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Your Day in Health: December 4

Can garlic make your b.o. smell better?
Your Day in Health: December 4

Discover: Study Finds That Eating Garlic Actually Makes Your B.O. Smell Better

"[Czech researchers] found that the BOs of the garlic eaters were rated as significantly more pleasant, more attractive, and less intense. The [study's] authors speculate that the antibacterial properties of garlic could be responsible for the change in body odor following garlic consumption." Read full story.

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WebMD: Could Energy 'Shots' Raise Teens' Diabetes Risk?

"Teens who downed a tiny orange bottle of 5-hour Energy — which contains no sugar but has 208 milligrams of caffeine — were not able to metabolize sugar as efficiently as when they drank a decaf version of the same drink, the study found." Read full story.

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BBC: Man's Weight 'Affects Sperm Cells'

"[Experts] described the study as "interesting" and provided further evidence to support the theory that some characteristics can be passed by sperm, without altering the basic structure of the genetic code." Read full story.


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