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The Most Popular Grocery Store in Every State

Think you can you guess which one is yours?
Trader Joes door opening

When you go out and shop at your favorite grocery store to grab food for the week, have you ever thought if others love that grocery store as much as you? Turns out, grocery store customers in the United States have quite a bit to say in terms of their grocery store preferences. So much so that we were able to make a comprehensive list of the most popular grocery store in every state!

In order to decipher the most popular grocery store for each state, we looked at the rankings over on Yelp and Google. We were able to pull up a list of top grocery stores according to Yelp, yet while most top grocery stores also turned out to be restaurants or delis, we were able to decipher a few top supermarkets from the list. We also turned to Google reviews to see which stores had the top ratings based on the number of reviews they received. If the store is a chain with multiple top-rated grocery stores, we determined the best supermarkets based on overall ratings for the store.

Here's the list we created of the most popular grocery store in every state.

Trader Joe's (Alabama)

Alabama - Trader Joes
Colin S./Yelp

Can't go wrong with a little TJ's, can you? Especially when you grab one of these Trader Joe's finds under $5. Alabama sure does love their Trader Joe's, especially in Birmingham where the classic chain was rated the top store not only in that city, but the entire state, according to Yelp.

New Sagaya City Market (Alaska)

Alaska - New Sagaya City Market
Andrew H./Yelp

Located in three locations around Anchorage, the New Sagaya is a market and wholesale grocery with a unique variety of goods, including "Alaskan Seafood, Asian groceries, gourmet foods, fresh Asian conventional produce, Harris Ranch USDA choice meats, and flavorful Chinese & European prepared foods," according to their website. Because Anchorage is the most densely populated city in Alaska, we looked at the top ratings and found New Sagaya was rated the best store (selling strictly groceries) on Yelp.

Food City (Arizona)

arizona - food city
StellarD/Wikipedia Commons

In terms of the most popular grocery store in Arizona, Food City blew the competition out of the water. This chain is highly rated in the state, known for the delicious treats you can find and snack on while you shop.

Hays Supermarkets (Arkansas)

Arkansas - Hays
Hays Supermarkets/Facebook

Between all the different supermarkets in Arkansas, it was clear that Hays is a beloved store to many, according to Google Reviews. The top-rated Hays location is in Harrison, but there are other beloved locations including Paragould, Wynne, and Walnut Ridge.

Food 4 Less (California)

California food-4-less best-supermarket
time anchor/Flickr

Although Trader Joe's was founded in Pasadena, California, it looks like Food 4 Less is the highest-rated chain of stores within California. There's a whole strip of them running down Highway 99 in California, spanning from northern to southern California. In order to evaluate the best rated, we looked at the top ratings for the three large regions of the state (north, central, and south), and multiple Food 4 Less consistently were rated at the top.

Stew Leonard's (Connecticut)

Stew leonards grocery store connecticut
Stew Leonard's/Facebook

Stew Leonard's has six locations in Connecticut and New York, and it started out as a dairy shop in 1921. Fast forward 69 years, and Ripley's Believe It or Not! deemed it "The World's Largest Dairy Store." According to Google Reviews, two of the Stew Leonard's locations are labeled the best in Connecticut—Danbury, and Norwalk.

King Soopers (Colorado)

King soopers grocery wyoming
Casey D./Facebook

While Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have pretty high rankings in Colorado, it's clear that King Soopers is the winner. Multiple locations throughout Colorading Springs and Denver are highly rated by Google in terms of grocery stores.

Harris Teeter (Delaware)

Delaware - harris teeter
Bobby S./Yelp

Right on the cusp of popular vacation spot Ocean City, Maryland, there's a Harris Teeter in Delaware that's getting quite a few excellent reviews. According to both Google and Yelp, the Harris Teeter in Selbyville has excellent customer ratings. Plus, the Harris Teeter in Millsboro, Delaware, is highly rated as well!

Publix (Florida)

Publix supermarket

Any surprise here? Publix certainly is a customer favorite all around. Plus, Publix was rated America's Favorite Grocery Store in 2017!

Publix (Georgia)

publix grocery store

That's right! Publix snags the title of the most popular grocery store in Georgia as well, particularly at the location in Port Wentworth with the highest rating on Google. Although Publix is mostly known for its presence in the state of Florida, it is also widespread throughout Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee as well.

Don Quijote (Hawaii)

Don quijote honolulu 24 hour asian grocery
Nadine C./Yelp

With a whopping 3,834 reviews on Google, Don Quijote is certainly rated one of the top grocery stores on the island. Between their takeout sushi and a plethora of prepared foods, this store is a haven for groceries as well as the quick lunch run.

Natural Grocers (Idaho)

Natural grocers idaho
Natural Grocers/Facebook

Yelp listed Natural Grocers as the top grocery store in the entire state of Idaho! The community grocer proudly offers supermarket staples such as organic produce and a selection of meats and cheeses. But it goes above and beyond by also stocking dietary vitamins and supplements, pet and body care products, and even doling out free nutrition education.

Meijer (Illinois)

meijer grocery store

While Trader Joe's and Mariano's are top stores within the Chicagoland area, Meijer seems to take the cake for the top grocery store in the entire state of Illinois. Meijer is rated one of the top grocery stores in multiple Google reviews, and has star locations in Plainfield, Normal, and Urbana as well.

Martin's Super Market (Indiana)

indiana - martins
Martin's Super Market/Yelp

Multiple locations of Martin's Super Market were rated the top in the state of Indiana! Marin's Super Market was purchased by GIANT food shopping centers in 1970.

Hy-Vee (Iowa)

Hyvee supermarket drugstore iowa

According to Google reviews, Iowans love their Hy-Vee. What's not to love? Some Hy-Vee locations have a small restaurant inside, letting customers grab something to eat before snagging their groceries for the week. Or, if you're lucky, Hy-Vee has one of their Market Grille's right next door!

Trader Joe's (Kansas)

trader joes grocery store

Trader Joe's continues to be a highly rated store across America, and it's a customer favorite over in Kansas. The location in Leawood is currently listed as the top grocery store on Yelp.

Aldi (Kentucky)

Aldi grocery store
Joe Seer/Shutterstock

Aldi continues to pop up as a top-rated grocery store on Google! With all of the ways to save big at Aldi, who wouldn't love shopping at this supermarket favorite?

Rouses (Louisiana)

Rouses market louisiana
Rouses Market/Facebook

Rouses has 82 locations total, 74 of which are in Louisiana. No wonder the people of Louisiana love this store so much! Their store is known for selling high-quality groceries and having an efficient staff.

Hannaford's (Maine)

Hannaford supermarket
Ahmad A./Yelp

In 1883, Arthur Hannaford started selling fruits and veggies from a one-horse produce cart in Portland, Maine. Since its minimalist beginnings, Hannaford's has transformed into a one-stop-shop and is highly rated on Google from satisfied customers.

Wegmans (Maryland)

wegmans store front

Since Wegmans was rated America's Favorite Grocery Store in 2018, it makes sense that the most popular grocery store in Maryland would reflect that! The Wegman's in Gambrills has the highest supermarket rating on Google and has the highest number of reviews compared to most.

Market Basket (Massachusetts)

Market basket massachusetts
Market Basket/Facebook

The original DeMoulas Super Market coined the phrase "More For Your Dollar," in 1954 and the motto has become part of Market Basket culture ever since. With a high rating on Google and over 2,000 reviews, it is a highly likable grocery store for those in the Boston area.

Meijer (Michigan)

Meijer store
Susan Montgomery/Shutterstock

Although Kroger is also a statewide favorite, Meijer steals the crown for the best supermarket in the state. It has numerous high ratings from Google and spans across the state—including locations in the Upper Penninsula!

Hugo's Family Marketplace (Minnesota)

minnesota - hugos
Hugo's Family Marketplace/Facebook

If you're hanging out at one of the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota, it seems that Hugo's Family Marketplace is the place to go! Three of the Hugo's locations are rated the top three in Minnesota on Google. This supermarket originally opened in 1939 and has locations spanning throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

Rouses (Mississippi)

mississippi - rouses
Bert G./Yelp

Even if Rouses has a few locations toward the southern tip of Mississippi, it still is rated the most popular grocery store chain throughout the state. The locations in Diamondhead, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs are particularly beloved by customers.

Harter House (Missouri)

missouri - harter house
Harter House/Facebook

Famous for their quality meats, this old-fashioned grocery market is highly rated in all of Missouri. Multiple Google reviews state Harter House as one of the best, with popular locations in Hollister, Sunrise Beach, and Kimberling City.

Rosauers (Montana)

montana - rosauers
Rosauers Supermarkets/Facebook

Although Rosauers is a business founded in Spokane, Washington, in the 1940s, it is one of the most highly rated supermarkets in Montana as well. There are four Rosauers stores in Montana, all of which are rated as the top stores for the entire state.

Hy-Vee (Nebraska)

hy vee grocery store

While some locations have some highly-rated Family Fare Supermarkets, Hy-Vee has multiple locations across the state with extremely high ratings on Google from customers across the board.

WinCo (Nevada)

WinCo Foods grocery store
designs by Jack/Shutterstock

Think of WinCo Foods as a more affordable, no-frills version of Costco. While this supermarket was rated the best in terms of Google reviews, there are also numerous locations in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

Trader Joe's (New Hampshire)

new hampshire - trader joes
Andrea F./Yelp

Would you look at that! Trader Joe's has yet again snagged the top supermarket for another state, this time in New Hampshire. According to Yelp, the Trader Joe's in Nashua is the top-rated grocery store in the entire state of New Hampshire.

Food Bazaar (New Jersey)

Food Bazaar Supermarket/Facebook

Even though one ShopRite location has over 3,000 customer reviews, numerous Food Bazaar supermarkets have higher ratings on Google. Located in the tri-state metropolitan areas (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) Food Bazaar is well known for their incredible support to their employees and a plethora of national and international food options.

Los Alamos Cooperative Market (New Mexico)

new mexico - los alamos coop market
Melanie B./Yelp

While some states have large supermarket chains in the top spot, it looks like this co-op market snags the crown in New Mexico! The Lost Alamos Cooperative Market is currently rated the top grocery store in the entire state on Yelp. This co-op even has bulk bins, perfect for those who are looking to be more sustainable with their food!

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Wegmans (New York)


Ever since its humble beginnings as a produce wagon in 1916, Wegmans has evolved to sourcing additional things like regional veggies, sustainably sourced wild and farmed seafood, freshly baking artisan loaves, and stocking a selection of hand-crafted beers.

Harris Teeter (North Carolina)

Harris teeter grocery store
David Maman/Shutterstock

The supermarket chain is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it has a wide selection of foods ranging from pizza crust to organic cheese under its private label (and more affordable) brand. It was founded in North Carolina in 1960 and how has over 230 locations across the U.S.

Hornbacher's (North Dakota)

Hornbachers grocery store north dakota

Google reviews rates multiple Hornbacher's locations as the best in the entire state. Since 1951, Hornbacher's has been serving the communities across seven stores around Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, Minnesota. Not only do customers love the groceries, but they rave about the deli and lunch specials over on Yelp.

Jungle Jim's International Market (Ohio)

ohio - jungle jims
Hannah C./Yelp

With almost 11,000 reviews on Google and a top rating for the entire state of Ohio on Yelp, Jungle Jim's International Market is an absolute customer favorite. Located in Cincinnati, this store is known for its killer hot sauce section. A few customers on Yelp even explain Jungle Jim's as "a foodie experience."

Uptown Grocery Co. (Oklahoma)

oklahoma - uptown grocery
Melissa M./Yelp

With high ratings from both Google and Yelp, Uptown Grocery Co. is known for serving customers with the freshest foods. They may be small (the store only has two locations in The Village and Edmond), yet it is mighty in terms of serving customers with quality products. Customers can even shop online, including fresh orders of sushi!

New Seasons Market (Oregon)

New Seasons Market/Facebook

According to Google ratings, New Seasons Market is beloved by numerous customers in the Portland and Vancouver areas. Founded in 1999 in Portland, New Seasons Market is famously known for providing food to the communities from local farmers, producers, ranchers, and fisherman.

Wegmans (Pennsylvania)

wegmans grocery store

Even though Wegmans is famously known for its locations in New York, Pennsylvania comes in second for the most Wegman locations—all rated highly by customers on Google. According to their site, there are currently 99 Wegmans across six different states, 18 of which are currently in Pennsylvania.

Dave's Fresh Marketplace (Rhode Island)

rhode island - daves marketplace
Dave's Marketplace/Facebook

A simple look at Google's ratings, and it's very clear: Dave's Fresh Marketplace is beloved in the state of Rhode Island! Dave's Marketplace is Rhode Island's largest independent grocery store with 10 locations across the state. It is known for bringing in fresh, local goods to customers since 1969.

Lowe's Foods (South Carolina)

Alysia H./Yelp

Why ship in goods when there are goods right here? At least that's the motto of Lowe's Foods, which is rated the most popular grocery store in South Carolina. Lowe's Foods has a plethora of delicious locally sourced goods in their locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Pomegranate Market (South Dakota)

Pomegrante Market/Yelp

According to Yelp reviews, Pomegranate Market is rated the top grocery store in the entire state of South Dakota! Pomegranate Market has multiple locations in the Sioux Falls area, and unlike other supermarkets, this store is new to the supermarket game after only being around for eight years!

Piggly Wiggly (Tennessee)

Eddy W./Yelp

Founded in Memphis in 1916, Piggly Wiggly has become a favorite in the state of Tennessee. According to the raving reviews on Google, this store is known for having decent prices on meats and being cheaper than some of their competitors.

99 Ranch Market (Texas)

Courtesy of 99 Ranch Market

With over 3,600 reviews on Google, 99 Ranch Market is rated one of the most popular grocery stores in Texas. This Asian food supermarket was established by Mr. Roger Chen in 1984, a Taiwanese immigrant who noticed a cultural gap in American supermarkets and desired to have an Asian supermarket in his community. It is one of the largest Asian supermarkets with 51 stores across 7 states.

Harmons Grocery (Utah)

Harmons grocery stores

Since 1932, Harmons has been dedicated to providing customers with quality products and food. Their mission is "to value our associates and exceed the customer's expectations." And according to Google, those customers are certainly satisfied by giving Harmons high ratings!

City Market Onion River Co-op (Vermont)

vermont - city market
City Market/Facebook

Both highly rated on Google and Yelp, City Market Onion River Co-Op is a favorite amongst those in Burlington, Vermont. Between their groceries, events, and fresh meals, this co-op is a cozy neighborhood hang for those in the Burlington area.

Wegmans (Virginia)

virginia - wegmans
Matthew M./Yelp

Another one goes to Wegmans! Google ratings say that Wegmans is one of the top stores, with the highest ratings and the most customer reviews. It makes perfect sense given that Wegmans was rated one of the top grocery stores in the U.S.

Vegan Haven (Washington)


Vegans, rejoice! Vegan Haven has been ranked as the top grocery store on Yelp for the state of Washington. If you're going to check out Vegan Haven, be sure to bring this vegan grocery shopping list with you.

Grants Supermarket (West Virginia)

Grant's Supermarket/Facebook

Between the numerous locations of Grant's Supermarket, Google ratings state it as one of the most popular grocery stores for the state. This charming grocery store chain has been around since 1949 and has locations spanning across West Virginia and Virginia.

Woodman's Food Market (Wisconsin)

Woodman's Market/Yelp

With incredibly high ratings and reviews on Google, the competition can't even compare against Woodman's Food Market. Originally founded in Janesville, Wisconsin, in 1919, Woodman's has become a beloved supermarket chain across Wisconsin and Illinois.

Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe (Wyoming)

wyoming jackson whole grocer
Courtesy of Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe

Located in Jackson, Wyoming, the Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe serves a variety of fresh products and meals to enjoy in a beautiful sit-down space inside the store. This organic supermarket has been around for 30 years, serving whole foods and high-quality products to the customers of Jackson Hole.

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