Your Day in Health: 3 Breakfasts Better Than Eggs

Bad news for water bottle lovers.


Your Day in Health: 3 Breakfasts Better Than Eggs

Bad news for water bottle lovers.

QUARTZ: Your BPA-free Water Bottle May Contain Another Harmful Chemical

"Even though it’s still legal for manufacturing companies to use BPA, many consumers have distanced themselves from it, forcing the plastics industry to find alternatives that work. Enter fluorene-9-bisphenol, or BHFP for short. This chemical is frequently used in water bottles that are BPA-free, although it may have its own problems—and scientists are only now beginning to study whether it is actually toxic. In a paper published Feb. 28 in Nature Communications, Chinese researchers found that in mice, BHFP caused uterine problems and miscarriages. They also found trace amounts of BHFP in the blood of seven out of 100 college students, raising the possibility that BHFP can make its way into food and water, just like BPA" Read full story.

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THE ATLANTIC: The Trick Smoothies Play On The Stomach

"Imagine you have a glass of water and a plate of chicken, broccoli, and mushrooms. If you were already imagining that, keep imagining it. Then consider a non-trivial question: Would it be better to eat it as it is, or blend it all together and drink it? Not many people choose the latter. But among them would be hunger expert Robin Spiller, director of biomedical research at the Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre in the U.K. And he has data and a deeply considered health argument on his side. Spiller and his team compared the two options head to head in a study, and they found that when people who drank the blended 'soup,' it kept them from feeling hungry for about an hour longer than the whole-food meal." Read full story.

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STAT: Exercise Habits Tied to Levels of Helpful Cholesterol

"Adults who don’t hit recommended physical activity guidelines are more likely to have low levels of 'good' HDL cholesterol, according to new data from the CDC this morning. HDL, or high-density lipoprotein, grabs excess LDL cholesterol in the blood and carries it to the liver, which can break it down. Low HDL levels are thought to be a risk factor for cardiovascular problems, particularly when an individual already has high levels of LDL. The analysis also found that regardless of exercise habits, the likelihood of having low HDL declined as education level increased." Read full story.

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NPR: Unscrambling The Nutrition Science On Eggs–3 Better Breakfasts

"'Overall it is hard to say that eggs are good or bad,' says Willett. 'They're almost certainly no worse than sugary breakfast cereal or a bagel with cream cheese — probably better. In terms of health, they seem to be in the middle somewhere.' However, in the interest of a healthy breakfast, before cracking into an egg, Willett says to consider fruit, nuts and whole grains, all thought to lower blood cholesterol and the risk of heart disease." Read full story.

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