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10 "Dirty Little Secrets" About the Food Industry

Here's what's really going on behind the scenes.

Sprouts Is About to Open Its 400th Store—Here's Where

If you haven't already encountered the rapidly expanding Sprouts Farmers Market, you're about to!

Wendy's Just Announced a New Pumpkin Spice Frosty

Pumpkin spice season is in full effect, and Wendy's is the latest chain to drop a new frozen treat.

Ex-McDonald’s Chef Reveals Genius Big Mac Hack

Chef Mike Haracz is at it again, this time with a hack for saving time and money with the McD's app.

Fan's Elaborate Costco-Themed Birthday Party Is a Must-See

TikTok user Jasmine Pak took her love for Costco to the next level with a theme party for the ages.

Trader Joe's Shoppers Divided On New Ice Cream Flavor

Depending on who you ask, TJ's Banana Pudding ice cream is either irresistible or disappointing.

7 Side Effects of Drinking Soda Every Day

A dietitian discusses the health issues you can experience by drinking soda regularly.

Trader Joe's Just Revealed How New Products Get Approved

Every new TJ's item is subjected to a rigorous testing process, starting with a "tasting panel."

Starbucks Quietly Discontinued a Popular Item

One of the healthiest (and cheapest) food options at the coffee chain has been unceremoniously ousted.

The #1 Most Hated Food In America—Revealed!

“Divisive” might be putting it lightly.

Rite Aid Is Reportedly Close to Declaring Bankruptcy

The drug store and food retailer appears to be in dire straits. Here's what we know.

Trader Joe’s Just Recalled Its Sixth Item In 5 Weeks

The latest recall comes on the heels of several others, including crackers that may contain metal.

Legendary Soda Being Discontinued Due to Ingredients

Fans have mere days to say goodbye to the beverage.

McDonald's Is Testing a New, Extra-Large Chicken Sandwich

Customers in several cities will be the first ones to try the new item.

Costco Expanding to a New State for the First Time

The new store will be located in the city of Scarborough.

Costco Will Open a New Warehouse In the Midwest

The warehouse chain has been on an expansion spree.

The #1 Unhealthiest Order at 12 Breakfast Chains

Dietitians urge you to beware of these breakfast orders loaded with mounds of sugar, calories, and fat.

This Is America's Pizzeria of the Year for 2023

This place serves up some of the best apizza around.

Dunkin' Just Released Its Fall Menu

Summer's over at America's beloved coffee empire.

Starbucks Just Released 3 Exciting New Drinks

The chain is remixing some of its classic faves!

10 Costco Items That Are Way More Expensive Anywhere Else

Customers have sounded off on the top items that save them money at the warehouse.

Dunkin’ Is Launching a Line of Spiked Iced Coffee

The brand is diving into the world of low-ABV drinks.

Wendy’s Faces Hurdles In Opening New Restaurants

The chain's domestic expansion might have to wait until 2024 or beyond.

Costco Just Launched the Ideal Fall Loaf at Bakery

The beloved bakery section has a new savory addition.

10 Unhealthiest Protein Bars To Avoid

You don't want to rely on these bars made with artificial ingredients and sketchy additives to grow your muscles.

McDonald's Fans Shocked By Sugar Content Of Drink

While nutritional info is readily available, seeing a video of the tea being made was shocking to some.

Upcoming In-N-Out Book To Reveal "Whole Truth"

According to the chain's heiress Lynsi Snyder, the insider story will finally be told.

11 Best Natural Laxatives That Actually Work

Give your digestion some relief and try one of these dietitian-recommended natural laxatives.

15 Best Vegetarian Sources of Protein

You can still get enough protein if you don't eat meat, as long as you know the best vegetarian sources.