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Join the Naughty Diet Movement—and Love Your Body Today!

Join the Naughty Diet Movement—and Love Your Body Today!

I’m sick and tired of being good.

I bet you are, too.

Like you, I’ve spent my entire life being told how to look, what to eat and when to exercise by the Three M’s: men, the media, and—that harshest critic of all—myself. And for most of my life, I listened to them, because—well, like you, I wanted to look hot. Smoking hot. Angelina hot! Or at least to feel hot. Especially in that dress.

And so we diet. And cheat. And diet again. And quit. And finally, we cry, usually in front of an all-day Housewives marathon. What keeps us on this treadmill, going back for more? It’s guilt, capital G—the self-hating, cuticle-picking, old-pajama-wearing, Häagan-Dazs-at-one-a.m. binging Guilt. Guilt makes us want to be good.

And that’s exactly why you should be Naughty.

The Naughty Diet says screw guilt and pass the wine. It’s the anti-diet diet, breaking the traditional rules of dieting—and all their man-made, media-hyped, me-focused hypocritical restrictions–so you can be free to lose weight without losing yourself. And by the end, you will lose weight—a psychic weight off your shoulders, and extra flab from everywhere that matters. The book debuts in 2016, from Perseus Books. But the movement starts now. And you won’t be doing it alone.

Thousands of women like you have already declared themselves Naughty, freed from guilt, tired of fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, and shaming in general, sharing the Naughty Mantras online: “I agree to never let a cupcake hurt me.” “The only M I care about is myself (and maybe Malbec).” “I do crunches. Nestle crunches.” (Join them on Facebook and Twitter now!) There’s a reason this has resonated with so many: The Naughty Diet bloody works, like Bloody Marys on a hangover.

How is it possible? To have your Red Velvet and eat it, too?

Because The Naughty Diet will—and this is where the heavens part, the trumpets blare and you will thank God we ever met—change your entire approach to food. You’ll learn how to stop obsessing about calories, master your cravings, revamp your approach to exercise, and banish negative thoughts after eating. Get outside your head, woman! Then I’ll give you the tools you need to change what you’re eating, so you can indulge intelligently, with luscious recipes and easy-to-maintain workouts.

You’ll learn how to stop obsessing about calories, master your cravings, and banish negative thoughts after eating. Get outside your head, woman!

By the end, you’ll never feel anxious about “dieting,” which will free you up for what’s important: living, with a healthy, sexy body; a blissful mind; and room for the indulgences you crave. Like, you know, sex. With your husband, even.

What I mean by Naughty

Naughty is somewhere between “perfect” and “nasty.” Nasty is what makes us fat. Nasty is revolving your entire diet around eating whatever you want whenever you want. Nasty is a super-size order of In-and-Out and falling into a food coma before sex.

And perfection is, of course, unattainable. We’ve tried. And trying to be perfect is what makes us feel guilty, and go and eat something nasty.

Naughty, on the other hand, is in the peaceful center.

Unlocking your feelings about food is the first step in unlocking your feelings about yourself. The Naughty Diet will get you there. Join us, and “Be Naughty! Not Guilty!” like the thousands of women who’ve already come aboard. If you’re reading this, congratulations you’re already halfway there.

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