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Must-Follow Tips

Reader-Approved: Your Top 10 Diet Tips

Tried and true ways to eat better and lose weight.
Reader-Approved: Your Top 10 Diet Tips
Must-Follow Tips
Reader-Approved: Your Top 10 Diet Tips
Tried and true ways to eat better and lose weight.

Eating a healthy diet and losing weight isn’t always easy—and if you’re an avid Eat This, Not That! reader, you know that we have no shortage of slim down strategies that can help you look and feel your best. But we realize that reading about tricks that work for fellow readers can also be helpful in the battle against the bulge. That’s why we asked our followers to share their very best nutrition tips with us. Keep reading to see some of our favorite submissions and feel free to steal some of these for yourself!


Use a Dixie Cup

“I discovered for myself that if I portion sweets in a Dixie cup, I eat less of them. So, when I want something sweet, I portion it in a cup and put the rest away.” – Beth Stone Anderson, IN


Change Your Scenery

“When I start craving sweets, I leave the house and go for a twenty-minute walk. This change in environment usually forces my attention to shift away from impulse snacking and back to a healthier mindset. If I still have that craving once I return, I allow myself to have a sensible portion size of whatever I'm craving so I can get it off my mind and move on before the craving turns into a binge.” – Jenny Knight, Grand Blanc, MI


Make Satisfying Substitutions

“Making simple substitutions at restaurants or while cooking is a simple way to eat better without sacrificing the foods you love. For example, use Greek yogurt rather than sour cream on baked potatoes. Order chicken grilled rather than fried.” – Yael Meshulam Deerfield, IL


Think Seasonally

“Eat a wide variety of seasonal foods in the different colors of the rainbow. In the spring, pair fresh strawberries with asparagus. In the summer, mix a variety of greens with peaches, raspberries, early peas and peppers throughout your day. Eating seasonally ensures peak nutritional value and, not to mention, the best taste! – Brad Gorter, Camp Hill, PA


Don’t Fall For False Claims

“No matter what it says on the package, always read the ingredients and nutritional information. ‘Organic’, ‘all natural’, ‘low fat’—these and other claims are merely marketing terms that say nothing about the health of the product.” – Josh Olmsted, San Juan, Puerto Rico


Make a Bowl of Oats

“Oats are your friend! Eating a cup of oatmeal in the morning will prevent you from gorging in the afternoon.” – Runjal Patel, Williamsburg, VA


Embrace the Power of Protein

“Always include some kind of protein with every meal and snack.” – Dianne Pope, Richardson, TX


Keep a Journal

“Write down or log every meal you eat. You make better choices when you see what you are eating.” – Ameya Pilgaonkar, Washington, MI


Drink More H20

“Drink more water! Not only does your body crave it, but it also helps clear your skin, aids in hair and nail growth and curbs hunger!” – Brittany Maul, Fayetteville, NC


Replace Starchy Carbs With Veggies

“How do you eat more vegetables while cutting back on the carbs? Incorporate them into foods you already like, and find ways for veggies to replace the bad foods! For example, I love pasta, but I have discovered spaghetti squash is a great replacement. I also add as many veggies as I can to spaghetti sauce. Also, ground up cauliflower can easily replace tortillas in a delicious taco bake without changing the flavor much. You still get to enjoy foods you already love, only you make them even better!” – Marisa Washington, Fargo, ND

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