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4 Easy Ideas to Dress up Champagne

Ring in the New Year with an upgraded glass of bubbly!
4 Easy Ideas to Dress up Champagne
Cook This!
4 Easy Ideas to Dress up Champagne
Ring in the New Year with an upgraded glass of bubbly!

The New Year is nearing, which means it’s time to reminisce on the highs and lows of the past 12 months and, of course, toast to the future with a glass of champagne! Whether your goal is to snap an Instagram-worthy picture holding a fancy flute or just sip the night away with the fizzy stuff, we’re hooking you up with the yummiest ways to boost your bubbly. Because let’s be real, no one should ring in 2017 with a basic glass of plain champagne. Read on to see how to elevate your drink and if you happen to end the night with a leftover bottle, consider concocting one of these 21 Incredible Boozy Dessert Recipes.


Get Herby

Herb Champagne

If you dig savory, fresh flavors, plop a sprig of rosemary, a piece of thyme, or a mint leaf into your flute. Not only will you kill the champagne game, you’ll also look super sophisticated and totally convince your guests that you’ve mastered the art of adulting.


Add Extra Fizz

Candied Ginger

When you head out to do your NYE party shopping, be sure to snag a pack of candied ginger. Popping a piece of the sweet stuff into each glass as you’re pouring in the bubbly will lend some seriously long-lasting fizz power as well as subtle yet spicy flavor notes.


Pop In Some Pomegranate

Pomegranate Champagne

Looking for a great way to finally give that cheap bottle of champagne a tasty makeover? Simply crack open a pomegranate and stir in a teaspoon of the arils into your filled glass. These super seeds will add a bright pop of crimson while totally making you feel like you’re sipping on one of those fancy, overpriced cocktails—minus the wallet damage. And if you happen to become a super fan of the fruit after sipping this pretty drink, check out these 21 Wonderful Pomegranate Recipes for some dinner inspo.


Go The Citrus Route

Citrus Champagne

Whether you decide to garnish your glass with a lime wedge or squeeze in some fresh grapefruit juice, citrus totally amps up the fizz and flavor factor of your bubbly. An added bonus: Vitamin C-rich citrus fruits are just some of the magical foods that get rid of cellulite. Let’s all raise a citrus-spiked glass of champagne to smooth skin!

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