ricotta wedge

You've had ricotta in lasagna recipes and Italian cheesecake. But have you had baked ricotta on its own? This TJ's cheese is unlike anything you've tasted before. It's not the first year it's been available at the store, but it's only for sale during the holiday season, so you'll want to buy some on the sooner side.

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Meghan De Maria
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