Your Day in Health: January 11

Man pinching belly

MEDICAL DAILY: Can You Get Rid Of Fat Cells When You Lose Weight? Here's The Skinny

"We usually think of burning fat when it comes to losing weight. A healthy diet and exercise are key essentials to dropping the pounds, but what happens to those fat-storing cells? In SciShow's video, "Do Fat Cells Ever Really Go Away?" host Michael Aranda explains the fat in our body is actually a connective tissue made up of cells called adipocytes, or fat cells. The skinny on fat cells is they never really go away — they can grow and shrink, depending on whether we're gaining or losing weight, which is a good thing. This tissue plays an important role in our anatomy." Read full story.

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THE WASHINGTON POST: How Nutella plans to ‘trick’ you into thinking it’s healthier than it is

"Nutella is classified as a dessert topping, with a RACC of two tablespoons. Its manufacturer, Ferrero, would like to see it reclassified either as a jam or in a new category all its own, which would cut the serving size (and the sugar and calorie counts) that Nutella displays on its labels. [...] the debate over Nutella’s serving size isn’t just an obscure regulatory question — it’s an example of the junk food industry misleading consumers on nutrition. 'It’s deceptive,' said Lindsay Moyer, a senior nutritionist at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which submitted a comment opposing the serving size reduction. 'Shrinking the serving size of Nutella is a marketing ploy to trick people into thinking that it has less calories than peanut butter.'" Read full story.

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CNN: Twinkies, Palmer Candy join recall over salmonella concerns

"Although Twinkies normally have a long shelf life, don't hoard any boxes of limited-edition Holiday White Peppermint Hostess Twinkies for your post-holiday snacking or apocalypse preparation needs. Hostess has recalled the multipack boxes, with nine cakes in each, in response to a recall by Blommer Chocolate Co., which produced the confectionery coating used on the holiday Twinkies. The coating contains milk powder ingredients produced by Valley Milk Products LLC, which may be contaminated with salmonella." Read full story.

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