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This is the Easiest Way to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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By April Benshosan

Science suggests that Christmas cookies, Hanukkah latkes, and New Years Eve cocktails are no longer a threat to your rapid weight loss progress—so long as you do this one thing, at least…

Just in time for the holiday season, researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered that all it takes to ward off the waist-widening effects of the holiday season is a consistent workout regimen. The study, which was presented at the Integrative Biology of Exercise VII meeting in Phoenix, began by measuring the glucose samples and abdominal fat of four healthy, active adults. The participants completed two and a half hours of aerobic exercise six days during the week of the study while consuming 30 percent more calories than they normally would. After examining the data, the scientists found that that participants’ glucose tolerance and inflammation markers remained consistent. Better yet, participants who overate while maintaining a consistent workout routine still metabolized fat as effectively as they did prior to their week of gorging. Compared to previous studies that explored the effects of overeating on non-active adults, this new report reveals that working out can actually ward off some of the damage. (However, since it only examined four participants, the results should be taken with a grain of salt.)

While we don’t condone eating massive amounts of turkey, gingerbread, or New Year's appetizers, if that’s your prerogative, at least make it a priority to fit in consistent workouts over the next three months—that don’t involve your jaw muscles. Signing up for a spin class or a cardio kickboxing class is a great place to start. When you have to pay per class or sign up ahead of time, you’re less likely to back out. But even though you consistently hit the gym, that doesn’t mean you can eat your way through the entire winter season without gaining weight. After all, the study proved that exercising could protect against the consequences of failing to lay the fork down—but only during brief periods of gluttony. Not really into the idea of hitting the gym more often? Don't miss these 10 Pre-Feast Breakfast Foods That Prevent Overeating to decrease the odds you’ll over do it during the upcoming holidays.


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