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It's Official—Dunkaroos, Your Favorite Childhood Snack, Are Making a Comeback

Calling all '90s kids, it's time to celebrate the return of a cherished snack.

General Mills just announced what may just be the most nostalgia-inducing news of the year: Dunkaroos are coming back to supermarkets this summer.

There was a time when your biggest worry was anticipating which snack Mom or Dad decided to slide into your lunchbox. If your parents really loved you (dramatic?), they may have slipped a pack of Dunkaroos in there for you to enjoy for dessert, that is after you enjoyed the main entrée—a PB&J—and side dish—carrot sticks with ranch dipping sauce.

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If you were a '90s or even an early 2000s kid, this news may come as a shock. Symptoms of hearing about the return of Dunkaroos may include the following: happy tears, overwhelming feelings of joy, and perhaps even the slightest hint of denial. But not to worry, it's been confirmed on not just one, but two platforms: the General Mills company blog and the official Dunkaroos Instagram page.

One week ago, the Instagram page launched with this teaser.

Today, the Instagram account posted a quick video announcing the return of the beloved kangaroo-shaped graham crackers that come snuggled together with a serving of icing in every individual package.

While frosted tips and cassette tapes are most definitely things of the past, both of which are likely never to return, Dunkaroos have yet to go out of style, and they're hopping into the new decade with a whole new look. That's right, this version of Dunkaroos won't exactly resemble the original snack that debuted in 1992.

Instead, the graham crackers will be in the shape of a circle, with a scored outline and the product's initials in its center. The new and improved snack will make its resurgence in the flavor that was always highest in demand: vanilla cookies with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

All we have to say is, summer can't come soon enough.

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