The U.S. Just Broke This Grim COVID Record 

"The surge will inevitably get worse." 

These 5 States Have Coronavirus Out of Control

New COVID Outbreaks 'Alarming' Americans

"This virus has not gone away simply because we are tired of it," said one governor.

Couple pining after their relative at funeral

Dr. Fauci Warns These States Have Deadly COVID Outbreak

The rising cases will "ultimately will lead an increase in deaths," he says.

Male and female EMTs wearing face masks during Coronavirus pandemic remove gurney from ambulance parked at Boca Raton Community Hospital

These States Just Broke Grim COVID Records 

The fall and winter surge is well underway.

Pompano Beach Coronavirus (COVID-19) Drive-thru testing spot. Broward Health staff testing (pre screening) people on COVID-19

Dr. Fauci Warns of New States Being 'Hit Hard'

The COVID baseline is at "an unacceptably high level."

Ambulance and firefighter trucks block the street in downtown

This Is How Bad COVID Is in Your State

Thirty-one states are now in the "red zone" for new coronavirus cases.

female medical worker in protective mask

These 14 States Just Set Coronavirus Records

Nationwide, new cases inch toward a previous peak.

These 14 States Just Set Coronavirus Records

These 12 States are New COVID Hot Spots

Coronavirus cases in America have surpassed 8 million on record. "This is the time when…

Emergency medic and doctor moving patient to emergency room in hospital

Signs We're Starting Third Peak of COVID

Cases and hospitalizations are rising.

Two professional doctors in blue medical uniform standing in front of each other in hospital corridor and looking thoughtful

States in "Red Zone" for COVID Cases Grow to 26, White House Says

More than half of states are in the "red zone" for new COVID-19 cases, meaning…

An ambulance on an emergency call driving through the town center of Fairhope