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The Most Mouth-Watering Taco in Every State

You'll want to bite into every one of these street-food gems.

Tacos have become a culinary sensation with countless iterations across the 50 states alone. But do you know exactly where to go to find the best tacos—and what to order once you're there? To help us find the absolute best taco in every state, we consulted our friends at Yelp.

Methodology: This is a list of the best taco places in every state in the US in 2019, according to Yelp. They identified businesses in the restaurants and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning "taco," then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning "taco." Yelp provided us with the top three best taco places in each state, and then we hand-picked the best based off of menu items and reviews.

Salivating yet? Put away the utensils and grab an extra stack of napkins before you head to grab the best taco in every state.

ALABAMA: The Al Pastor at Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck in Birmingham

alabama best taco in the state
Yum E./Yelp

Is there anything better than a taco truck? We think not, and Los Dos Hermanos is proving it. As one Yelp reviewer pointed out, the Al Pastor taco is one that will never let you down.

"I can't visit the taco truck without getting their Al Pastor—so much flavor and so incredibly tender and juicy. Make sure to bring cash and go hungry," the reviewer wrote.

ALASKA: Alaskan Taco at Lane's Quickie Tacos in Fairbanks

alaska best taco in the state
Kelley T./Yelp

Many Yelp reviewers have named Lane's Quickie Tacos the best in all of Alaska, and not only will you get some truly tasty Tex-Mex cuisine, but what makes this spot stand out is the hospitality anyone who comes by is treated to. The Alaskan taco, made with pulled pork, onions, fresh cilantro, and garnished with a lime, is a standout, along with the homemade hot sauce.

ARIZONA: Chicken Taco at Cocina Madrigal in Phoenix

arizona best taco in the state
Kristin C./Yelo

Along with digging into mouth-watering tacos such as the beloved classic chicken taco here, Yelp reviewers say the queso fundido and guacamole are out of this world, too.

ARKANSAS: Pescado Taco at Aquarius Taqueria in Eureka Springs

arkansas best taco in the state
Bruce K./Yelp

As one Yelp reviewer wrote, "I have had a lot of Mexican food in my life and this is hands down one of the best meals I've ever had." If you're not sure what to order, the pescado taco seems to be a popular choice you won't regret ordering.

CALIFORNIA: Carne Asada Taco at El Primo Tacos in Venice

california best taco in the state
Jaymie H./Yelp

If you decide to eat at El Primo Tacos, be prepared to have your food cooked right in front of you, as it's a true street taco setup. The tacos are smaller, which just means you can eat more of them! The carne asada is said to feature meat that is "cooked to perfection" and packs a ton of flavor.

COLORADO: Shrimp Taco at Xicamiti La Taquería Bistro in Golden

colorado best taco in the state
Arin C./Yelp

You'll get served tacos that are overflowing with fillings at Xicamiti La Taquería Bistro, and no one is complaining here. While you feast on the delicious shrimp tacos, make sure to save room for dessert—the flan has also gotten rave reviews on Yelp. In addition to great food, what also makes this place stand out is the service. The owner is said to be super friendly and passionate about his food and is often on hand to chat with customers.

CONNECTICUT: Chorizo Taco at Tacos El Azteca in Norwalk

connecticut best taco in the state
Stelios S./Yelp

This food truck is the perfect spot to come for a quick fix of taco goodness when you're looking to feast on a meal that one Yelp reviewer described as "fresh, delicious, and has me wanting for more." The chorizo tacos are a knockout here.

DELAWARE: Lamb Barbacoa Taco at El Pique in Wilmington

delaware best taco in the state
Jack M./Yelp

Stop by here on Tuesdays for lunch, and you'll be treated to five tacos for just five dollars. Who doesn't love a solid Taco Tuesday deal? Be sure to try the lamb barbacoa tacos and end your meal with El Pique's signature caramel churros.

FLORIDA: Citrus Pork Taco at Los Bocados in Parkland

florida best taco in the state
Los Bocados/Yelp

Yes, this restaurant is inside of a gas station, but that just makes going on a taco run to Los Bocados even more eventful! The citrus pork taco is a star on the menu, and it's a place that has become synonymous with authentic Mexican cuisine.

"This isn't Tex-Mex, or Mexican inspired, it's real-deal Mexican flavors with real Mexican ingredients like guajillo, borracho beans (with Modelo beer), and cotija cheese to name a few," one Yelp reviewer wrote.

GEORGIA: Mexican Taco at Tacos Del Chavo in Kennesaw

georgia best taco in the state
Harsh Deep Singh N./Yelp

The Mexican tacos are top-notch at Tacos Del Chavo, so when you're in the mood for truly authentic fare in Georgia, this is the place to go. But as one Yelp reviewer pointed out, this family-run business not only has some of the best street-style tacos, but it's a pleasant dining experience each time with the friendly staff often chatting with customers.

"The very best part of this little gem is the hospitality. The family that runs this place are not "running a restaurant"—they are extending their home to you. This is true hospitality. They're a local Kennesaw family with roots in the area and it really warms my heart to be here!  The few times I've been here, I'm already recognized and it makes me feel even better," he wrote.

HAWAII: Fish Taco at Shaka Tacoz in Captain Cook

hawaii best taco in the state
Chad H./Yelp

What makes Shaka Tacoz stand out is that you order from a food truck, but there is an inside dining area with picnic tables, so you can sit and enjoy your tacos right there, rain or shine. When in doubt, order the fish tacos, as one Yelp reviewer pointed out, "It's seriously the best fish tacos you will find on the Big Island. It's packed full of flavor and cooked so perfectly."

IDAHO: Tacos Rancheros at Morenita's Mexican Restaurant & Bakery in Idaho Falls

idaho best taco in the state
Christina C./Yelp

Make sure you come with a big appetite to Morenita's! One Yelp reviewer wrote, "The tacos here are fat, delicious and authentic. Freshly made tortillas, hot sauce, and horchata!" Can't beat that, right? The top choice is the tacos rancheros, which left one reviewer hooked after just one bite.

ILLINOIS: Al Pastor at Edgewater Tacos in Chicago

illinois best taco in the state
Nate N./Yelp

The carne asada and Al Pastor are the best you can order, with the Al Pastor tacos standing out, thanks to the hearty pineapple chunks you'll taste as you dig in. One thing not to miss out on is the green salsa. "[It's] one of my favorite salsas in Chicago. It's got a good amount of heat to pair along with the flavor. This stuff brings the tacos to another level," one Yelp reviewer wrote.

INDIANA: Vegan Tacos at Tlaolli in Indianapolis

indiana best taco in the state
Lauren F./Yelp

Tlaolli really has something for everyone, thanks to plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. The vegan tacos are the menu standouts, too. You can dig into tacos that feature jackfruit and hibiscus flower atop corn tortillas.

IOWA: Lengua Taco at La Regia Taqueria in Iowa City

iowa best taco in the state
Lina N./Yelp

The Lengua Taco, which, yes, is cow's tongue, is the popular menu item at La Regia Taqueria. Order this alongside chips, and you're in for a perfect meal. The restaurant underwent some renovations and expanded, with Yelp reviewers saying everything on the menu stayed as great as ever.

KANSAS: Street Style Taco at Don Antonio's Carnicería Y Taqueria in Kansas City

kansas best taco in the state
Brett A./Yelp

Hands down, the tacos here at Don Antonio's Carnicería Y Taqueria are said to be some of the best street-style tacos ever. No matter which meat you go with, you're in for a true treat. But many on Yelp made sure to note that getting a churro when you're at the checkout counter is a must. You don't have to convince us.

KENTUCKY: Mahi Mahi Taco at Taco Choza in Louisville

kentucky best taco in the state
Becca R./Yelp

When checking out Taco Choza, the clear frontrunner is the Mahi Mahi taco. The fish is "grilled to perfection, with a hint of char and just flakes beautifully with no effort when eaten with a fork (or in the tortilla). The combination of pico and sauce further compliments the Mahi flavors," one Yelp reviewer says.

LOUISIANA: Big Daddy Taco at Catty Shack in New Orleans

louisiana best taco in the state
Von W./Yelp

At Catty Shack, there are plenty of delicious options in addition to tacos (the queso dip is something you don't want to miss). It's a creamy and cheesy delight! The Big Daddy taco is one to order, as it's made with tender brisket that Yelp reviewers describe as perfectly moist.

MAINE: Fish Taco at Taco Trio in South Portland

maine best taco in the state
Sam D./Yelp

As one Yelp reviewer wrote, "The fish tacos with the chipotle sauce are to die for!" And the tacos all come with some chips, so prepare to have a truly filling feast.

MARYLAND: Chorizo Taco at Tortacos in Gaithersburg

maryland best taco in the state
Alex N./Yelp

The taco combo is the way to go when you're dining at Tortacos, as you get three fresh tacos. One that must be a part of your trio is the chorizo taco. With everything you can add to your tacos at the toppings bar, you can truly jazz up your taco however you like.

MASSACHUSETTS: Chicken Taco at Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham

massachusetts best taco in the state
Alex K./Yelp

The chicken taco is a staple at most taco joints, and it reigns supreme at Taqueria El Amigo. Each taco comes with a slice of avocado, too, which balances the flavors in the chicken taco perfectly. As one reviewer raved, "The chicken is delicately spiced and juicy, when you take a bite it's like a party of flavors in your mouth. The best tacos!"

MICHIGAN: Shredded Beef Taco at Las Tortugas Taqueria Market in Utica

michigan best taco in the state
Jennifer Y./Yelp

A beef taco is another classic, and at Las Tortugas Taqueria Market, it's a must. "The beef is very tender and shaved thin. The thing I enjoy most about these tacos is the fact that they pack a lot of meat into the small tortilla. They top that meat with cilantro and onions. So simple, yet so incredibly delicious," one reviewer wrote on Yelp. We're sold!

MINNESOTA: Fish Taco at Catrinas Cerveza & Mexican Grill in Oakdale

minnesota best taco in the state
Meky W./Yelp

The fish tacos come out on top at Catrinas Cerveza & Mexican Grill. Alongside some chips and guac, you can't go wrong, especially on Friday nights when the fish tacos are the special menu item.

MISSISSIPPI: Al Pastor Taco at Mr Taco in Meridian

mississippi best taco in the state
Tyler M./Yelp

The tacos here at Mr Taco are simply authentic. The Al Pastor is a favorite, and if you eat one, you'll be treated to a tortilla filled with "meat [that is] flavorful and moist," according to Yelp reviewers, and what more can you really ask for from a taco?

MISSOURI: Beef Tongue Taco at Rosy's Cakes & Paco's Tacos in Saint Peters

missouri best taco in the state
Holly T./Yelp

At Rosy's Cakes & Paco's Tacos, the beef tongue taco does not disappoint. Yelp reviewers rave over how "extremely tender and savory" it is.

MONTANA: Carnitas Tacos at El Rodeo in Bozeman

montana best taco in the state
Jim S./Yelp

We're starting to see a trend here: taco food trucks never disappoint. At El Rodeo, you'll find yummy tacos such as the carnitas, which are topped with chopped onion and cilantro, and they feature "meat [that] is so flavorful, tender and high quality," as one Yelp reviewer wrote.

NEBRASKA: Carne Asada at Taqueria Tijuana in Omaha

nebraska best taco in the state
Jasmine M./Yelp

The carne asada tacos may be small, but they are mighty and pack so much flavor, so you can easily chow down on a few of these and have room to, well, eat more of them!

NEVADA: Spicy Octopus Taco at Bajamar Seafood & Tacos in Las Vegas

nevada best taco in the state
Dru C./Yelp

At Bajamar Seafood & Tacos, there really isn't anything bad on the menu. But one taco that stands out is the octopus, which packs in flavor, thanks to the spicy mayo sauce it's slathered in. As one Yelp reviewer wrote, "I really think I could have just eaten octopus tacos until I fell into a food coma."

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Dos Equis Fish Tacos at California Burritos in Nashua

new hampshire best taco in the state
Chris P./Yelp

The fish tacos are taken up a notch at California Burritos in Nashua, as they as fried and then topped with a chipotle ranch sauce. What else could be better?

NEW JERSEY: Vegetarian Tacos at Mi Mariachi Taqueria in Jersey City

new jersey best taco in the state
Nishat P./Yelp

While the carne asada tacos are buzzed about, we just had to spotlight the vegetarian taco option at Mi Mariachi Taqueria, too. "I have never [been] to a Mexican place that serves veggie tacos as good as here. They aren't stingy with the stuffing of rice, beans, sour cream, avocado, radish, limes, and the sauces! And the presentation is immaculate," a Yelp reviewer wrote.

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NEW MEXICO: Buche Taco at El Chile Toreado in Santa Fe

new mexico best taco in the state
Claire S./Yelp

Buche might sound intimidating—it is pork stomach tacos we're talking about here. But many Yelp reviewers say at El Chile Toreado, it's worth being adventurous and trying this taco. One diner said they added marinated onions to their buche taco, and it was a great addition. If you're an adventurous eater, this is the place to go.

NEW YORK: Carne Asada at Los Tacos No.1 in New York

new york best taco in the state
Jenny T./Yelp

If there is one taco place to dine at in New York City, it's Los Tacos No. 1 and the classic carne asada tacos are the go-to order. As one Yelp reviewer put it, the "carne asada tacos are mouthwatering, perfectly seasoned and authentic."

NORTH CAROLINA: Pork Belly at Sonora in Asheville

north carolina best taco in the state
Thanh-Van L./Yelp

The pork belly tacos here are simply top-notch, with one Yelp reviewer saying, "the pork belly tacos had a nice, but subtle kick" with another reviewer writing, "the pork belly was the best I ever had. It was chopped, almost shredded, with a great seasoning. I love spicy and their food had plenty when you wanted it." We'll take a few of these tacos!

NORTH DAKOTA: Crispy Chicken and Mango Taco at Vinyl Taco in Fargo

north dakota best taco in the state
Jillian S./Yelp

A taco with crispy chicken? We're in. Add mango to it, and it's easy to see exactly why this is one of the restaurant's most popular menu items. And you can enjoy these tacos while you're listening to music played on vinyl.

OHIO: Lobster Taco at Guerra's Krazy Taco in Springfield

ohio best taco
John M./Yelp

If you're only going to have one taco from Guerra's Krazy Taco, it's the lobster taco. One Yelp reviewer described it as "hands down, the best taco I've ever had," and it's so popular, it sometimes runs out in the evening!

OKLAHOMA: Cochinita Pibil at The Mayan Taqueria and Cantina in Oklahoma City

oklahoma best taco in the state
Cheri Y./Yelp

Cochinita Pibil tacos might just be the only way to eat pork-filled tacos. The ones you get at The Mayan Taqueria and Cantina have a delicious flavor, according to Yelp reviewers, with one person writing that when you take one bite, you will be treated to "an explosion of goodness in your mouth."

OREGON: Fish Taco at The Spicy Spoon in Portland

oregon best taco in the state
Leon V./Yelp

The fish taco here will have you coming back for more. As one Yelp reviewer wrote, "The fish taco had a great char and juicy pineapple cubes which accompanied it wonderfully. Oh my goodness, they were the best tacos I've ever had!"

PENNSYLVANIA: Lamb Taco at South Philly Barbacoa in Philadelphia

pennsylvania best taco in the state
Dalia R./Yelp

The lamb tacos are all you need when you're dining at South Philly Barbacoa. As one Yelp reviewer explained, "The fresh corn tortillas were amazing. The hot sauces at the table were perfection. Nothing could have improved. I will never come to Philly without wanting to come back." Now those must be some good tacos!

RHODE ISLAND: Carnita's at Tallulah's Taqueria in Providence

carnitas rhode island best taco
Stephanie C./Yelp

The carnitas at Tallulah's Taqueria are said to be both tender and crispy and "dangerously addicting," as one Yelp reviewer described them.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Carne Asada Taco at Tacos Nayarit in Columbia

carne asada tacos at tacos nayarit
Ariel B./yelp

At Tacos Nayarit, the top taco is none other than the classic carne asada (grilled and sliced beef). Why? One Yelp reviewer says it's perfectly seasoned, especially with the soft corn tortillas and an assortment of salsas!

SOUTH DAKOTA: Steak Taco at Tortilleria Hernandez in Sioux Falls

south dakota best taco in the state
Nathaniel M./Yelp

The steak tacos at this South Dakotan taco place are the best of the best, largely due to their nice balance of seasonings.

TENNESSEE: Deep Fried Avocado Taco at Mas Tacos in Nashville

tennessee best taco in the state
Dinah T./Yelp

A deep-fried avocado taco? Um, yes please! Where else could you even get such a taco other than Mas Tacos in Nashville? This is one vegetarian option that we can't wait to try ourselves.

TEXAS: Chilaquiles Taco at Granny's Tacos in Austin

texas best taco in the state
Michelle B./Yelp

"The chilaquiles taco was equally as amazing, your choice of green, red, or (get the) mole sauce, with onion, chicken, sour cream, and Mexican cheese," wrote one Yelp reviewer.

The same user described Granny's Tacos as a knockout, authentic, and memorable place. Sold!

UTAH: Lengua Taco at Tacos La Pasadita in Green River

utah best taco in the state
Stefanie Y./Yelp

The lengua taco is both tender and sweet, yet mild in taste, which makes it an undeniable favorite at Tacos La Pasadita.

VERMONT: Carnitas Taco at Taco Gordo in Burlington

vermont best taco in the state
Brody S./Yelp

The carnitas at Taco Gordo are said to be a top choice here, according to many Yelp reviewers. A variety of hot sauces are available, too, so you can add as much spice as you like to any taco.

VIRGINIA: Chicken Tinga Taco at Taco Zocalo in Reston

virginia best taco in the state
Cindy F./Yelp

The chicken tinga tacos are the ones you can't miss out on when you're dining at Taco Zocalo. They have a nice kick to them and can easily be enhanced with some fo the yummy sauces.

WASHINGTON: Pork Taco at Taqueria Pollo Asado in Lynnwood

washington best taco in the state
Di W./Yelp

When you're at Taqueria Pollo Asado, be sure to order the delicious and crispy fried pork tacos. And don't forget to add on some green sauce, too, as one Yelp reviewer pointed out.

WEST VIRGINIA: Trad Tacos at Maria's Taqueria in Shepherdstown

west virginia best tacos
Mike M./Yelp

When you're at Maria's Taqueria, the trad tacos are the way to go. That means you get three traditional tacos—beef, chicken, and pork. So you get to try one of each classic!

"The 'trad' tacos were fantastic! The tacos were simple but packed full of flavor. The best way to describe it is that they tasted fresh and of high quality. The pork was by far my favorite and prices were reasonable for the quantity of food," one Yelp reviewer wrote.

WISCONSIN: Sweet Potato Taco at El Grito Taqueria in Madison

wisconsin best taco in the state
Ka L./Yelp

This is one taco truck you're going to want to stop and order from when you come across it in Madison. The sweet potato taco, both roasted and spicy, are hits, and they're vegetarian-friendly, too.

WYOMING: Fish Taco at Speedgoat in Laramie

wyoming best taco in the state

If you like your tacos with a ton of spice, then this is the place for you, as Yelp reviewers are fans of the kick each meal at Speedgoat brings. The fish taco is one that many diners say is the best, and it pairs nicely with the crunchy sweet potato chips you can order alongside your meal.