Why You Should Drink Coffee Before a Workout


By Dana Leigh Smith

If there were a drink you could down before a dentist appointment that would not only make the whole ordeal more enjoyable — at least more bearable — but also guarantee you healthier, whiter teeth when you walked out, would you drink it? Do we even have to ask?

While that’s not yet a reality, researchers now say that such a drink does in fact exist for your workouts. Simply downing a few cups of coffee before you lace up your kicks can help you get more out of your workout by boosting your motivation, according to a recent Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness study. To come to this finding, a group of Brazilian researchers asked 14 men to exercise with and without caffeine. On caffeinated days, the study participants were given about 5 milligrams of the energy booster per kilogram of body weight—which, for a 150-pound person is about two or three cups of java. An hour later, the men were asked to rate their exercise readiness and perform three sets of bench presses and leg presses until failure. On caffeinated days, the men were able to complete more reps of both exercises and reported feeling more prepared to hit the weights than on caffeine-free days.

Although this study was conducted on men, the research authors believe women will be able to reap the same benefits. Similar results have been found in previous studies on endurance exercise, so sipping some coffee beforehand can help you get more from your workout and speed your weight loss — no matter how you like to break a sweat.

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