Your Chipotle Order Is About to Get a Lot Healthier

fresh whole wheat tortillas

By Dana Leigh Smith

After removing the GMO ingredients from their menu earlier this year, Chipotle is on to its next big endeavor: improving the quality of their food.

And their first order of business is cutting down the number of ingredients used in their tortillas (they serve over 800,000 of them daily). The current recipe calls for a hefty list of ingredients that includes four common preservatives: fumaric acid, calcium propionate, sorbic acid and sodium metabisulfite. Working with Washington State University’s Bread Lab, Chipotle hopes to create an artisanal-style tortilla made with just four easy-to-pronounce ingredients: whole-wheat flour, water, oil and salt. And we’ve got to say, axing the nutrient-stripped refined flour in favor of a whole wheat-based recipe is a move the Eat This, Not That! team loves.

However, it may be awhile before the new tortillas make their debut. Since the Tex-Mex giant is removing all the preservatives, they have to come up with a new way to store them to ensure they won’t spoil. Chipotle also needs to find a new non-commercial leavening agent. The plan is to test the tortillas at small restaurants in select regions. If consumers like the change, they'll begin to test the new tortillas at more restaurants across the country. The second they make their big debut, we’ll be sure to let you know so you can track them down and try them for yourself. In the mean time, slim down your chipotle order, with our nutritionist-approved menu picks.