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15 Easy Frittata Recipes That Are Perfect for Weight Loss

The frittata is a perfect high-protein breakfast, and there are countless ways to make it.
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Here's the biggest secret about the fancy frittata that's a mainstay on brunch menus: It's incredibly easy to make! A frittata is an omelet's lazy cousin. It's fancy enough for a quick dinner—simply add a salad and you're good to go—and it happens to be a perfect high-protein meal. Plus, frittata recipes often include more high-fiber veggies than other egg dishes, making them a wonderfully filling and weight-loss-friendly breakfast option.

While there are a few different ways of making a frittata, one classic is to add eggs to a hot saute pan and lift the eggs while tilting the pan to cook them in the center. Once the bottom and center are just set, the pan is tossed under a preheated broiler until puffy and very slightly browned. Frittatas can then be flipped over on a serving tray, sliced up, and reheated when needed.

As you'll see with the following collection of recipes, there are no hard or fast rules for making the perfect frittata. Experiment with ratios of whole eggs to egg whites and play with your favorite flavor combos. And if you're making breakfast for a crowd this holiday season, try 18 Cozy Sheet Pan Breakfast Recipes For Easy Weight Loss.

Healthy Loaded Vegetable Frittata Recipe

loaded vegetable frittata in cast iron skillet with slice on plate and fork
Jason Donnelly

Packed with veggies, this stunning frittata recipe uses egg whites and whole eggs for maximum fluffiness. This recipe showcases the classic frittata technique. Sauteed veggies are topped with eggs and then the egg is lifted until almost set. A quick trip under the broiler causes the eggs to puff and slightly brown all over.

Get our recipe for Healthy Loaded Vegetable Frittata Recipe.

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Air Fryer Egg White Frittata

egg white frittata
James Stefiuk

Your trusty air fryer makes a frittata in minutes with little to no oil. You can eat this superfood-packed dish anytime.

Get our recipes for Air Fryer Egg White Frittata.

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Light Sausage and Mushroom Frittata Recipe

Paleo sausage frittata with mushrooms
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

This recipe showcases the slightly longer, oven-baked version of the frittata. Smoky andouille sausage, sweet caramelized onion, and mushrooms make this a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Get our recipe for Light Sausage and Mushroom Frittata Recipe.

An Herb-Heavy Homage to the Persian dish Kuku Sabzi

egg and herb frittata in skillet and on plate
Rebecca Firkser / Eat This, Not That!

This herb-packed frittata is based on the Persian dish Kuku Sabzi, which translates to whipped eggs and herbs. Unlike traditional Italian or American frittatas, this dish uses eggs to bind the multitude of fresh herbs instead of being the focus of the dish.

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Healthy Spring Vegetable Frittata Recipe

spring vegetable frittata in black cast iron skillet
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

This recipe combines fresh spring vegetables, asparagus, peppers, and leeks, which are now commonly available year-round. But, feel free to substitute your favorite veggies or aromatics.

Get our recipe for Healthy Spring Vegetable Frittata.

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Easy Frittata With Arugula and Red Peppers Recipe

Healthy frittata with arugula pepper
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Packed with flavor, this frittata recipe is just as good reheated throughout the week as it is when it's first made. Roasted red peppers, arugula, prosciutto, and creamy goat cheese hold up to refrigeration.

Get our recipe for Easy Frittata With Arugula and Red Peppers.

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Healthy Smoked Salmon and Boursin Cheese Frittata Recipe

smoked salmon boursin frittata
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Smoked salmon turns any dish into instant brunch. Add some Boursin cheese and you've got yourself a hit. Forget the carby bagels and make this elegant dish the star of the morning.

Get our recipe for Healthy Smoked Salmon and Boursin Cheese Frittata.

Loaded Veggie Avocado Frittatas

Courtesy Ambitious Kitchen

This simple recipe combines the healthy power of quinoa with eggs and whatever else you have lying around. Store these little muffin tin frittatas in resealable bags and reheat them each morning.

Get the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.

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Make-Ahead Vegetarian Holiday Frittata

Courtesy A Healthy Slice of Life

Frittatas are perfect for hiding veggies from your little ones. Case in point, this recipe has spaghetti squash swirled throughout. Make this easy-to-reheat dish in a big cast iron skillet and then chill and reheat in the morning.

Get the recipe from A Healthy Slice of Life.

Cheddar Chive Frittata

Courtesy The Seasoned Mom

Cheddar and chives are a great combination. The difference between a crustless quiche and a frittata is all about preparation, explains The Seasoned Mom. A crustless quiche is made entirely in the oven, while a frittata is fried on the stove and then finished in the oven.

Get the recipe from The Seasoned Mom.

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Roasted Sweet Potato Kale Frittata

Courtesy Eating Bird Food

Sweet potatoes and kale make this dish perfect for a hearty lunch or dinner. These two winter superfoods will keep you full.

Get the recipe from Eating Bird Food.

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Potato Chip Frittata

Courtesy How Sweet Eats

You know when you have those crispy bits at the bottom of the potato chip bag but nothing to do with them? This recipe solves that dilemma. While a potato chip frittata shouldn't be your daily breakfast, it can be a fun way to spice things up for the kiddos.

Get the recipe from How Sweet Eats.

Pistachio Pesto Goat Cheese Frittata

Courtesy Sassy Kitchen

Goat cheese and pesto are a match made in heaven. The creamy egg helps distribute these tangy flavors. You can buy a great pesto if you don't have time to make your own.

Get the recipe from Sassy Kitchen.

Spinach and Sundried Tomato Fritatta

Courtesy Love & Olive Oil

The best part about frittatas is the ability to adapt them to different vessels. Love & Olive Oil uses little ramekins to make these into individual souffle-like frittatas. Spinach, sun-dried tomato, and a sprinkling of Asiago cheese make these flavorful breakfast stars.

Get the recipe from Love & Olive Oil.

Bacon Spinach Tomato and Swiss Frittata

Courtesy Cooking Classy

Cooking Classy takes the easy frittata and makes it even easier by skipping the stove and just baking the whole thing in the oven. The combo of bacon, tomato, and swiss is reminiscent of the classic quiche Lorraine.

Get the recipe from Cooking Classy

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