The 10 Most Unsafe States During COVID, According to a New Study

These states have the worst vaccination rates, COVID-19 positivity, hospitalization, death, and transmission.

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This is the Unsafest State During COVID, Study Finds

The least safest state in the country might surprise you.

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This State is Now America's "Super-COVID" Hotspot

The highly contagious variant is spreading rapidly in one state.

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CDC Predicts More COVID Deaths in These States

"We're sounding the alarm and urging people to realize the pandemic is not over."

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Here's How to Get Your COVID Vaccine in Your State

Knowing where to get your shots is essential to ending this pandemic.

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5 States Getting Crushed by COVID

Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and South Carolina average the most daily new cases per person.

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Major City Announces "Life and Death" Stay-at-Home Warning

Health officials claim the virus "is everywhere".

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The COVID Mutation is Now in These 4 States

The "more infectious" mutation is starting to "rip through" America.

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"More Contagious" COVID Just Hit This State, Says Governor

"We will closely monitor this case," said Gov. Jared Polis, "as well as all COVID-19 indicators."

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These 6 States Just Had a Record Spike in Coronavirus Cases

The number of hospitalizations are at an all-time high.

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