Eat This

The Healthiest New 4-Minute Dinner

By Dana Leigh Smith

Instant oatmeal, once thought of as the nutritional bad-boy of the supermarket, has finally cleaned up its act. It’s now easy to find zappable oats that are as flavor-filled as they are nutritious—which is great news for time-strapped folks trying to lose weight.

Oatmeal is rich in fiber and resistant starch, a type of carb that resists digestion and feeds healthy gut bacteria, which in turn boosts satiety and fat burn. So to say we’re in favor of eating the stuff around-the-clock is a bit of an understatement. (And speaking of carbs, be sure you’re stocking your kitchen with these 25 Best Carbs That Uncover Your Abs). The only trouble? Finding a savory dinner-worthy variety. But now thanks to health food company Grainful, oatmeal made exclusively for the dinner table finally exists!

Grainful offers both microwavable meals and stovetop side dishes (that can be transformed into an entrée with the addition of meat or veggies), all of which rely on steel cut oats as a base. The 4-minute zappable meals come in mouthwatering flavors like Tuscan Bean & Kale (230 calories, 9 g fiber) and Porcini Mushroom Chicken (270 calories, 6 g fiber) and two of our favorite Steel Cut Side offerings include Tomato Risotto (1/2 cup, 100 calories, 6 g fiber) and Jambalaya (1/2 cup, 100 calories, 7 g fiber), which is comprised of whole grain steel cut oats, Creole spices and veggies. And best of all, this stovetop variety takes just 30 minutes to cook!

Can’t wait to get your hands on some? Find a retailer selling Grainful by visiting their store locator.


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