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Costco Just Dropped This Brand-New Bakery Item

Fresh from the oven and scrumptious for the season. (Oh—but a single serving weighs almost half a pound!)

'Tis the season for cinnamon, spice, and everything nice… and Costco is on their game. News broke Sunday morning of a fresh new item in the Costco bakery. If you enjoy Costco cakes, you'll want in on this timely treat.

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The Costco Bakery Is Now Selling Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes

Thanks to a Sunday morning Reddit share from u/ThisBestBeGood (who appears to be a Costco member from the Midwest), we've learned that the Costco bakery is now selling snickerdoodle cupcakes at some warehouse locations.

For fans of Costco cupcakes—with chocolate the arguable fan favorite—the new snickerdoodle cupcakes could be cause for a quick Costco trip.

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A Costco Bakery First?

shelves and selection at costco bakery

Based on our brief research around the Internet, it appears that the snickerdoodle cupcakes may be a true debut for the warehouse chain.

However, some sources seem to suggest Costco has sold a non-iced version in the past, which some customers knew as "snickerdoodle muffins."

(Hit with a sudden snickerdoodle urge? Try our recipe for Perfect Pillowy Snickerdoodle Cookies.)

What We Know About the Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

costco bakery

From the image u/ThisBestBeGood shared Sunday morning, here are some of the facts about this new Costco sweet: A six-pack sells for $7.99 and (hold onto your cart) weighs 44 ounces.

A quick calculation tells us this means each snickerdoodle cupcake weighs over seven ounces… or just less than half a pound.

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Nutrition Insights About This Treat

fat nutrition label

Though the nutrition information for Costco bakery items is rarely included on the package, what we can tell from the list of ingredients is that there's a lot of stuff in this new cupcake.

Perhaps an unsurprising heads-up: Not all the contents in this dessert sound like they came straight from the earth; there appear to be some synthetic things in here… so, may we suggest: Small doses, and indulge only on occasion.

(Also, we're your source for Costco bakery nutrition facts.)

More Costco Bakery News

pies at costco bakery

Lately, there have been lots of updates coming out of the oven at the Costco bakery. Get caught up:

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