The Shocking Reason Behind This Salad Recall

By Samantha Lebofsky

This will make you think twice before buying bagged produce.

Usually, pre-washed bagged salads are an easy way to quicken meal prep, especially when you’re trying to eat healthy but short on time. But beware: This shortcut came with a disgusting surprise for two people in Florida. After eating from a salad container, they noticed what turned out to be the decomposing remains of a dead bat.

The mammal was found in a 5-ounce clear container of Organic Marketside Spring Mix, made by Fresh Express and exclusively delivered to Walmart stores in the Southeast. If that’s not your neck of the woods, breathe a sigh of relief. If you do live in the Southeast, make sure you don’t have any of the salad from the same production line. The salad company Fresh Express issued a recall on Organic Marketside Spring Mix packages that had the production code G089B19 and a UPC code 681131328975 on the bottom.

Accidentally consuming the dead bat is not only gross, but also potentially dangerous. While the probability of acquiring rabies from a dead animal is very slim, the two people are recommended to start post-exposure rabies treatment to be safe.

Although this bat incident serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who buys pre-packaged produce at a supermarket, bagged fruits and veggies shouldn’t be eliminated from your grocery list completely. They are a quick and easy way to eat healthy, and usually perfectly safe. Just be sure to completely examine each package before cooking and eating them, and stay away from the 150 Worst Packaged Foods in America.


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