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The Top 10 HIIT Videos on YouTube Right Now, Rated by a Trainer

Find out if these workout videos are all they’re cracked up to be.
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One positive aspect of post-pandemic life is the rise of YouTube workout videos. These videos have made home workouts more accessible than ever. Among these popular videos are dozens, if not hundreds, of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) videos. However, with all the heart-pumping HIIT videos on YouTube, it's understandable if you feel overwhelmed or unsure where to start. If this sounds like you, we've got good news. Meet TJ Mentus, CPT, a certified personal trainer at Garage Gym Reviews, who knows the ins and outs of the fitness world and dishes out some truth about the top 10 HIIT videos on YouTube.

HIIT workouts are all about intense bursts of exercise with brief recovery periods to torch calories and boost endurance. But only some videos live up to the hype. Keep reading for Mentus's insights regarding the top 10 HIIT videos on YouTube right now and whether they're worth your time. Then, don't miss The 8 Best Belly Fat-Burning Workouts You'll Find on YouTube.

Get Abs in Two Weeks

This workout is courtesy of YouTuber Chloe Ting and has a staggering 510 million views on YouTube and counting. Its video description notes it as a "two-week schedule designed to help you get closer to those defined abs and to lose weight."

"This is a very effective 10-minute ab workout that will work the entire core through various moves and minimal rest between sets," says Mentus. "Although this will create a good burn in the abs, I don't think it would be as effective of a HIIT workout, as these moves may not get the heart up enough to qualify as high intensity. Still an excellent short workout overall, though."

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Do This Everyday to Lose Weight

For those who are looking to get shredded, this Chloe Ting workout video (with an incredible 208 million views) challenges you to commit to two weeks of high-intensity daily exercise.

"In this workout, you'll go through many movements quickly with brief rests, keeping the heart rate elevated. This workout uses the whole body and a lot of plyometric moves and core exercises. The trainer provides some regressions, which is excellent for people of different ability levels," explains Mentus.

20-Min Full-Body Workout

Published by Pamela Reif, this HIIT video has a whopping 55 million views on YouTube, and it will put your entire body to work.

"This workout consists of three sets of six minutes of exercises for 30 seconds each with one-minute breaks in between," says Mentus. "It's effective as a full-body workout involving many muscles. However, going for six minutes straight before taking a break may make it difficult for some people to keep the intensity level high enough without slowing down. I would like to see this workout with a 30-second break every two or three minutes to help keep the overall intensity higher."

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30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm-Up

Created by the fitness experts at SELF, this HIIT workout has 52 million views and involves several dynamic movements to get your entire body moving and blood flowing.

"I like that this workout includes a warm-up so people aren't jumping right into a HIIT workout before their joints and muscles are loose. They also had a cool-down routine as well. The work and rest ratios are programmed well for a HIIT workout with the given exercises. I think it provides just enough rest to recover to still give a full effort without taking unnecessary breaks," says Mentus.

30-Minute Fat Burning Home Workout for Beginners

This beginner-friendly workout by Body Project has over 47 million views and takes only half an hour to complete. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your home, which is always a welcomed bonus.

"This is a solid workout for beginners," states Mentus. "The moves are simple and all done from a standing position, so you don't have to worry about repeatedly getting up and down off the ground. Instead of having complete rest breaks, the trainer keeps their feet moving so that it is more of an active rest which I like for who they're targeting with this workout."

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30-Min Full-Body Fat Burn HIIT (No Jumping)

Created by Emi Wong, this video has more than 45 million views and will engage your entire body, including your legs, back, arms, and core.

"The 30-minute entire body fat burner HIIT workout is another workout that has an excellent work-to-rest ratio. For this one, you will work for 40 seconds and rest for 20 for the 30-minute workout. That means you will be working for 20 minutes in total. The 20 seconds is just enough to breathe before the next movement. I like that it hits the different muscle groups by isolating them one at a time. This will allow you to focus on one area and hit it hard," says Mentus.

15-Min Happy Dance Workout

If you like to bust a move to get your heart pumping, this "happy dance" workout video is for you.

"This workout mainly includes dance-type moves, so it may only be for some. The actions get more intense as the training goes on. I like that it gets people moving creatively while mixing in exercise," says Mentus. "The negatives of this workout are that it is mainly cardio and does not include many strength-type movements. It also consists of no rest or low intensity like traditional HIIT Workouts."

10-Minute Fat Burning Morning Routine

Whether you're an early riser or night owl, fitness guru Rowan Row assembled this fat-burning workout to blast away fat as part of your morning routine.

"This workout combines core and plyometrics for 10 minutes of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest," Mentus explains. "The work to rest is excellent for just a 10-minute workout. The amount and type of plyometrics may make it difficult for beginners."

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7-Minute Workout Song

Pressed for time but want to squeeze in a quick workout? Then this seven-minute workout song routine is exactly what you need.

Mentus says, "This is an efficient workout that's seven minutes long. It consists of 30 seconds of exercise followed by 10-second rest or transition periods to the next movement. There's a good mix of strength, core, and plyometric movements. This workout could quickly be done for multiple rounds with a minute or two break in between if you desire a longer workout."

This Killer Workout Torches Calories

Claiming to burn 500 calories in 45 minutes, this workout video by POPSUGAR Fitness has over 28 million views and lives up to its name.

"The most extended workout on the list at 45 minutes includes a warm-up, modifications, and cool down," explains Mentus. "The workout is a cardio kickboxing class, so it includes a lot of punches and kicks as opposed to traditional HIIT movements. For a cardio workout, it's great, but if you are looking for strength movements in your HIIT workout, this is not the best one for you."

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