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The Most Popular Grocery Store in Every State

Can you guess what your hometown's go-to is?
The Most Popular Grocery Store in Every State

When you think of your hometown’s popular grocery stores, which positive qualities come to mind? Is it the endless aisle of rainbow produce, or the impressive selection of deli meats that keep you coming back? Or perhaps it’s the short checkout lines and friendly staff?

If you’ve ever wondered whether your favorite supermarket is your home state’s top choice, too, we’ve got you covered. In order to scout out this info, The Daily Meal sifted through reviews on Google, Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook; analyzed local polls, social media posts, and check-ins; conducted informal polls; and cross-referenced best-of lists to find out which grocery store is the most popular in every state. Metrics are based on price, product quality, customer service, and store cleanliness.

See how your favorite go-to did—you might want to give a different grocery store a try instead!


Renfroe’s Market

Renfroe’s pregames the weekend by often hosting free tastings on Thursdays and even donates extra goods to food banks, so it comes as no surprise that it’s Montgomery’s favorite grocery store.


Safeway sign Shutterstock


Safeway is known for its quality groceries at affordable prices, but its charitable efforts aren’t as well-known. The chain recently made headlines for teaming up with football quarterback Russell Wilson to raise money for the charity organization Strong Against Cancer.


Sprouts Market

The organic chain opened up its first location in Phoenix, Arizona in 2002 and recently announced plans to expand to 19 states by the end of 2018 to bring “healthy living for less” to new markets, Sprouts chief development officer Ted Frumkin said


Edwards food giant Courtesy of Edwards Food Giant

Edwards Food Giant

Arkansas is home to seven Edwards Food Giant locations, with a whopping four of those spots just surrounding Little Rock.


Trader Joe's parking lot Shutterstock

Trader Joe’s

TJ’s opened doors to its first location in Pasadena, California in 1958 and has been pleasing customers with its selection of healthy eats and eccentric, nautical decor since.


King Soopers

Managed under its well-known parent company Kroger, King Sooper is headquartered in Denver, offering a wide selection of groceries at competitive prices.


Stew Leonard’s

Stew Leonard’s (lovingly nicknamed “Stew’s” by locals) has six locations in Connecticut and New York and started out as a dairy shop in 1921. Fast forward 69 years and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! deemed it “The World’s Largest Dairy Store.”


Janssen’s Market

Janssen’s Market was founded by Joseph Janssen Sr. in 1952 and is known for providing gourmet foods, organic produce, as well as an on-site butcher to help you choose from the impressive selection of meats.


Publix supermarket Shutterstock


As the largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the U.S., Publix has an astounding 787 stores in the Sunshine State alone.


Whole Foods Shutterstock

Whole Foods

Georgia dwellers don’t seem to spend their “whole paycheck” at the nationwide go-to. In fact, true fans and frequenters add these 25 Best Whole Foods Finds Under $525 Best Whole Foods Finds Under $5 to their cart.


Don Quixote Honolulu

Just as Don Quixote was cited the “best literary work ever written,” the eponymous grocery store was deemed the best on the island.


Natural Grocers

The community grocer proudly offers supermarket staples such as organic produce and a selection of meats and cheeses. But it goes above and beyond by also stocking dietary vitamins and supplements, pet and body care products, and even doling out free nutrition education.



The first-ever Mariano’s opened up shop in Arlington Heights, Illinois in July 2010 in order to bring quality food from around the world—such as mozzarella from Caserta, Italy—to Illinois residents.


Fresh Market

The Indianapolis go-to offers so many perks such as free food sampling, complimentary coffee, butcher service, and an uber-friendly staff that makes Fresh Market a favorite.



The employee-owned chain takes pride in its customer service, coining the slogan, “A Helpful Smile in Every Aisle.”


Price Chopper

Yelp reviewers rave about the grocer’s fresh salad bar, easy self-checkout kiosks, and accommodating staff.


Lucky’s Market

Lucky’s is praised for offering natural and organic food at affordable prices. Yelp reviewer Sandy G. excitedly states, “Dig this place for almost all of my shopping needs!!! It is clean, well lit, priced well, and you can have a $2 beer while you shop-whattttt??? Yes.”



The family-owned grocery chain has 55 stores, 47 in Louisiana alone. In 2011, Rouses opened up a store in Downtown New Orleans’ historic Sewell Cadillac building, which was deemed the first major supermarket in the area.



In 1883, Arthur Hannaford started selling fruits and veggies from a one-horse produce cart in Portland, Maine. Since its minimalist beginnings, Hannaford’s has transformed into a one-stop shop.


MOM’s Organic Market

“I love how clean and spacious this MOM’s is, and I really appreciate their shelves always being stocked with the products I need. [It] always has interesting local and small batch unique items to sell,” Mimi C. on Yelp states.


Market Basket

The original DeMoulas Super Market coined the phrase, “More For Your Dollar,” in 1954 and the motto has become part of Market Basket culture ever since. The grocer celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017.


Meijer store Susan Montgomery/Shutterstock


Meijer chairman Fred Meijer always said, “Customers don’t need us, we need them”—a core value that remains to this day.


Cub Foods

Since 1968, Cub has aimed to provide great value and delivers on its goal by offering a customer satisfaction guarantee that allows customers to return products they are dissatisfied with for a full refund.


Rainbow Co-op

The member-owned store has called Jackson home since 1980 and is super selective when it comes to the food it stocks. The store has a health-centric policy that admirably shuns high-fructose corn syrup, chemical fertilizers, GMOs, refined sugars, and animal testing.



“I was a hard-core Whole Foods-er for about eight years. Came here once and they stole my business,” says Yelper Krystle D.



As one of the largest food and drug retailers in the nation, Albertsons Companies strongly believes in giving back to the communities they serve. In fact, 2015 marked the year when the conglomerate donated $270 million in food and financial support.


Open Harvest Grocery Co-op

The grocery co-op nestled in Lincoln, Nebraska features local and organic farm-to-store foods including a full service deli, seafood counter, and bakery. Employees are so committed to quality that they frequently tour their suppliers’ farms to learn more about both organic and biodynamic practices.


WinCo Foods grocery store designs by Jack/Shutterstock

WinCo Foods

Think of WinCo Foods as a more affordable, no-frills version of Costco. A Nevada native dubbed the grocer a college student’s dream, adding that she gets away with spending just $40 for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for two weeks. Count us in.

New Hampshire

Market Basket

When it comes to New England grocery chains, you can’t beat Market Basket. From fresh-caught fish to straight-off-the-vine berries, you can find anything and everything at a low price tag.

New Jersey

Kings Food Market

The upscale grocer is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey and exclusively stocks its seafood aisle with cold-water Aurora Norwegian Salmon and offers chef-prepared meals on its catering menu.

New Mexico

La Montañita Co-op

Before heading to Albuquerque’s go-to grocery store, don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Bean: a quarterly magazine that gives you the low-down on health, food, community, and the La Montañita cooperative.

New York

Wegmans Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock


Ever since its humble beginnings as a produce wagon in 1916, Wegmans has evolved to sourcing regional veggies, sustainably sourced wild and farmed seafood, freshly baking artisan loaves, and stocking a selection of reds and hand-crafted beers alike.

North Carolina

Harris teeter grocery store David Maman/Shutterstock

Harris Teeter

The supermarket chain is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and has a wide selection of foods ranging from pizza crust to organic cheese under its private label (and more affordable) brand.

North Dakota

Hornbacher’s Express

“Hornbacher’s has a really good deli here and the lunch special is always good, especially if you want a home cooked meal. The rice pudding is outstanding. The crab salad is good and inexpensive. The bakery has really good banana bread and blueberry bread. If you use the soup, sandwich, and meal cards you really get a great deal,” MK L.MK L. raves on Yelp.


Jungle Jim’s International Market

While most folks don’t usually spend more than an hour food shopping, those who get entrapped by this Ohio-based megastore will find themselves distracted by the grand attractions, restaurants, and boutiques.


Crest Fresh Market

Aside from the superb range of traditional supermarket staples, Yelp reviewers rave about the Oklahoma-based supermarket’s pimento cheese, salad bar, and selection of Lebanese meats.


New Seasons Market

New Seasons Market stocks its shelves with both household staples as well as eats sourced from local farmers, producers, ranchers, and fishermen—sticking to its commitment to environmental stewardship.


Giant Food Stores

“I have always been able to shop in in this grocery store and find what I want at a reasonable price. I love the produce section! I also like their selection of seafood and salad bar! It doesn’t hurt that the money I spend is used as points/discount towards my gas purchase at the giant gas station in the complex.The staff at Giant have been friendly and helpful on my visits,” says Country C. on Yelp.

Rhode Island

Eastside Marketplace

The coastal state’s longtime favorite pleases its visitors with an array of choices including both fresh and prepared foods, artisan cheeses, and an on-site butcher in addition to boasting the only kosher fresh meat service in Rhode Island.

South Carolina


People of the Palmetto State can count on Bi-Lo for always having peak-ripe produce, freshly-sliced deli meats, and taunting baked goods on hand.

South Dakota

Lynn’s Dakotamart

The home of Mount Rushmore also shares residency with this small-town, essentials-only store.


The Turnip Truck

John Dyke opened up the first Turnip Truck in East Nashville in 2001 and has been sourcing from independent farmers ever since. In fact, the grocer’s eccentric name is dedicated to his commitment to support farmers.



They say everything’s bigger and better in Texas, and HEB’s grand layout spotted with every possible food department you can think of does not disappoint.



This Utah grocery chain is known for sticking to its neighborhood-style roots despite its stores massive size. Yelper Julia. P says she could roam the place for hours: “It’s very spacious and has an awesome selection of local products. I could spend a couple of hours just wandering around.”



Praised for its cozy hometown feel, Shaw’s supermarket chain has been around since 1860. “I don’t know if a supermarket necessarily needs a review, but this supermarket is a staple of the Middlebury College community. I feel really at homecoming here for some reason,” Nathan N. asserted on Yelp.


Ellwood Thompson’s

This small Richmond store carries all local organic products and was founded on strong values that include an emphasis on environmental impact and non-GMO ingredients.


PCC Market

These community markets have received criticism for their above-average prices, but high-quality food ratings especially in meat and produce keep customers coming back.

West Virginia

Capitol Market

This charming and quaint market is exactly what you would expect to find on a trip to the grocery store down south. While it offers your usual grocery store fare inside, the outside runs farmers-market-style, selling local produce and seasonal plants.


Woodman’s Markets

This employee-owned, 24-hour grocery store started as just a produce stand before growing into a chain. Its claim to fame is its low prices, which are made possible by their bulk purchasing models and warehouse-style stores.


King Soopers

According to reviews on Yelp, King Soopers is the god of all grocery stores. “Best grocery store in Cheyenne and one of the busiest! Open 24 hours. Big selection of items. Best looking produce in town! Great location too!” Yelper Leah B. says of the Rocky Mountains location.

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