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7 Discontinued Peanut Butter Snacks You'll Never See Again

Nutella had nothing on Koogle.

Whether you use it to frost cupcakes, pair it with apple slices, or eat it straight from the jar, there's no wrong way to eat peanut butter. The creamy spread is a delicious snack for countless people, and peanut butter has made its way into everything from breakfast to dessert. Despite its cult-favorite status, though, not every peanut butter snack has stood the test of time.

We've rounded up some of our favorite discontinued peanut butter snacks. If you got to try any of these while they were still in stores, consider yourself lucky.

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jars of koogle peanut spread from commercial 1970s

In the '70s, Koogle was one of the most fun things you could put on your sandwich. Unlike regular peanut butter, Koogle came in fun flavors like banana and chocolate. Yum!

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Pillsbury Space Food Sticks

space food sticks

Another invention of the '70s, Space Food Sticks came in chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter flavors. Like astronaut ice cream, though, these treats were more of a novelty than a legitimate space snack.

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P.B. Crisps

still from pb crisps commercial
Courtesy of Planters

Made by peanut giant Planters, P.B. Crisps were what they sound like: crispy peanut butter and graham cracker snack balls. Introduced in 1992, they hold a special place in '90s kids' hearts.


Keebler Magic Middles

keebler magic middles peanut butter cookies

Many people remember the shortbread version of these classic cookies, but there was once a peanut butter variety, too. RIP.


Butterfinger BBs

butterfinger bbs
The Ferrara Candy Company/Youtube

Despite advertising that featured characters from The Simpsons, Butterfinger BBs just didn't last.


Jif Power Ups

jif power ups

These granola energy balls had a peanut butter core. Sadly, they were discontinued earlier this year.


Hershey's Swoops

still from hersheys swoops commercial
Courtesy of Hershey's

How could '90s kids forget these chocolate candies that were shaped like Pringles? There was a Reese's flavor, in addition to original Hershey's chocolate and York peppermint patties.

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