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10 Best Trader Joe's Meals for Weight Loss

These dietitian-approved meals from Trader Joe's are perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight.
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Meals that require minimal prep make busy days so much easier. Especially if you are trying to lose weight, these meals can keep you on track toward your goals and simplify decision-making when it comes to eating. Trader Joe's has a great selection of ready-to-eat and frozen meals that take little effort to prepare. In some cases, the meals can be enjoyed on their own without any additions, and other options can be enhanced with a few easy modifications. To make your next shopping trip seamless, we've rounded up 10 of the best Trader Joe's meals for weight loss to add to your cart. (You can thank us later!)

When choosing meals for weight loss, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, you'll want to look at the calories per serving. Everyone's calorie needs are different, so choosing an amount that satisfies your appetite while allowing you to work toward your weight loss goals is important. Additionally, you'll want to make sure your meals are balanced. This means they should include protein, carbs, fiber, fat, and produce. If one of these components is missing from your prepared meal, it is best to add a topping or side item to incorporate the nutrient. Lastly, limit options with added sugar, as this nutrient is a source of empty calories that could slow your weight loss progress.

If choosing a meal at Trader Joe's feels like a daunting task, we have you covered with a list of great options to choose from. Here are the 10 best Trader Joe's meals for weight loss. Read on to learn all about them, and when you're done, don't miss The #1 Protein to Eat for Weight Loss, According to a Dietitian.

Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

peanut butter overnight oats
Trader Joe's

Oatmeal is a stellar source of filling fiber that makes for a hearty breakfast. Preparing your own oats at home can take some time, so these Peanut Butter Overnight Oats in a cup are a great option when you need something quickly. Each container provides 270 calories, 12 grams of protein, and zero grams of added sugar. You'll also get a whopping 6 grams of fiber! The peanut butter in these oats adds tons of flavor and healthy fats that will also increase satiety. Top your cup of oats with a portion of fresh berries for a filling breakfast in no time.

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Trader Joe's Spinach & Feta Egg White Burrito

egg burrito
Trader Joe's

At 410 calories and 19 grams of protein, this Spinach & Feta Egg White Burrito makes for a satisfying meal. Eggs are often thought of as a breakfast food, but you can certainly pack this refrigerated meal for a quick lunch, too. This meal provides a great balance of nutrients on its own, but feel free to add a side of fruit or raw veggies to incorporate even more fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Or, simply enjoy the burrito as is with a dash of hot sauce for a flavor boost.

Trader Joe's White Bean Chicken Chili Soup

white bean soup
Trader Joe's

Soups and chili are a winter favorite for many, but they can take hours to prep at home. When choosing prepared soups at the store, keep an eye on protein content. This White Bean Chicken Chili Soup from Trader Joe's contains 9 grams per serving, which is a good amount relative to its 170 calories. Increase to two portions for a meal that's under 350 calories and provides nearly 20 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber. Produce is a little lacking in this meal, so top your soup with some avocado slices for healthy fats and a serving of produce.

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Trader Joe's Mediterranean Style Orzo Pasta Salad

orzo pasta salad
Trader Joe's

You may not think of pasta as being friendly for weight loss, however, this Mediterranean Style Orzo Pasta Salad makes for a filling and well-balanced meal. One cup provides 200 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber. This isn't enough for a full meal, so pick up some pre-cooked grilled chicken from Trader Joe's to add on top for a well-rounded meal. Alternatively, skip the chicken, and top your pasta salad with some chopped nuts and feta cheese for more protein, fiber, and fat. Spinach is a main ingredient in this meal, but you can serve the dish over a bed of other lettuce and veggies for more volume.

Trader Joe's Mini Chicken Tacos

mini chicken tacos
Trader Joe's

These Mini Chicken Tacos have a simple ingredient list of corn tortilla, pulled chicken, roasted green salsa, and oil. This combination makes for a balanced meal that is full of flavor. Four tacos are only 260 calories while giving you 4 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein. Top your tacos with fresh guacamole and shredded cheese to round out your meal. They also come in a beef variety that has a similar nutrient profile, making both options a good choice for a weight-loss meal.

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Trader Joe's Kibbeh

Trader Joe's

"Middle Eastern-inspired stuffed meatballs," Trader Joe's Kibbeh is made with beef and bulgur wheat as the main ingredients. This combination of ingredients provides 7 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber per "meatball." Each serving is only 100 calories, so you can have multiple meatballs and pair them with a side of steamed vegetables for a reasonable number of calories. While kibbeh on its own is a balanced food option, an even better meal is the combination of kibbeh with a vegetable.

Trader Joe's Eggwich Breadless Breakfast Sandwich

trader joe's eggwich
Trader Joe's

Breakfast sandwiches make for an easy meal out the door, but many options leave much to be desired in the way of nutrients. Trader Joe's Eggwich Breadless Breakfast Sandwich is a low-carb option that packs 16 grams of protein for only 190 calories. Pair it with a fruit, and you are set with a balanced breakfast that requires minimal effort. This breadless sandwich combines turkey sausage, cheese, and egg patties for a filling meal that is best combined with fruit for a well-rounded breakfast.

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Trader Joe's Organic Vegetarian Chili

vegetarian chili
Trader Joe's

This Organic Vegetarian Chili gets its impressive 15 grams of protein from a combination of beans and pea protein. This same combination of ingredients, in addition to the veggies in the recipe, gives you 10 grams of filling fiber per can. With one can only being 240 calories, you could top your chili with sliced avocado to incorporate some healthy fats and produce into your meal. If you'd like to create more volume in this meal for little calories, add in a portion of steamed veggies or cauliflower rice.

Trader Joe's Egg Bites Cheese, Spinach & Kale

egg bites
Trader Joe's

Another egg-based option that can be enjoyed for any meal, or even a snack, these Egg Bites are loaded with protein and are only 150 calories per serving (one package). Enjoy two servings for a quick meal, or pair these egg bites with a banana and nut butter to incorporate some carbs and fiber into your meal. With cottage cheese as the second ingredient, it's no wonder why these bites pack so much protein and even some calcium. This is a great option for a grab-and-go meal that requires only a quick spin in the microwave to prepare.

Trader Joe's Sesame Miso Salad with Salmon

sesame miso salad
Trader Joes

Prepared salads make for great lunches and dinners, but not all options are created equally. This Sesame Miso Salad with Salmon is a great example of a balanced salad. Salmon provides protein and healthy fats, the base of veggies incorporates fiber, and the miso dressing adds tons of flavor without too much saturated fat. A single serving is only 150 calories, allowing you to enjoy to whole container for only 370 calories. The 14 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber you'll get in this meal make for a filling and convenient option.

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