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The Best Pickles in Every State

Skip the supermarket and head to the best spot for this sour treat near you.

When you want to reach for a quick low-calorie snack that can curb any craving or find the perfect companion to a sandwich, nothing sounds better than a cold, crisp pickle. While you could go ahead and indulge in a jar from your local grocery store, restaurants and shops in each state sell their own takes on these crisp, briny treats—and you don't have to go far to find the best pickles in your state.

But with so many options out there, trying to track down the very best pickle can prove challenging. After scouring online reviews and listening to what snack lovers have to say, here's how to find the optimal take on this snack or sandwich topper in your region.

Once you grab your favorite pickle, make sure to make a mental note of where it came from and hold onto it forever. Just make sure to go easy on this snack, as they can be high in sodium, and check your favorite varieties against the pickles in Are Pickles Healthy? Turns Out the Type of Pickle Matters to learn more about this one-of-a-kind treat.

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ALABAMA: Wickle's Pickles

ALABAMA Wickle's Pickles
Wickles Pickles / Facebook

For the very best pickles in the state of Alabama, you can't go wrong with Wickle's Pickles. Soul Grown reports that this brand ranks as a superior Alabama pickle that gets fermented and dunked in a cane sugar and chili brine. Alabama Newscenter also sings the praises of this local pickle, emphasizing how the brand's unique take on dill pickles, relishes, and more helped them gain the upper hand in the regional pickle market.

ALASKA: Arctic Roadrunner

ALASKA Arctic Roadrunner
Salonika K. / Yelp

When you want to find a local Alaskan pickle, you have your work cut out for you. Instead of opting to visit a farmer's market or roadside stand, make your way to Anchorage's Arctic Roadrunner and pick up the best pickle in Alaska, according to Foursquare. Fans can't get enough of the eatery's spicy pickles and if you find yourself in Alaska, you can't miss a trip here.

ARIZONA: Pickled Perfection

ARIZONA Pickled Perfection
Pickled Perfection / Facebook

When you make your way through Arizona, don't forget to stop off at Pickled Perfection. This grocery stand ranks as the best pickles in the state according to Yelp and they have something for everyone, like one reviewer who said, "I'm not a pickle guy but these pickles were really really good! I even tried the asparagus and I have to say I'd totally buy from them again."

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ARKANSAS: Mr. Davis Pickles

ARKANSAS Mr. Davis Pickles
Mr Davis Pickles, LLC / Facebook

Take a cue from Arkansas Times and try out the top-rated Mr. Davis Pickles for the ultimate dill, sour, or spicy pickle in all of Arkansas. This shop sells homemade, signature takes on this briny cucumber and can tempt anyone with its one-of-a-kind products.

CALIFORNIA: Kaylin & Hobbs Pickles

CALIFORNIA Kaylin & Hobbs Pickles
Robert G. / Yelp

Take it from the locals and take a page from Do LA — get a few Kaylin and Hobbs pickles for a great time and experience the best pickle California has to offer. The company's Yelp reviews nail home the quality of these snacks, and diners across the state of California can't get enough of these pickles.

COLORADO: The Real Dill

COLORADO The Real Dill
Justin P. / Yelp

You know a pickle maker called The Real Dill doesn't pull punches when it comes to delivering the best tart and crispy snacks in the state of Colorado. Yelp rates the pickle-maker as the best in the state, and reviewers have chimed in with their impressions, like, "While on a family vaca to Aspen CO, we happened into a little market where on a whim we picked up our first jar of habanero horseradish dill pickles. We have been buying them ever since. We love the heat and crunch of the pickle."

CONNECTICUT: Gold's Delicatessen

CONNECTICUT Gold's Delicatessen
Toan H. / Yelp

You can't argue with Tripadvisor when it comes to tracking down the best pickles, and the sources have tracked down the very best deli in the state that dishes out this superior snack. Fans claim that the shop sells the best sour pickles in the state. Next time you get a craving, make sure to keep this eatery on your radar.

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DELAWARE: Crisp & Co.

DELAWARE Crisp & Co.
Crisp & Co. / Facebook

When Delaware Today profiled Crisp & Co., the publication identified one of the best pickle-makers in Delaware. The brand continued to grow, and now ranks as a superior choice of pickle according to PA Eats. The company even went on to receive multiple awards in international pickle competitions, making their products a clear choice.

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FLORIDA: The Chill Dill

The Chill Dill / Facebook

Nothing beats a trip to the beach with a few of your favorite pickles and Florida's very own The Chill Dill knows how to deliver. Authentic Florida ranks them as one of the very best pickles in the state of Florida and few can deny that they have a flavor for everyone, ranging from the Gnarly Garlic to the Seriously Spicy pickle.

GEORGIA: Doux South

GEORGIA Doux South
Doux South / Facebook

Georgia has quite a few options when it comes to pickles, but for the very best, look no further than Doux South. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution claims that the brand creates a tangy product that transcends all other pickles, and Atlanta Magazine ranks the company as one of the best pickle brands out there.

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HAWAII: The Counter

HAWAII The Counter
Kristen F. / Yelp

Hawaii and pickles might not seem like they go together, but that hasn't stopped The Counter from whipping up some of the best sour pickles in this chain of islands. Foursquare ranks this burger joint as selling the best pickles, namely the best fried pickle chips anywhere in Hawaii.

IDAHO: Pickle's Place

IDAHO Pickle's Place
SuzanneGarber / Tripadvisor

When you want to get the best pickle in your area, you can't go wrong when you visit a shop dedicated to the snack. Only In Your State ranks Idaho's Pickle Place as the place to get pickles next time you get a craving for something tangy and tart. If you're feeling particularly famished, you can get the eatery's iconic pickles on a variety of sandwiches too.

ILLINOIS: Burger Bar

Tee L. / Yelp

Sometimes you have to travel to a restaurant to get the best pickle, and according to Foursquare, the very best Illinois pickles come from Chicago's Burger Bar. The restaurant particularly excels at fried pickles, and fans can't get enough of this side item.

INDIANA: Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern

INDIANA Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern
Sara A. / Yelp

No place serves up pickles in Indiana like the Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern. Foursquare names the eatery as the best locale to pick up fried pickles and diners keep coming back for this mouthwatering twist on the dish.

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IOWA: Pullman Bar and Diner

IOWA Pullman Bar and Diner
Anne W. / Yelp

Iowa has a ton of great pickles, but look no further than Pullman Bar and Diner for some of these top-rate snacks. Restaurant Guru claims that this eatery serves up the best fried pickles around and deserves a trip in and of itself to sample these goods.


Kim W. / Yelp

Kansas has a ton of great barbecue, but sometimes, you need something tart to cut through all that smoke and protein. Luckily, you can grab a wide variety of pickles across the state and Foursquare recommends Bite Me BBQ as the number one purveyor of dill pickles around.

KENTUCKY: Pop's Pepper Patch

KENTUCKY Pop's Pepper Patch
Bill K. / Yelp

Sometimes you know you have found the best pickles in your state when they get sold out of a restaurant in the shape of a pickle. Only In Your State singled out Pop's Pepper Patch as an eatery that dishes out some seriously good pickles and according to Yelp, ranks as the ultimate pickle destination in Kentucky.

LOUISIANA: Cochon Butcher

LOUISIANA Cochon Butcher
Bonnie B. / Yelp

Louisiana has a ton of great pickles, but Cochon Butcher takes the cake for having the best tangy snacks around. Foursquare ranks the butcher as the best place to grab a pickle in the whole state.

MAINE: Po'Boys and Pickles

MAINE Po'Boys and Pickles
Pattie L. / Yelp

Po'Boys and Pickles have the market cornered when you have to grab pickles in Maine. Anywhere with this snack in its name has to be good, and luckily, the restaurant lives up to expectations—Foursquare ranks this eatery as one of the best places to get fried pickles.

MARYLAND: Pickles Pub

MARYLAND Pickles Pub
Holly S. / Yelp

Maryland has a ton of pickles that you can choose from, but Pickles Pub lives up to its name. Foursquare recommends grabbing the fried pickles, which rank second to none in Maryland.

MASSACHUSETTS: Grillo's Pickles

MASSACHUSETTS Grillo's Pickles
Scott D. / Yelp

When you find yourself in Massachusetts, you can guarantee to get some of the very best at Boston's Grillo's Pickles. Yelp ranks them as the number one location for this snack and you definitely deserve to treat yourself to this vendor's offerings next time you find yourself in the state. Also, look for these pickles in your local supermarket. Many stock them now and these won best pickle in our store-bought pickle taste test!

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MICHIGAN: Bucharest Grill

MICHIGAN Bucharest Grill
Bucharest Grill / Facebook

You may never peg Michigan's Bucharest Grill as the best location to grab a pickle in Michigan. Foursquare reports that this restaurant stands as one of the optimal places to get some signature pickles when a craving strikes.


Anna T. / Yelp

Nothing goes great with pub food like a pickle and Pat's Tap knows how to deliver. This Minneapolis pub serves up the best pickles in Minneapolis, according to Foursquare. If you stop in, you can't miss the fried pickles, which have easily won diners over everywhere.


BR_Nice_Guy / Tripadvisor

If you find yourself in Mississippi, you can't afford to go without a trip to Shaggy's. The Inn at Long Beach ranks this restaurant as the best purveyor of fried pickles around and deserves a visit next time you're in Gulfport.

MISSOURI: Kansas City Canning Co.

MISSOURI Kansas City Canning Co.
Kansas City Canning Co. / Facebook

Whether you love eating pickles straight out of the jar or as a topping on your favorite sandwich, you can't go wrong with the tangy treats from Kansas City Canning Co. Feast Magazine ranks the brand as the best pickles that come out of Kansas and features a unique hop-brined pickle.

MONTANA: Cafe Zydeco

MONTANA Cafe Zydeco
143vrb / Tripadvisor

When it comes to getting the best pickles in Montana, you can't miss Cafe Zydeco. Restaurant Guru ranks as a top-ranking locale to grab fried pickles. If you need a pickle pick-me-up, you can't go wrong stopping in.

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NEBRASKA: Buffalo Wings and Rings

NEBRASKA Buffalo Wings and Rings
Wings and Rings (Omaha) / Facebook

Foursquare ranks Buffalo Wings and Rings as one of the foremost pickle destinations in Nebraska and diners can't get enough of the restaurant's fried pickles. The words of one fan sum up this locale best—"Two words. Fried. Pickles."

NEVADA: Stripburger

NEVADA Stripburger
Scott Y. / Yelp

When you have to grab the best pickles in Nevada, don't miss out on the fried pickles at Las Vegas' Stripburger. According to Foursquare, the fried pickles from this eatery rank second to none and can easily equal the restaurant's burgers.


midhudsonvalley / Tripadvisor

When you need some great pickles, you can't miss out on the unique pickles at KC's Rib Shack. Yelp ranks them as the best place to pick up your favorite pickle, and when you need to cut through the richness of the restaurant's barbecue, you can't go wrong with these tangy treats.

NEW JERSEY: Picklelicious

NEW JERSEY Picklelicious
Sarah C. / Yelp

Reddit believes that Picklicious carries the best pickles in New Jersey. You can't argue with the public, and The Fifty Best agrees. In a state that values a good pickle, this snack maker reigns supreme. You can find these pickles in many farmers' markets in New York and they also ship across the country.

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NEW MEXICO: Barrio Brinery

NEW MEXICO Barrio Brinery
Barrio Brinery / Facebook

When you want the very best pickles in New Mexico, don't miss Barrio Brinery and their superior tangy snacks. Tripadvisor ranks this eatery as the best place to pick up pickles and has received some of the highest positive reviews. If you need something sour, don't pass up a trip to this eatery.

NEW YORK: Jacob's Pickles

NEW YORK Jacob's Pickles
Olivia K. / Yelp

It feels like New York has an endless supply of pickles and selecting the very best seems impossible. According to Spoon University, you can't go wrong choosing a pickle from Jacob's Pickles, a top-ranking locale that provides superior pickles.

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NORTH CAROLINA: Bull City Burger and Brewery

NORTH CAROLINA Bull City Burger and Brewery
Tracy G. / Yelp

When you need a good pickle in North Carolina, you can't go wrong with Bull City Burger and Brewery, the best place in the region to pick up a tangy treat. Foursquare ranks this business as the best place around to grab one of these treats in North Carolina and you can't miss their take on fried pickles.

NORTH DAKOTA: The Toasted Frog

NORTH DAKOTA The Toasted Frog
Sheri C. / Yelp

The Toasted Frog might not sound like a top-notch pickle destination, but don't let the name throw you off. According to Tripadvisor, you can't go wrong with the pickles coming out of this eatery.

OHIO: Tony Packo's

OHIO Tony Packo's
Trout S. / Yelp

You could go anywhere in Ohio and pick up a pickle, but only Tony Packo's serves up a pickle good enough to claim the mantle of best pickle in the state. Ohio Magazine ranks the eatery as the best place to go when you need one of these tangy treats, while Adventure Mom can't say enough about the quality of the establishment's pickles.

OKLAHOMA: Paseo Grill

OKLAHOMA Paseo Grill
James W. / Yelp

It takes a bit of effort to find a good pickle in Oklahoma, but just make sure to stop into Paseo Grill for the very best pickle you can get in the state. Foursquare ranks the eatery as the ideal locale to pick up one of these treats, and with a ranking like that, you can't go wrong with this choice.

OREGON: Moonbrine Pickles

OREGON Moonbrine Pickles
MoonBrine Pickles / Facebook

If you had to select a single great pickle in Oregon, make sure you opt for Moonbrine Pickles. Travel Portland talks up this artisan's small-batch pickles and when you need to indulge, you can't go wrong here.

PENNSYLVANIA: Biederman's Specialty Shop

PENNSYLVANIA Biederman's Specialty Shop
Biederman's Specialty Foods / Facebook

Biederman's Specialty Shop has earned its reputation as an iconic pickle joint. Yelp ranks them as one of the best places to grab a pickle in the state of Pennsylvania and the deli dill varieties particularly stand out.

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RHODE ISLAND: Fox Point Pickling Co.

RHODE ISLAND Fox Point Pickling Co.
Zared G. / Yelp

Providence Online named Fox Point Pickling Co. as the spot to grab the perfect pickle. When you have to pick up a pickled pumpkin or cucumber, you can easily find something to love with this eclectic pickling company.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Boxcar Betty's

Nicole B. / Yelp

When the craving strikes, make your way to Charleston's Boxcar Betty's for unbeatable pickles. Foursquare ranks the eatery as having the best pickles around and particularly recommends the fried pickle side if you want something to snack on.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews

SOUTH DAKOTA Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews
Dani R. / Yelp

Finding local pickles takes a bit of effort when you get to South Dakota, but when you really need one of these sour snacks, make your way to Sioux Falls's Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews. Restaurant Guru claims the eatery as the purveyor of some of the best pickles around.

TENNESSEE: B.B. King's Blues Club

TENNESSEE B.B. King's Blues Club
B.B. King's Blues Club / Tripadvisor

B.B. King's Blues Club might have found fame through its star founder, but according to Foursquare, you can't beat this restaurant's pickles. If you find your way to the eatery, make sure to indulge in their fried pickles.

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TEXAS: Pluckers Wing Bar

TEXAS Pluckers Wing Bar
PJ K. / Yelp

Nothing tastes quite right like a fried pickle, and Austin's Pluckers Wing Bar doesn't disappoint. Foursquare ranks the restaurant as a superior option for pickles in Texas and deserves a visit on your next road trip.

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Sandy M. / Yelp

Reddit agrees that T&R BBQ serves up some seriously good pickles and the critics can't deny this claim. Restaurant Guru also gave this eatery a shoutout, claiming they serve up some delicious pickles that can win anyone over.

VERMONT: Vermont Pub & Brewery

VERMONT Vermont Pub & Brewery
Thi T. / Yelp

When you need an accompaniment to your beer or cocktail, nothing tastes quite like a good pickle. Vermont Pub & Brewery knows just how to serve up this specialty, and according to Restaurant Guru, dishes out some of the best pickles in the state of Vermont.

VIRGINIA: Footer's Sports Club

J David H. / Yelp

When you need a good side of pickles, you might have to search high and low. Luckily, Virginia's Footer's Sports Club serves up the best side snack you need and ranks on Foursquare as one of the best places to get pickles in the state.

WASHINGTON: Seattle Pickle Co.

WASHINGTON Seattle Pickle Co.
Elizabeth S. / Yelp

When your brand relies on dishing out fantastic pickles, a ton of reputation lies at stake. Luckily, Seattle Pickle Co. can put its money where its mouth is and ranks as the superior pickle choice in Washington according to Yelp.


Uncle Bunk's / Facebook

Uncle Bunk might not seem like an obvious contender for the best pickles in all of West Virginia, but this company goes far beyond just dishing out the best pickles in West Virginia. According to The Register-Herald, this pickle-maker ranks as one of the nation's very best.


Lilia D. / Yelp

Any trip to Wisconsin's AJ Bombers can't feel complete without a side of pickles, and luckily, this winning item comes free with most meals. Foursquare ranks the eatery as the best choice when you crave a pickle, making it a can't-miss restaurant next time you find yourself in Milwaukee.

WYOMING: The Handle Bar

WYOMING The Handle Bar
Scott B. / Yelp

Pickles come in many forms, but The Handle Bar takes this side to new heights by frying it. Tripadvisor ranks the restaurant as the best place to grab fried pickles in Wyoming, making them the best place to drop by when a craving strikes.

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