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The New #1 Protein Snack for Weight Loss

protein bites new protein snack for weight loss
By Dana Leigh Smith

Much like Madonna's image, protein bars are ever-evolving. Once known for their chalky texture and barely palatable chocolate flavor, many modern varieties are a bit easier to swallow.

Newer flavors range from Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to Roasted Jalapeño, so essentially there’s something for everyone — and our waistlines are paying for it. More often than not, biting into one is about as nutritious as snacking on a Snickers. And until recently, if protein bars were a cornerstone in your weight loss diet, you had one of two options to stay on the straight-and-narrow toward success: Stick to one of these Best Nutrition Bars for a Flat Belly, or enjoy half of a more caloric bar and save the rest for later. (Which, if we’re being honest, probably never happened.)

But thankfully, unwrapped, bite-sized versions of your favorite bars are all the rage right now, and they can help you stay on track and lose weight, no matter which one you choose. Brands like Balance, ThinkThin, Simply Protein, LÄRABAR and MET-Rx have come out with small on-the-go snacks that range from about 50 to 140 calories a pop. Not only are these perfect as a small afternoon pick-me-up or mid-morning snack, they’re also a relatively low-cal way to quell a craving for something sweet.

And if packaged snacks aren’t your cup of tea, why not make some of your own Healthy Energy Bites — the idea is similar to the packaged varieties, and they carry all of the same healthy, bite-sized benefits.


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