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20 Best-Ever Foods with Multiple Personalities

Because life's too short to eat just one food at a time...
20 Best-Ever Foods with Multiple Personalities
Listen Up!
20 Best-Ever Foods with Multiple Personalities
Because life's too short to eat just one food at a time...

Like any lovable villain, scared giant, or scrawny athlete, a surprising combo can take your appreciation for good character to a whole new level. Take the cronut for example. Where were we in life before the croissant and donut blended together into a pastry with more than one personality? This national obsession shined a bright light on what foodies everywhere already knew to be true—combining our favorite foods into one is worth the risk, even if you don't think it makes sense at first. We rounded up some of the most surprising and delish food combos around for no good reason other than to celebrate the quirky foods out there that make having multiple personalities look pretty darn delicious. Check 'em out and then consider trying one of these 20 Paleo Desserts That Look Insanely Good to keep the tasty surprises going!


The Cronut

From pastry mastermind Dominique Ansel, this pastry is so simple, yet so delicious. The merging of doughnut and croissant caused mass chaos when it debuted because only a limited number were available every day and basically the whole world wanted in. Thankfully, there are now recipes to make them at home and loads of copycats—but the original at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC still reigns supreme!

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The Sushirrito

A huge trend in the Bay area, this came about by the simple fact that you'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't equally love fresh sushi as much as they love a good ol' fashioned burrito (both major staples of the Bay area food scene). So, why not combine the two in a handheld, delicious dish? A tortilla size piece of seaweed wraps around all the essentials—rice, fish, guac, veggies and more!



Another creation from the genius that is Dominique Ansel; it combines the waffle and affogato (an Italian dessert of ice-cream with an espresso poured over it). This heavenly dish features a waffle-shaped block of ice-cream to which a hot maple syrup espresso is poured over. As the ice-cream melts, pieces of Belgian waffle and tapioca break free for a concoction that dreams are made of.



For anyone carb-free, vegan, Paleo and the like–you already know the magic that is zoodles. Take a spiralizer to create "noodles" from zucchini, squash, or carrots, and you have a real replacement for spaghetti! Okay fine, maybe it tastes slightly different, but add the sauce of your choice and some cheese, and it's truly an A-plus substitution! Get in on the trend with these 21 Mouthwatering Spiralizer Recipes!



Thanksgiving has never been the same since the introduction of this triple threat—a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, further stuffed into a deboned turkey. A crowd pleaser for those who can't decide which type of poultry they like the best!



One of the healthiest breakfast combos on the market, zoats are basically zucchini-infused oatmeal. Adding shredded zucchini to your bowl of oatmeal packs an already good for you breakfast with a lot more punch to keep you full—all while adding more fiber to help you burn fat. Make the most of your harvest with these 20 Zucchini Recipes for Weight Loss!



Born at The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (a.k.a foodie paradise)—this combo of croissant and bagel has been described as "a delicate, flaky, buttery croissant baked into a flavorful tasty bagel that has all the characteristics of a bagel with the delicate flaky taste and texture of a croissant." One bite and a regular old bagel will never taste the same again!



When a lasagna mates with a calzone—this delish (yet carb heavy) dish is the baby that's born! Speaking of carby foods, find out the 20 Surprising Foods With More Carbs Than a Bowl of Pasta!



Traditionally, pluots are genetically 25 percent apricot and 75 percent plum—which explains why it looks like a regular plum at first. But you'll know the difference when you bite into it because it has the juicy sweetness of both fruits.


Cookie Shots

Why dirty a glass and why separate milk from its beloved cookie if you don't have to? This cookie shaped shot glass is filled with vanilla milk for one of the most satisfying bites you'll ever encounter!


Ramen Burger

Another hit hybrid out of Brooklyn, this combo is a little less expected than, say, milk and cookies. Ramen burgers are made with a shoyu-glazed patty sitting between two eggy ramen buns. The east meets west combo incites long, long, long lines at the food fair called Smorgasburg, where the original is sold! To make your own delish ramen concoctions at home, don't miss these 20 Boss Rame Recipes.



Brownies and cookies—both are a dessert staple. Just add one scoop of brownie mix and one scoop of cookie mix to a muffin pan and you have a dynamic duo that can take on any dream team!



For those who love the taste of grapes but prefer the texture of apples—this is for you. Usually made with Washington Extra Fancy Gala or Fuji apples, they are bathed in a combo of grape flavor with pure water for this unique blend that will spruce up your next fruit salad!


Chicken and Waffles

There are a few versions of chicken and waffles: 1.) the soul food version—fried chicken and waffles with all the fixins (butter and syrup galore) that is served at restaurants specializing in comfort food all over the nation (or you can easily make your own); 2.) the Pennsylvania Dutch version that's a plain waffle with pulled, stewed chicken on top and covered in gravy; and 3.) the sandwich version, often found in trendy Southern cities where fried chicken is sandwiched between a couple of gourmet waffles. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, this is one of those combos that you'd never think would work—but is totally addicting! If you love this dish, then you'll want to scope out these genius 21 Flat-Belly Hacks for Southern Cooking—stat!


Bacon Beer

You'd be hard pressed not to find a man in your life who isn't addicted to bacon or beer—or both! So, it's just natural that breweries got wise to those two addictions and created a whole slew of beer/bacon combos from Bacon Smoked Red Ale to Bacon Maple Ale!



You can thank Starbucks in the U.K. for this pastry marriage of a doughnut with a muffin. It's lightly spiced with nutmeg, has a raspberry jam filling, and a buttery sugar coating. Worth the trip across the pond, no?



The perfect pairing of two fruit—tangerines and grapefruit. Both pack in tons of nutrition but for those who think grapefruit is too bitter or tangerines are too sweet—here's your happy medium!

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From what we've been told, Pastry Chef Eric Cobb at Knife at The Highland Dallas created the PieCaken on a dare because someone didn't think it was possible. We're so grateful that he had to prove this doubter wrong because what he came up with is an amazing combo of a sponge cake with a butter cream filling with a pumpkin pie stuffed inside! Serve this with the turducken at your next Thanksgiving and give the holiday a whole new twist!


Pastrami Egg Rolls

You have not lived unless you've eaten a pastrami egg roll. No joke, this delicacy stuffed inside the fried wonton is one of the most mouth watering food combos on the planet. Add some swiss cheese and a little Russian dressing and you'll devour a Reuben roll you'll never forget. If you're lucky enough to spot this on a menu the next time you dine out—you must go for it. One of our favorites is served at RedFarm in NYC.



Sigh, we saved the most gluttonous for last. Thanks to KFC's creativity, they introduced the world to the "Chizza"—yes, fried chicken topped with sauce and cheese—last year. In other words, pizza with a fried chicken crust. Was it really necessary? No. Are we glad we can add this to our next cheat day? Absolutely. Speaking of, you better follow these 20 Cheat Meal Tips for Weight Loss Success for pretty much everything on this list!

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