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The Best Coffee Shop in Every State

Catch a caffeine buzz, relax with a good read, or even indulge in a delicious meal at the best coffee joints in the U.S. of A.

These days, a cell phone is no longer just a phone. They can be used to order groceries, play games, check email, and even be used as a pedometer. The same fluidity applies to the modern day coffee shop. No longer are they simply an oasis for students and internet-less nomads. Now, they’re many people’s home away from home with immaculately designed decor that communicates just that. And they don’t just serve coffee and a token fancy drink or two—many of them have menus that span various cuisines and meals. Some hot spots are just as revered for their sandwiches and dessert offerings as they are for their pour overs and latte art.

With so many delectable coffee shops around the nation, it can be hard to uncover those that are truly special and unique. That’s why we teamed up with our friends at Foursquare to bring you the top-rated java joint in each state. (To really give you the creme de la creme, we pushed aside chains like Starbucks and bookstore cafés.) Read on to find out if your favorite made the cut and to discover a few that are bound to become your new favorites! But before you get your buzz, find out the 25 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Drink Coffee!


The Red Cat, Birmingham

Unlike some other coffee joints where the food menu is more of an afterthought, the folks at The Red Cat make a genuine effort to serve great grub and addictively good java. Whether you’re in search of a spot to snuggle up solo with a good read, a place to go head-to-head in a board game with a date, or an energizing eatery to brunch with friends, this place has got you covered.

Insider Tips

“Saturday morning and the line is out the door. Take your awesome lattè to the outdoor farmers market right outside the door. Über hipster scene.” — Foursquare user Van Baird

“The Burmese Latte is my favorite. It is vanilla and coconut. Get the whipped cream and stir it in for extra sweetness.” — Foursquare user Tammy Hart

“[Their] gouda grits are the best thing you’ll put in your [mouth]. Oh, and the coffees are good too. My faves are the Mocha & Abyssinian (a blend of vanilla and cinnamon) [lattès]. — Foursquare user Mende Ritch

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Snow City Cafe, Anchorage

Snow City Cafe’s low prices, solid brunch menu, and free coffee refills earn it a 9.1 out of 10 on Foursquare. We love that their go-to milk alternatives are unsweetened, which is a rarity at popular cafes and chains. If you find yourself in the last frontier, warm up with a cup of Joe and get an order of the Kodiak Benedict, which is made with delicious king crab cakes.

Insider Tip

“Make a reservation or expect a long wait, especially on the weekend. If you are visiting Anchorage, make this stop a priority! Incredible selection and free drip coffee while you wait!” — Foursquare user Stacy Myers


The Coffee Shop at Agritopia, Gilbert

If you’ve always wanted to indulge in a Cupcake Wars-winning cupcake while sipping a delicious cuppa Joe in a lush rose garden, you’ll find your happy place at The Coffee Shop at Agritopia. In addition to coffee shop standards, they also carry mouthwatering breakfast and lunch entrèes like waffles, omelets, egg-filled burritos, fish tacos, and sandwiches—many of which are vegan.”

Insider Tips

“Nearby school tends to fill this place up with tweens and teens from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Might want to time your visit to avoid this rush.” — Foursquare user John Lewis

“I really enjoy their breakfast menu. Most of what you will eat is grown in their gardens. Yum!” — Foursquare user Carol Husbands


Onyx Coffee Lab, Fayetteville

In addition to their impressive, rotating menu that includes gems like barrel aged cold brew, coffee-banana ice pops, and cocktail-inspired coffee beverages, this local shop hosts weekly cuppings (which is just barista-speak for coffee tastings) and brewing classes.

Insider Tips

“[The] Smoke & Oak was a nice treat on my birthday. First time I’ve had ‘smoked’ coffee outside a campfire.” — Foursquare user Summer Backstrom

“Need a second wind? Try the Red Queen Espresso!!!” — Foursquare user Billy Johnson


Neighbor Bakehouse, San Francisco

This may be the highest rated coffee shop in all of Cali, but we’re not so sure the coffee has anything to do with its popularity. Just one look at the bakery’s Foursquare page and it’s easy to see that people are flocking to the eatery for their croissants. Considering the average French pastry can easily run you 300 to 400 calories, we suggest that you cut yourself off after one and steer clear of the sweetened coffee beverages—especially anything similar to these 20 Coffee Drinks with More Sugar Than a Can of Coke.

Insider Tips

“This bakery has some of the best croissants in SF. Their hours are limited but they have a small, curated selection of treats well worth a visit.” — Foursquare user Naomi Petrash

“Don’t leave without the blackberry pistachio croissant.” — Foursquare user Anthony Adams


Huckleberry Roasters, Denver

In addition to brewing beans from around the globe, Huckleberry serves their own blends—which makes sense. They did start off as a small a coffee roaster back in 2011. At the end of 2013, however, the owners opened their first retail location. And the rest, as they say, is history. Pop in for a delicious pour over or hang out for one of their monthly events. They host neighborhood bike rides and even unique events like paper printing workshops.

Insider Tips

“Great pour over. Large space. Good coffee. Nice, quiet morning spot for reading, relaxing, and hipster/puppy watching.” — Foursquare user Jing Zhang

“Great coffee, but slow service. By far the slowest of all the craft coffee shops I’ve been to (e.g., Cream, Black Eyed, Little Owl). Only come here if you have time to spare.” — Foursquare user Onyx Mueller


Lorca, Stamford

Leyla Jenkins, the owner of the Stamford hot spot, Lorca, learned the art of making churros in Spain, and they are one of the shop’s most buzzed-about menu offerings at her artisanal coffee shop. Other menu offerings that make this artisanal coffee and dessert shop a hit with locals: The Cortado (a Spanish classic, similar to a macchiato or a cappuccino) and seasonal drink offerings like maple-cinnamon lattes and the London Fog Tea Latte (earl gray tea, lavender, and milk). They also have a killer lunch and breakfast menu, with artisanal sandwiches.

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Insider Tips

“Best alfajores outside of Argentina!” — Foursquare user D T

“Try the churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce. Also, the cold brew latte was delicious as was the orange mocha. Friendly service with two small tables outside.” — Foursquare user Sarah Medina

“Pour over heaven! Get the lorchata—cold brew with horchata. Great atmosphere, delicious pastries, and the olive oil cake is the bomb.” — Foursquare user Janine Duffy


Brew Ha Ha, Newark

Oh. Em. Gee! Just look at those mouthwatering donuts. If those aren’t enough to convince you that you need to get your tush to Brew Ha Ha, maybe these other tasty sounding delectables will. The Meadowood sandwich (stuffed with turkey, brie, granny smith apple, lettuce, tomato, and a fig spread) and The Branmar oriental noodle salad, which comes complete with turkey, sliced vegetables, and sesame-ginger dressing are both solid mealtime options. It’s the shop’s coffee shop that’s earned it international fame, though. Actor Ryan Phillippe was recently spotted sipping down their iced coffee, later tweeting that it’s his “favorite coffee spot in Delaware.”

Insider Tips

“[This is a] great hidden gem. A cool place to relax or chill out with friends and family, they also have books and board games to pass the time along.” — Foursquare user Theresa Marius

“Check out the coffee Flavor of the Day; it’s a good way to try something new and it’s always fresh, hot, and tasty!” — Foursquare user Erika Santilli

District of Columbia

Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar, Dupont Circle

Located on 20th Street in the DuPont Circle area, this coffee house gem is a favorite among locals. They make a mean flat white and serve up a delicious organic hot cocoa, an assortment of teas, organic hot cocoa, and a variety of croissants, muffins, scones, and fresh baked goods.

Insider Tips

“Try the cortado! Perfect combination of espresso and milk.” — Foursquare user Sunil Sadasivan

“Small space, but worth it. Ask the barista for a recommendation, and you’ll undoubtedly learn something new.” — Foursquare user Brionne Griffin

“Filter makes gorgeous espresso drinks. Also, [it’s the] only place I know in DC that you can get a Flat White.” — Foursquare user Tammy Gordon


specialTEA Lounge & Cafe, Miami

This is the one tea house in Miami, and it’s an awesome one at that—but ironically, it serves up more coffee beverages (all of which are made from certified Organic, Fair Trade, shade grown, locally roasted coffee) than tea beverages. Everything is deemed delicious by fans, who love the shop for its cozy, welcoming ambiance that’s ripe with cushy couches and board games.

Insider Tips

“This isn’t really on the menu, but if you ask for it, they’ll make it. Iced tea w/ Jelly squares! My favorite combo is blood orange iced tea with lychee jelly. It’s the perfect mix to sweeten your tea.” — Foursquare user Jeanette Nugent

“The best tea spot in Miami! Their paninis are awesome. Love the coconut curry panini, it’s cozy even though small. Sometimes they have matcha flan! Yum!” — Foursquare user Thelocaltripper


Rev Coffee, Smyrna

Check out live music, sit on the outdoor patio, or cozy up on a unique handpainted chair, all while slurping down a delicious coffee, specialty drink, or smoothie. In a rush? Rev sells healthy grab n’ go options like seasonal fruit cups, sandwiches, and even a hummus plate, which is packed with hummus, carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers.

Insider Tips

“”This place is an epic win! Snickerdoodle latte is delicious.” — Foursquare user Amy Stage

“Try the veggie quiche!” — Foursquare user Benson


Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe, Honolulu

This open-air coffee shop, which is owned by former Starbucks exec Eric Rose, hit Honolulu in 2011 and has been a hotspot ever since—likely due to their high-quality fare and delicious brew. All drinks are individually filtered and brewed-to-order—a sign of a legit coffee joint. Thankfully, there’s a lovely front patio to kick back on while you wait for your order.

Insider Tip

“Get here early on weekends and get the cheeseburger pancake [which is filled with ground grass-fed Kulana beef, onion, spicy mayo, and aged Vermont cheddar]! During the week, get their breakfast sandwich. It’s perfect.” — Foursquare user Nicole P


Big City Coffee, Boise

Made-in-house baked goods, low-carb breakfast platters, and delicious coffee join together to create one of the most popular java spots in all of Idaho.

Insider Tips

“I go out of my way to come here for the quiche & scones. Try them! They’re 100% worth the calories!” — Foursquare user Megs CeeBee

“Bacon cheddar scones are the best, but they usually only have them on weekends.” — Foursquare user Rob Miller


The Wormhole Coffee, Chicago

If you’ve ever wished that a barista could set up shop in your parent’s basement while you played all your favorite old-school video games, you’re going to be on cloud nine at The Wormhole. Filled with cozy couches, Nintendo games, and memorabilia you’ll want to take home, this is one coffee spot that won’t soon be forgotten. Consider this a must-visit if you ever find yourself in Chi-Town itching for a caffeine fix.

Insider Tips

“Really cute coffee shop with lots of nerdy charm to it…Try the honeybear latte.” — Foursquare user Jessica Weiss

“When they’re available, do not fear the vegan Twinkie.” — Foursquare user Mary O’Neal


Cafe Patachou, Indianapolis

When you Google Cafe Patachou, one of the first search suggestions that auto-generates is “Cafe Patachou chicken salad recipe.” So, it goes without saying that the dish is a must-try at the Indianapolis eatery. They have outdoor seating, plenty of vegan and gluten-free offerings, and a much-loved coffee menu to boot.

Insider Tip

“I’ll take an IV of the Banana Nut coffee, thanks.” — Foursquare user Chris Smith


Dunn Brothers Coffee, Bettendorf

While many coffee shops simply grind up pre-roasted coffee beans on-site, Dunn Brothers Coffee actually roasts their beans right in their store, which they feels sets them apart from the local competition. If you find yourself in the Bettendorf area on a Sunday, order a crepe and a Bulletproof coffee (a Dunn Brothers favorite) and enjoy it on their outdoor patio.

Insider Tips

“Their coffee fused with coconut oil is divine!” — Foursquare user Adam Cerny

“Try the cloud 9! It’s an off the menu item.” — Foursquare user Brandi Duncan


Black Dog Coffeehouse, Lenexa

This local gem is great for an everyday cuppa Joe, specialty coffee drink, or tea latte—or even a night on the town. Black Dog frequently displays local art and hosts game nights. They even have a private room for parties and meetings.

Insider Tips

“The iced Irish Nut is quite possibly the best coffee drink I have ever tasted.” — Foursquare user James Wooten

“Take advantage of their toast sommelier for your bread and coffee pairing enjoyment.” — Foursquare user Scott Gennusa


Sunergos Coffee Louisville

This Louisville legend feels like a cozy home away from home. Pair that with a unique menu and stellar service, it’s easy to see why Sunergos has been voted a top coffee shop in Kentucky for several consecutive years.

Insider Tips

“Great mocha mint coffee! Plus, [it’s the] only coffee place that seemed to be open in Louisville on a Saturday!” — Foursquare user Kamille Carthy

“Be sure to try their Mayan Mocha (spicy) or their Miel Latte (very smooth). They’re delicious!” — Foursquare user Sharon Murphy


French Truck Coffee, New Orleans

French Truck Coffee owner Geoffrey Meeker, who has a background as a chef, broke into the coffee scene about four years ago when he started a micro-roaster out of his laundry room. Thanks to his budding popularity, he soon outgrew his washroom digs and set up shop in a warehouse, complete with a coffee bar for patrons. There, coffee lovers can sip on one of their expertly roasted creations or nibble on savory plates like Turkish Kebabs and artisanal pizza.

Insider Tips

“Excellent coffee. The shakerato—two espresso shots with a little simple syrup in a sugar-rimmed glass—was a perfect hot day pick-me-up!” — Foursquare user Kaitlin T


Bard Coffee Portland, ME

If latte art fills your Instagram feed, consider Bard Coffee’s creations must-sips (or should we say, must snaps). Last fall, the shop’s manager, Brittany Feltovic, won the national latte art barista competition, Thursday Night Throwdown.

Insider Tips

“Solid coffee. Huge mugs. Good place to bring your laptop and work. And one of the few coffee shops with WiFi in Portland.” — Foursquare user Josh King

“Super good coffee, pastries, and gelato. Huge windows mean this is a great place to people-watch!” — Foursquare user Amy Blake


Caffe Pronto/Ceremony Coffee Annapolis, MD

Caffe Pronto, which was recently renamed and rebranded to Ceremony Coffee, has a great selection of coffee from around the world, as well as unique small bites like toast with citrus mascarpone, avocado toast, and smoked salmon toast—all things not available at your local Dunkin’ or ‘Bux.

Insider Tips

“Their coffee is just insane. Some of the best I’ve had anywhere and that includes Seattle, NYC & San Francisco.” — Foursquare user Melissa Case

“The Carmello coffee is delicious and so is the Caprese panini.” — Foursquare user Jamie Gorski


Jaho Coffee Roaster & Wine Bar, Boston

Jaho, a modern coffee bar by day, a cozy wine bar by night, has something for everyone. The shop features a futuristic coffee siphon, which not only provides an interesting—and science filled—java shop experience, but actually brews a cleaner and crisper flavored brew.

Insider Tips

“A little tricky to find [because it’s located on the] ground level of a luxury apartment complex.” — Foursquare user Terence Chan

“I have gotten the warm hard cider (can’t remember the exact name) and it is absolutely delicious. Very sweet and always the perfect amount of whiskey. I have also had the chai lattes and they are always good.” — Yelp User, Serena K.


Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters, Rochester

This specialty coffee roaster hosts live music nightly in its modern, minimalist shop. It also has cupping classes and a well-priced pastry and small bite menu, 100 percent worthy of its top-rated Internet praise. For even more restaurants the people of the world wide web can’t get enough of, check out these 35 Hottest Healthy Restaurants in America.

Insider Tips

“They have amazing coffee, and make awesome foam art! Ask for the dragon, it’s the coolest by far!”
— Foursquare user Jake Block

“Hands down, the best Mexican mocha of my life. Delicious desserts, teas, fondue (cheese and chocolate), perfect gourmet coffee drinks, expert baristas. Top notch service. This place is a jewel!” — Foursquare user Ana Flavia


Peace Coffee Shop, Minneapolis

Peace Coffee, the country’s first 100-percent certified organic and fair trade coffee company, not only serves up tasty sips and bites, but they also offer a variety of classes and tours ranging from $5 to $75.

Insider Tips

“Get the pour over coffee for the freshest cup! And check out their coffee education classes in their on-site lab so you can brew yourself a perfect cup at home—using Peace Coffee beans, of course!” — Foursquare user Nick Archer

“Bottomless cups of coffee for $2.16! Amazing.” — Foursquare user Nick L. Nick Laparra


Strange Brew Coffeehouse, Starkville

With a menu board boasting flavors that would make any dessert-crazed four-year-old jealous, it’s safe to say that this coffee shop is the perfect place to quell your sweet-tooth cravings. Since flavor is added to the brews through the beans—not by adding sugary syrups to the mix—all of their flavors, from snickerdoodle to blueberry cobbler and everything in between, will be diet-friendly. We can’t say the same for their Capt’n Crunch Latte or Sea Turtle Frappe, but they’re definitely worth the cheat meal splurge!

Insider Tips

“Look at the chalkboard and order the strangest thing you see. It will be amazing.” — Foursquare user Ian Dettwiller

“Good non-dairy options for those who aren’t into the cows.” — Foursquare user Nick Lovelady


Benetti’s Coffee Experience, Raytown

Whether you warm up inside with an espresso and a croissant in the cooler months or slurp down a delicious iced coffee on Benetti’s patio in the summer, this Raytown coffee shop is sure to please.

Insider Tip

“Try the iced rosemary honey breve!” — Foursquare user Malea Goodlow


Off the Leaf Coffee Bar, Billings

Sure, they have an uber-convenient drive thru, but we’re not sure why anyone would pass up a chance to enjoy their coffee in this enticing, caffeine-filled abode, complete with both an indoor and an outdoor fireplace.

Insider Tip

“Bring a book and sit by the fire.” — Foursquare user David Souther


The Mill Coffee & Tea, Lincoln

In addition to all of the classic coffee beverages you know and love, this Lincoln gem stocks a number of sips you didn’t know you wanted. Among the best of the offerings? Their collection of 60+ loose teas, Creole Lait (a New Orleans-style latte made with chicory ), and a fresh cider which they make from apple juice and their own mulling spices. Bonus: They have outdoor seating perfecting for unwinding and people watching.

Insider Tips

“If you want a crowbar (espresso topped with brewed coffee) get a stay mug with a shot of espresso in it to start. Unlimited coffee and cheaper than a crowbar.” — Foursquare user Jason Flaherty

“Their vanilla nut flavored coffee is my favorite” — Foursquare user Annie Hildebrand


Sunrise Coffee, Las Vegas

Sunrise Coffee may have that cozy neighborhood java joint vibe, but we can assure you, its offerings are far from ordinary. Not only can all of their food and drinks be made vegan for zero charge, they have a ton of different flavor options—ranging from classics like caramel and white mocha to the obscure (butterbeer, candy cane, orange mocha, creme brulee).

Insider Tips

“Bring noise canceling headphones if you’re trying to get any work done. Earbuds have to be on full blast to compete with the in-house sound system. Try the egg sandwich croissant with tomato & avocado.” — Foursquare user Alicia Mejia

“Make sure you order the S’more or Banana Split latte. Neither are on the menu. Also, the Alien burrito, as well as Chili burrito, are awesome. All their coffee and food can be made vegan.”— Foursquare user Blaze

New Hampshire

Ceres Bakery, Portsmouth

One glance at Ceres’ Instagram-worthy facade, and it’s clear to the average onlooker that there must be something very special brewing inside—and they aren’t wrong. They serve daily soup, entree, pizza and sandwich specials (today’s is filled with roasted brussels sprouts, red pepper hummus, and lime cabbage slaw), homemade bread, and amazing breakfast sandwiches that pair perfectly with their specialty sips and brews.

Insider Tip

“Make sure you bring cash! Also, plan ahead for a line during lunch (it’s worth the wait!).” — Foursquare user 4sqDay

New Jersey

Rook Coffee, Oakhurst

Rook’s cold brews are so smooth you’ll want to come out to Jersey to try it for yourself. Their New Orleans Cold Brew (a chicory blend), specifically, gets the bulk of the buzz.

Insider Tip

“Text in your order (917-530-5039) and it’s ready when you get there!” — Foursquare user Esther Shamie

New Mexico

Spirit Winds Coffee Bar, Las Cruces

You gotta love a pet-friendly eatery. Loved by locals for its affordable and delicious menu, close proximity to New Mexico State University, and quiet, shaded patio, this is the must-try coffee place in New Mexico—and considering it’s the sixth biggest state in America, that’s saying a lot.

Insider Tips

“Outside patio is fantastic.” — Foursquare user Pat Hulser

“Awesome veggie burgers and chi tea!” — Foursquare user Eliana Figueroa

New York

Two Little Red Hens, Manhattan

The beautifully decorated cakes, latticed pies, and appetizing tarts may initially draw you in, but it’s their delicious coffee that keeps customers coming back day after day. They currently serve Irving Farms coffee, a go-to favorite among New York’s ever-growing elitist coffee crowd.

Insider Tips

“You haven’t had cupcakes until you’ve had these cupcakes! Hands down, the best! I strongly recommend Brooklyn Blackout and Boston Creme! Eat your heart out, foodies! This little place is amazing!” — Foursquare user Russell A

“Their American Classic is perfect. If you’re stopping in on your morning commute grab a tri-berry scone and an Irving Farms coffee.” — Foursquare user Nina LoSchiavo

North Carolina

French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Asheville

Think of French Broad’s as the go-to place for chocoholics and coffee-addicts alike. Their truffles, drinking chocolate, brownies and delectable desserts are to die for, and when paired with the tea and coffee, the resulting flavor is completely mind-blowing. They also carry a carefully curated selection of sustainable wines and local beers, if you want to continue the party after you’ve caught your caffeine buzz.

Insider Tips

“If there’s a line you can go down the street to the other door to get truffles, ice cream, and brownies to go without the wait. If you’ve never had a liquid truffle, stay in the line!” — Foursquare user Christopher M

“The french press is some of the best I’ve ever had. If you’re looking for something sweet and different, try their homemade soda with rose and hibiscus syrup. You won’t regret it.” — Foursquare user Stacie Sexton

North Dakota

Fireflour Pizza + Coffee Bar, Bismarck

While a combination coffee and pizza shop may seem far too odd to be good, in the case of Fireflour, it just works. They have an extensive tea, coffee, and espresso menu, as well as beer and wine. Enjoy the former with scones or a pastry in the morning, or enjoy the latter with one of the restaurant’s 14 specialty pies. The Uptown pie—topped with provolone, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, red onions, red pepper flakes, arugula, walnuts, and extra virgin olive oil—sounds out of this world!

Insider Tips

“Fireflour has some of the best coffee in town. I regularly stop in to get a Miel. It’s not the quickest place to grab a cup of joe but it’s worth the wait. Their pizza is just as fantastic.” —Foursquare user Britta Durkee

“Incredible place! Amazing pizzas, desserts, coffee, wine. Right next to Laughing Sun Brewing. Have a great meal at Fireflour and take in some live music and local brews next door afterward. Perfect!” — Foursquare user Jens Randolff


Mission Coffee Co., Columbus

With its large garage door (which let in loads of fresh air and natural light), cozy atmosphere and robust and tasty coffee, Mission Coffee Co. is an oasis to many local students and business folks. Locals note the community vibe, fair prices, solid music selection, and delicious cold brew, as primary reasons they plan to continue coming back again and again.

Insider Tips

“A nationally recognized roaster. Very knowledgeable and friendly baristas who go the extra mile. A variety of brew methods to choose from. Ask the barista which method goes with the coffee you want.” — Foursquare user John Morgan

“The environment here is so great and open. They only have a couple tables so people sit with each other, talk, and people actually have conversations with strangers. I haven’t found this anywhere else.” —Foursquare user Benjamin Meyer


Elemental Coffee Roasters, Oklahoma City

Elemental roasts their beans daily in house, which is just one of the many reasons this hip, minimalist coffee sanctuary is a winner. They also have a wide variety of espresso-based drinks and locally baked pastries and healthy entrees, which makes it easy to set up shop with a laptop and stay put for the day.

Insider Tips

“Take note of the list of brews by the register which clues you into what you can expect. The Purusha SOE was different and great! The notes of blackberry and lemon curd were stronger than anticipated!” — Foursquare user Andres Novoa

“You cannot go wrong with a pour over, but if you want something different, order off the menu. Ask for a Cortado.”— Foursquare user FUBelly


Coava Coffee Brew Bar, Portland

This minimalist-chic, spacious roaster shares space with a woodworking studio—it doesn’t get any more unique than that. It’s not just its magazine-worthy aesthetics that make Coava a winner, though. Their crispy almond croissant and espresso drinks are revered for their quality, complexity, and balance. Considering they travel the world in pursuit of the very best beans, we can’t say we’re surprised that their customers can taste the difference.

Insider Tips

“If you’re unsure of which espresso to order (they have a rotating menu of two options), ask the barista for a recommendation with your preferences and tastes in mind.” — Foursquare user Luke Bornheimer

“While I’m not a big fan of the taste of coffee, a simple latte (no syrups!) was surprisingly really smooth and tasted great.” — Foursquare user Audrie Weston

“This is one of my favorite spots in Portland. Amazing space, great vibe. The cappuccino is exceptional.” — Foursquare user Rian van der Merwe


Elixr Coffee Roasters, Philadelphia

Elixir set out to source and roast coffees that have “tea and juice like qualities,” and fans are loving it! Even their simple black coffees are rumored to be divine. They’re also fans of the art; Elixr Coffee commissions six interior and exterior mural installations annually and even organizes public events.

Insider Tips

“Kyoto drip and chai latte or both must-haves here. Pair these with the hipster vibe and dedication to a perfect brew by the staff, and careful pours of Chemex coffee, and you’ve got a real treat.” — Foursquare user Robert Amezquita

“The rotating murals are the coolest to come check out!” — Foursquare user Mina Lee

“Probably my favorite coffee shop in Philly. They have great beans, great interior design, and it’s a great place to relax or get work done. It’s like an oasis in the middle of Center City.” — Foursquare user Global Highlander

Rhode Island

The Shop, Providence

At The Shop, the coffee is direct trade, the dairy is grass-fed (our fave!), and the pastries are handmade daily by local bakers. Considering quality ingredients are the foundation of any successful coffee shop, it makes a lot of sense the eatery has become a neighborhood favorite. Bonus: They periodically do food- and drink-centric event, like last year’s Hot Cocoa Fest which featured eight different hot cocoas over eight weeks.

Insider Tips

“Their cold brew on nitro tap has to be one of the best I’ve had. Smooth, rich, and flavorful!” — Foursquare user Djaniella D.

“The mini quiches are terrific.” — Foursquare user Tom Nawara

“Small, simple waterside haunt with the best coffee in Providence. Stumptown beans will blow you away! Also, the baked treats from Humble Pie Co are delightful.” — Foursquare user Miraj Shah

South Carolina

Black Tap Coffee, Charleston

If the inviting minimalist decor doesn’t lure you into this Charlson gem, maybe all the chatter around the java and food will convince you that you need to get your tush through the door. It’s not just pour-overs and frothy lattes here (while both are top notch); their menu spans into the creative and unusual with drinks like their famed lavender iced latte and Black Mint Julep, which is a blend of coffee and a virgin variety of the drink for which is it named. They even dole out free cucumber water and have an ongoing book exchange. Consider this a must-visit if you’re in Charleston!

Insider Tips

“Iced Lavender Latte, on point. Great spot to camp out for a few hours and get work done. Wi-Fi password: espresso.” — Foursquare user JL

“Great place to come alone or with a friend and hang out for an hour or two.” — Foursquare user Michael Lucero

“Legit coffee shop with pour over, cold brew and even Japanese iced coffee, nice open interior as well.” — Foursquare user Steven Y

South Dakota

Red Rooster Coffee House, Aberdeen

This hip coffee purveyor and eatery doubles as a performance space for local musicians. Evening performances go down on the regular—typically two or three times per week—and can be enjoyed while you scarf down on their sandwiches, salads, smoothies, or nacho platters. If you’re looking for somewhere to park your laptop in the afternoon, regulars recommend the chai tea lattes, cold brew, and the shakes.

Insider Tips

“Try the mocha shake. It’s the most expensive, but by far the best drink on the menu.” — Foursquare user Lexi Ward

“Coolest place in Aberdeen.” — Foursquare user Andrew Lamberson


The Frothy Monkey, Nashville

A coffee shop that serves a full-fledged brunch until 5 p.m? Sign us up! They have an addictive caramel blend, wine, prosecco and beer on tap, and a cozy porch where you can chillax with a good read. What else could you ask for in a neighborhood spot?

Insider Tips

“Try to come early…gets crowded fast!” — Foursquare user Sheryl Connelly

“The Royale sandwich is amazing and super yummy.” — Foursquare user Stephanie Burge

“The rosemary honey latte is seasonal so make sure you try it while it’s available!” — Foursquare user Christina


Mozart’s Coffee, Austin

You might pop in for a cup of java, but we’re betting that you’ll stay for the pastries and lake views, which are unanimously revered. If you only swing by this java shop once, make it during the holiday time. Mozart’s has a prime view of the Christmas lights show, which goes down on the water at the top of every hour.

Insider Tips

“Free wifi, bottomless coffee, ample seating, and lake views. Probably the most perfect place you can imagine.” — Foursquare user Abigail Argersinger

“All I can say about Mozart’s is this: strawberry banana shake—try it! And, if you sit by the water you will see turtles and other beautiful animals. It’s amazing.” — Foursquare user Shelley Baker

“The view is beautiful, and their frosted cinnamon bun is delicious!” — Foursquare user Olivia Avant


The Coffee Shop, Riverton

If you’re one to blow all of your discretionary calories or sugary coffee drinks, you should consider checking out this Utah hot spot. They have so many tasty-sounding creative lattes on their menu, it’s hard to know where to start. There’s the banana split, which is made with an actual banana (not that goopy, syrupy stuff), the Smilin’ Hawaiian (macadamia nut, coconut, white chocolate) and the Almond Joy (almond, coconut, dark chocolate). Indulgent? Yes. Worth every calorie? Absolutely—just don’t make it an everyday thing or your waistline will pay the price.

Insider Tips

“If you want a caffeine super high, ask for The Astronaut.” — Foursquare user Sam Drici

“Try the Earl Grey tea, or the blended caramel macchiato!” — Foursquare user Patrick

“The Magnificent 7 is easily the best roast they have. If you’re there when that’s what they’re brewing, you’re fortunate.” — Foursquare user Gabe Jensen


Scout & Company, Burlington

Stop into Scout & Company in the winter for their world class espresso bar (froth courtesy of a local organic dairy farm) and swing through in the summer for their homemade hard ice creams, which they make right at the cafe. Their entrees range from healthy (chia seed porridge and grilled broccoli topped with Parmesan and pepita hummus) to indulgent (waffles and breakfast tacos), so there’s something for everyone. Not to mention, the space itself is pretty rad. Nearly all of the walls are covered with floor to ceiling windows and the decor is best described as minimalist, cozy-chic.

Insider Tip

“The ice cream is amazing with lots of unusual flavors.” — Foursquare user Amy Pignatore


Lamplighter Roasting Co., Richmond

Alton Brown, food expert and host of Food Network’s show “Good Eats,” get his coffee here when he’s in town. Grab a cup and enjoy the views—through the mammoth-sized windows or on the porch. If you want to learn more about your favorite caffeinated drink, hit up one of their roasting seminars or brewing workshops.

Insider Tips

“Vintage bike photos on wall are pretty neat. Amazing coffee and great vegan sandwich selection.” — Foursquare user Lele

“I always get a bag of beans to take back home to California. They come with a free cup you can enjoy while there.” — Foursquare user Adam K.

“The Redheaded Stepchild is a combination of chai and apple cider and is SUPER spicy. The mac and cheese is delicious.” — Foursquare user Sarah


Milstead & Co., Seattle

With a Foursquare rating of 9.44, Milstead & Co. is one of the most-loved java dispensaries in the nation. Known for their good quality coffee and friendly baristas, this spot is not one to miss.

Insider Tips

“Awesome espresso and tasty pastries. Try their turkey and cheese croissant!” — Foursquare user Andrew Choi

“The Aeropress coffee bar is one of a kind.” — Foursquare user Pam

“If you’re patient and resourceful you can find a couple of hidden utility outlets on the outdoor patio. Between that and the lovely coffee you’ll be thoroughly fueled for the morning.” — Foursquare user Chris Steele

West Virginia

Almost Heaven Desserts, Bridgeport

From bagels and salads to special occasion cakes and something called cannoli dip (um, OMG!), Almost Heaven Desserts has something for every set of taste buds. They also serve any coffee and tea drink you could imagine, which elevates the flavor of their scrumptious treats that much higher.

Insider Tips

“Everything we’ve ever tried is delicious. The atmosphere is nice and great service.” — Foursquare user Jacqueline Harrison


New Moon Cafe, Oshkosh

Swing by on Tuesdays to enjoy open mic night, savory soups, pizza, quesadillas, appetizers and come by during the day for an Italian soda, coffee or latte. And according to a review on Foursquare, it’s the only coffee shops in Oshkosh that has an open, sunny vibe, making it a winner with both locals and travelers passing through.

Insider Tips

“The staff suggested a lavender almond latte. Delicious!” — Foursquare user Robbin Freeman

“Half price before 8 am! Sweet!” —Foursquare user Cory Malecki


Turtle Rock Coffee etc., Laramie

All it takes is a quick peek into the sweet, cozy garden at Turtle Rock Coffee to understand why it’s a local treasure. Unwind wiht Mother Nature while sipping one of their famed iced chais or smoothies. Other winning dishes include their sandwiches and cinnamon buns.

Insider Tips

“Get the cinnamon rolls…they rock” — Foursquare user Sean Miller


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