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The 15 Unhealthiest Yogurts—Ranked by Sugar Content

Some of these high-sugar yogurts have more sugar than a serving of vanilla ice cream.
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With its gut-supporting probiotics, calcium, and protein, yogurt is a go-to healthy snack for many. However, not all store-bought brands are as nutritious as others. Some yogurts can quickly turn unhealthy based on the amount of sugar certain products incorporate.

All dairy foods, including yogurt, contain a natural sugar called lactose, so seeing a bit of sugar on the nutrition label is normal. The problem exists when companies sweeten the pot with added sugars. So, despite their health claims, these high-sugar yogurts might not be your best bet. Some could even rival the sugar content found in a scoop of Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream.

While minor amounts of added sugar in your diet are fine, consistent consumption of excessive added sugar has been associated with increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a daily intake of less than 25 grams for women and 36 grams for men to help lower this risk. Unfortunately, certain yogurts approach or surpass these daily limits in just one serving.

To aid in identifying these less healthy yogurt choices, we have compiled a list of products with the highest sugar content available at the store. Read on to see which yogurts have the most sugar, ranked from lowest to highest amounts, then check out some better-for-you options with these 13 Best Yogurt Brands you can buy.

Dannon Fruit at the Bottom Cherry

Dannon fruit on the bottom

Sugar per serving: 15 grams (11 grams added sugar)

With 15 grams of sugar per carton, Dannon Fruit On The Bottom is more like a dessert than a healthy snack. If you're craving some fruity flavors, try plain Greek yogurt with some fresh berries instead.

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So Delicious Coconutmilk Yogurt Key Lime Pie

So Delicious Key Lime
So Delicious

Sugar per serving: 16 grams (15 grams added sugar)

Just because something is non-dairy doesn't guarantee that it is healthy, especially because oftentimes dairy alternatives are made with added sugar to help create more flavor. The SO Delicious Key Lime Coconutmilk Yogurt is a good example, with 16 grams of sugar in one carton–15 of which are added sugars.

Silk Dark Chocolate Coconut

Silk Dark Chocolate

Sugar per serving: 16 grams (16 grams added sugar)

This almond milk yogurt from Silk is another example of a high-sugar product. There are no milk sugars or natural sugars found in here, so all 16 grams of sugar are added. Instead of buying the Dark Chocolate Coconut, try Silk's Plain Almond Yogurt, which has only 6 grams of sugar.

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Oui by Yoplait Strawberry

Oui Strawberry

Sugar per serving: 19 grams (14 grams added sugar)

Out is Yoplait's French-style yogurt line. These yogurts are thicker and creamier than Yoplait's original products, but a lot of the choices are loaded with sugars. Their Strawberry Fruit On The Bottom has 19 grams of sugar per 5-ounce container, with 14 grams of those being added.

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Yo Crunch M&M's

Yo Crunch
Yo Crunch

Sugar per serving: 19 grams (15 grams added sugar)

If you're eating this M&M-filled yogurt by Yo Crunch, you may want to save it for dessert instead of a mid-afternoon snack. It has a hefty 15 grams of added sugar per container and only 4 grams of protein, so it definitely won't leave you satiated.

Chobani Flip Coffee Brownie Bliss

Chobani flip brownie bliss

Sugar per serving: 19 grams (15 grams added sugar)

Chobani Flips are a tasty pre-portioned dessert with yogurt and pieces of cookies, chocolate, or fruit, but because of its high sugar count, you're better off saving these as a once-in-a-while treat.

Yoplait French Vanilla

yoplait french vanilla

Sugar per serving: 20 grams (14 grams added sugar)

The original Yoplait is a classic yogurt, but be careful before dipping into the nostalgia. A small 6-ounce container of their French Vanilla flavor has 14 grams of added sugar and 20 grams of total sugar. Yes, you'll get a boost of calcium as they advertise, but you can get calcium with unsweetened yogurt instead.

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Yoplait Whips! Key Lime Pie

yoplait whips key lime pie

Sugar per serving: 22 grams (18 grams added sugar)

Yoplait Whips! is marketed as a "light & fluffy" yogurt option, but there's nothing light about its sugar content. With 18 grams of added sugar in just one container, you'll get close to your recommended daily limit with just one snack break.

Yoplait Cherry With Chocolate Shavings

yoplait chocolate shavings

Sugar per serving: 22 grams (18 grams added sugar)

We are continuing on the Yoplait train with their newest line of flavors—their "Made with real chocolate shavings" trio. Whether you choose the Cherry, Strawberry, or Raspberry, you'll be getting around 22 grams of sugar in each carton, thanks to the extra chocolate pieces.

Greek Gods Yogurt Maple With Honey

Greek Gods Maple with Honey
The Greek Gods

Sugar per serving: 23 grams (15 grams added sugar)

As mentioned earlier, Greek yogurts are often naturally lower in sugar and can therefore be a healthier choice at times. However, be careful to still read the nutrition label because some varieties load up on added sugars, like this Maple with Honey Greek Yogurt from The Greek Gods. You might think this one is healthy at first, but out of the nine ingredients listed, five are some form of sugar, which explains the 23 grams you'll get in each serving.

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Go-GURT Tropical Sunglow


Sugar per serving: 23 grams (18 grams added sugar)

For decades now, Go-GURT has been known as the tasty yogurt you can eat on the go, which is why it's marketed as the perfect lunchbox snack for kids. However, with more sugar per container than a serving of M&M's, these aren't the healthy snacks they're marketed to be.

LALA Blended Yogurt Piña Colada

LALA pina colada yogurt

Sugar per serving: 24 grams

Anytime you see "low-fat" on a yogurt container, you may want to check the nutrition label for added sugars. It isn't always the case, but oftentimes companies will market a yogurt as healthy because it's lower in fat, but they'll add in more sugar to maintain the flavor and compensate for the lack of fat. This seems to be the case with LALA's Piña Colada yogurt, which possibly rivals a regular Piña colada in sugar content.

Noosa Mates Coconut Chocolate Almond

Noose Mates

Sugar per serving: 26 grams (17 grams added sugar)

Remember how we said that some of the yogurts on our list have more sugar than a serving of ice cream? This is the case with this Noosa yogurt, which has pieces of toasted coconut, almonds, and chocolate chips at the top. You'll still get 9 grams of protein and live active cultures for your gut, but just know that this yogurt is more of a dessert than anything.

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LALA Frusion Yogurt Smoothie Banana Berry

LALA Frusion fruit and yogurt smoothie

Sugar per serving: 27 grams

Don't be fooled by the marketing for this LALA Frusion yogurt. It's advertised as a "Fruit yogurt smoothie" and the brand highlights the fact that you'll be getting vitamins A, C, and D, so it may have people thinking it's a healthy choice. But with 27 grams of sugar and absolutely zero fiber, this one is better left on the shelf.

The Highest-Sugar Yogurt: La Yogurt Probiotic Pumpkin Pie

La Yogurt Pumpkin Pie
La Yogurt

Sugar per serving: 29 grams

The number one spot on our list of highest-sugar goes to La Yogurt's Probiotic Pumpkin Pie Yogurt. Another example of tricky marketing, this one is touted as low-fat and good for immune support and digestive health. However, even though it offers natural probiotics, with nearly 30 grams of sugar in each carton, you're much better off finding these probiotics in a lower-sugar yogurt.

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