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Will Jennifer Aniston Really Try the Taco Cleanse?

We have all heard of the master cleanse, the cabbage soup diet cleanse, and the wide variety of juice cleanses. What could be next, a taco cleanse? Apparently, yes, and even A-list celebs are intrigued.
Will Jennifer Aniston Really Try the Taco Cleanse?

“Taco” and “cleanse” are two words we never expected to see next to each other. This is the newest detox fad on the market, and Jennifer Aniston is just as curious as we are. During an interview with Yahoo!, Aniston learned about this new diet trend and seemed to find it interesting enough to stop the interview and immediately Google it.

The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life is the new cookbook that is making taco enthusiasts very happy people. With a few questions and concerns about how this plan could possibly be remotely close to eating clean, Aniston went on to buy the book.

A taco cleanse may seem too good to be true, and while this book may just be a mockery of the cleanses we are all so familiar with, it is a completely vegan-friendly diet that has no cheese or meat involved. A group of dedicated “Taco Scientists” in Austin, Texas created this book that claims to help with all aspects of your life. Redefining what a diet is all about, this cleanse means eating tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—supposedly amping up your enthusiasm for the day by knowing your next meal is yet another taco.

While it is unsure if this clever taco cleanse will actually “produce a glorious beard for the formerly hairless” or help with the conceiving of children (as The Tacos Cleanse website claims), it has definitely grabbed the attention of taco lovers everywhere. This guide that provides 75 unique vegan taco ideas “could be something” Aniston proclaims. For non-taco ways to follow in the footsteps of slim celebs, check out these 60-Second Weight Loss Tips Celebs Swear By!

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