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The 10 Craziest Food Combos People Secretly Love

One set of data reveals wild food cravings people are having, and what they are ordering while stuck at home!

While the 2020 Uber Eats Cravings Report did tell us a lot about people's food preferences (like when they crave junk food the most or the ingredient they despise), it also revealed some pretty odd eating habits people had this past year. According to their data, quite a few customers ordered odd combinations of some of their favorite takeout foods. Under their category "the most unexpected food & request combos," Uber Eats listed off the craziest food combos they've seen this year and we just had to share these wacky combinations. Here are the craziest food combos people secretly love.


Pizza & Ketchup

pizza ketchup

We can see the whole pizza and ranch combo, but ketchup seems to be a whole different ball game. It seems people love to order their pizza with ketchup on the side. Not sure why you're pizza is taking so long lately?


Fish & American Cheese

fish american cheese

While this combination may sound strange at first, it makes sense if you plan on having a fish sandwich with some melted cheese on it. Or better yet, a tuna melt!


Chicken & Strawberries

chicken strawberries

Chicken and strawberries aren't that strange when you throw it together in a salad! Especially if you pair with some crumbly cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette. For even more fun salad combinations, check out our list of salad recipes.


Poke Bowl & Corn

poke bowl corn

Corn in a poke bowl? It seems Ubereats customers are seriously into this combination. Why not make your own poke bowl and corn and try it yourself!


Rice & White Sauce

white rice sauce

If you've ever ordered halal food, you know that rice and white sauce are a staple if you're getting the combo meal. Find a halal place near you and give it a try yourself!


Burger & Chickpeas

burger chickpeas

It seems Uber Eats customers aren't getting enough protein with that burger if they're ordering chickpeas on the side! Unless, of course, customers are ordering burgers made out of chickpeas!


Green Olives & Honey Mustard

olives honey mustard

We're at a loss of words for this one. These are very specific tastes, so we'll have to try the pairing ourselves and let you know if it's a good one.


White Rice & Apple Sauce

rice apple sauce

While this combination sounds strange together, we wonder if these are foods commonly ordered for children, given they are both great foods for little eaters.


Edamame & Hummus

edamame hummus

To be honest, this combination doesn't sound that strange to us. It simply sounds like a snack heaven! If you agree, get started by learning how to make your own hummus at home.



Chicken Hibachi & Matzoh Balls

chicken matzoh balls

This combination may sound a bit strange, but honestly, it sounds like the best of both worlds to us.

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